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  • Why should I do research as an undergraduate? +

    Participating in undergraduate research is a way to get a deeper understanding of a topic that you are passionate about. Plus, it's a way to build community on campus, and it looks GREAT on your résumé!
  • Who can pursue research at The W and what kinds of research projects have undergraduates done? +

    Students from all majors and backgrounds pursue research, scholarship and creative performance. Although some people mistakenly think that research opportunities are limited to the sciences or to Honors students, there are independent study and research opportunities available in all departments, including the arts, humanities, and social sciences.
  • How do I get started? +

    Talk to your advisor, or contact the Coordinator of Undergraduate Research to connect you to opportunities happening on and off campus. You can also look at our list of ongoing opportunities.

    Research Opportunities

  • How can I find funding? +

    If you would like to fund your research or travel to a conference to present your research, talk to the Coordinator of Undergraduate Research to find financial support.

    Funding Opportunities

  • Will I receive course credit for my research? Can research be used to meet general education requirements? +

    This depends on your major and/or minor, however, many students have received course credit if their research is through an internship program, a capstone project, or an ongoing class project.
  • Can I pursue a research project outside of my major department? +

    Yes! Look at our list of opportunities to find research within your major or outside of your major!

    Research Opportunities

  • Do I have to be an Honors College student to present at the Undergraduate Research Conference? +

    No! Anyone who has participated in a research project can submit their abstract.
  • How can my research be recognized? +

    We have compiled several sources that can highlight your research, many of which are conferences and publications on our campus. You can also participate in the W's Undergraduate Research Conference, held in the spring.

    Undergraduate Research Symposium

  • Does my research have a time limit? +

    If your research will be used for course credit, then your limit could be between one and two semesters. However, each project’s time limit will vary, so be sure to discuss your research plans with a professor.
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