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The bachelor of arts in music is an intensive program that prepares students for various careers in the musical field. Students can either pursue careers as performers, composers, private studio teachers, or professional church musicians, but also have the schedule flexibility to enroll in classes that would prepare them for careers in related fields such as music business and music/art administration.

What will we learn?

Students who wish to pursue a traditional musical study may choose the general music degree, which emphasizes performance, music theory, history, and forms.

Audition and Scholarship Information

All incoming students who wish to major in music are required to perform an audition in front of the Music Faculty. Prospective students must be admitted to the university prior to the audition date. All students who audition will automatically be considered for a music scholarship.

Audition Information

Career Outlook


New musicians jobs created nationwide by 2030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook.

The Music Program at The W

The W is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) for the Bachelor of Arts in Music.

Questions about the Music program at The W?

Dr. Julia Mortyakova

Program Contact

Dr. Julia Mortyakova
Department Chair, Professor of Music
(662) 241-6399

Originally from Moscow, Russia pianist Julia Mortyakova has given solo recitals throughout the United States as well as in Italy, Russia, and Ukraine. She has appeared as a soloist with orchestras and as a featured performer in music festivals including: Assisi Performing Arts (Italy), Musica Nueva Malaga (Spain), Zhytomyr’s Musical Spring (Ukraine), and Natchez Festival of Music. She was the 2012 winner of the Sigma Alpha Iota Career Performance Grant and performed at the 2012 SAI National Convention in Atlanta, GA. The 2013 concert season included solo recitals throughout the southeastern United States, Italy, and concerto soloist appearances with the Assisi Festival Orchestra (Italy) and the Starkville/MSU Symphony Orchestra.

Dr. Mortyakova is a graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy, Vanderbilt University, New York University, and the University of Miami. Additional study and performances include: Aspen Music Festival, Eastern Music Festival, South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts, and Symphonic Workshops International Piano Masterclass (Bulgaria). Her piano teachers include Irina Krivchenko, Fabio Parrini, Michael Coonrod, Craig Nies, Miyoko Lotto and Rosalina Sackstein.

Music, BA Curriculum

This information is presented for informational purposes. In the event of a discrepancy between this page and the Undergraduate Bulletin, the Bulletin should always be used.

General Education Curriculum

In keeping with The W's Mission, the General Education Program provides students with the skills, knowledge, and values they need to become independent, productive members of society in our continually changing world.

The W's General Education Program provides a foundation in the liberal arts that includes knowledge in the historical, literary, aesthetic, scientific, and cultural traditions that shape the world, and fosters skills that allow students to become civically responsible life-long learners ready to adapt to new challenges.

All students who complete the Mississippi University for Women general education program will demonstrate:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • Cultural Literacy
  • Quantitative & Technology Skills
  • Understanding of Self, Global Societies, & the Natural World
  • Life-Long Learning

View General Education Requirements

Bachelor of Arts Requirements

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree must include the following courses (or demonstrate equivalent competency) in their academic program:

  • Foreign Language 101-102 8 semester hours
  • Foreign Language 201-202 6 semester hours

To fulfill the language requirement for the B.A., students must complete the 202 level or above in a foreign language. For information on foreign language placement, see the Department of Languages, Literature, and Philosophy section in the Bulletin. If, upon entering the University, a student already has sufficient background to be successful in 201-202, he/she does not need to enroll in 101-102. The requirement is in essence six hours credit at the 200-level or above.

Major & Concentration Courses

Course descriptions can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin. A grade of C or better required for all major and concentration coursework.

