The WGuest Wireless Network allows campus guests and visitors access to the wireless network. To use it, guests simply select WGuest network from a wireless device (laptop, tablet, or phone) and enter the WGuest Wireless Network password provided to them by their faculty/staff sponsor. WGuest access can be sponsored directly by any University faculty or staff member. 

How Do I Connect to the WGuest WiFi Network? 

Guest and visitors should first request the WGuest “Password of the Day” from a Faculty/Staff sponsor. 
The WGuest WiFi Network uses a Pre-Shared Key password that is accessible to all Faculty/Staff users via the WConnect Portal. The WGuest password is subject to change periodically.  

STEP 1: Equip your laptop for wireless networking and WiFi Network authentication: 

  1. Your laptop or other device will need an 802.11g/n-compatible wireless Ethernet adapter (also called WiFi compliant) and use PSK WPA2 authentication. Most laptops, tablets, and smartphones are able to connect using this authentication method! 
  • The SSID for guest wireless access is “WGuest“ 

STEP 2: Connect to the WiFi Network: 

  1. Move your computer into a wireless coverage area. 

STEP 3: Log in to the WGuest WiFi Network: 

  1. Go to your network settings on your mobile device and select the WGuest WiFi network. Most smartphones and non-Windows based tablets/laptops (ex: iPhones, iPads, Mac computers & Androids) should be able to seamlessly connect to the WGuest WiFi network. 
  1. Enter password you obtained from your Faculty/Staff sponsor. 
  1. Click Login. 

If you still need help connecting, please contact the Help Desk at 329-7282, or send e-mail to