MUS 101 - Theory I
MUS 102 - Theory II
MUS 103 - Theory Lab I
MUS 104 - Theory Lab II
MUS 105 - Introduction to Music Literature

Choose One:

  • MUS 121B - Major Brass
  • MUS 121C - Major Composition
  • MUS 121D - Major Percussion
  • MUS 121G - Major Guitar
  • MUS 121P - Major Piano
  • MUS 121V - Major Voice
  • MUS 121W - Major Woodwinds

Choose One:

  • MUS 122B - Major Brass
  • MUS 122C - Major Composition
  • MUS 122D - Major Percussion
  • MUS 122G - Major Guitar
  • MUS 122P - Major Piano
  • MUS 122V - Major Voice
  • MUS 122W - Major Woodwinds

MUS 201 - Theory III
MUS 202 - Theory IV
MUS 203 - Theory Lab III
MUS 204 - Theory Lab IV

Choose One:

  • MUS 221B - Major Brass
  • MUS 221C - Major Composition
  • MUS 221D - Major Percussion
  • MUS 221G - Major Guitar
  • MUS 221P - Major Piano
  • MUS 221V - Major Voice
  • MUS 221W - Major Woodwinds

Choose One:

  • MUS 222B - Major Brass
  • MUS 222C - Major Composition
  • MUS 222D - Major Percussion
  • MUS 222G - Major Guitar
  • MUS 222P - Major Piano
  • MUS 222V - Major Voice
  • MUS 222W - Major Woodwinds

MUS 301 - History Of Music
MUS 302 - History Of Music
MUS 305 - Form and Analysis

Choose One:

  • MUS 321B - Major Brass
  • MUS 321C - Major Composition
  • MUS 321D - Major Percussion
  • MUS 321G - Major Guitar
  • MUS 321P - Major Piano
  • MUS 321V - Major Voice
  • MUS 321W - Major Woodwinds

Choose One:

  • MUS 322B - Major Brass
  • MUS 322C - Major Composition
  • MUS 322D - Major Percussion
  • MUS 322G - Major Guitar
  • MUS 322P - Major Piano
  • MUS 322V - Major Voice
  • MUS 322W - Major Woodwinds

Choose One:

  • MUS 421B - Major Brass
  • MUS 421C - Major Composition
  • MUS 421D - Major Percussion
  • MUS 421G - Major Guitar
  • MUS 421P - Major Piano
  • MUS 421V - Major Voice
  • MUS 421W - Major Woodwinds

Choose One:

  • MUS 422B - Major Brass
  • MUS 422C - Major Composition
  • MUS 422D - Major Percussion
  • MUS 422G - Major Guitar
  • MUS 422P - Major Piano
  • MUS 422V - Major Voice
  • MUS 422W - Major Woodwinds

Select Music Ensemble: (8 Semester Hours)

Note: All music majors are required to enroll and participate in an ensemble during each semester enrolled as a full-time student.

MUS 106 - Jazz Ensemble
MUS 108 - Instrumental Ensemble
MUS 110 - University Chorus
MUS 111 - Wind Ensemble
MUS 112 - New Horizon
MUS 114 - Chorale
MUS 115 - Chamber Singers
MUS 116 - Male Ensemble

Secondary Music Sequence: (4 Semester Hours)

Piano majors will take four hours of Class Voice; all other music majors take the Group Keyboard Skills sequence.

MUS 107 - Group Keyboard Skills I
MUS 109 - Group Keyboard Skills II
MUS 207 - Group Keyboard Skills III
MUS 209 - Group Keyboard Skills IV

MUS 127 - Secondary Instrument, Voice

Fine Arts Requirement: (3 Semester Hours)

In addition to the 3 required semester hours of Fine Arts in the General Education Curriculum and addtional three hour non-music survey course is required.

Select One:

ART 102 - Art Appreciation
ART 211 - Art History Survey I
ART 212 - Art History Survey II
TH 175 - Theatre Appreciation

General Electives: (19 Semester Hours)

In addition to the requirements of the major, the BA degree requirements, and the General Education Curriculum requirements, an additional 19 semester hours of coursework is required to meet the requirements of a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Suggested courses:

  • MUS 242 - Computers in Music

Total Hours Required for a BA in Music: 124 Semester Hours

Performance Proficiency

Applied study is offered in class and private instruction. Generally, beginning instruction is carried out in class lessons. Private lessons are for one hour per week. Students enrolled in major applied are required to perform in a jury exam at the end of each semester.

All Music majors are required to participate in a Performance Class once each semester after the first semester.