Creating a Dynamic Forms Account

Most digital forms at The W can be completed using your WConnect account and will not require the creation of a Dynamic Forms account.

Quick Reminder: If you have a MyApps email, you have a WConnect account.

To create a Dynamic Forms account, click on the form link, then click [Create New Account].

screenshot of Dynamic Forms login prompt

Once you’ve provided a username, name, email, password, and security question, click [Create Account].

screenshot of security question prompt and create account button

Quick Reminder: MUW cannot reset the password or security question to a Dynamic Forms account. If you have forgotten your password, you must use the [Forget Password] option in the Form Link.

Your Dynamic Forms account will need to be verified before it can be used.

screenshot of email verification prompt
screenshot of confirmation email

You may be asked to provide a mobile number. This is completely optional and can be skipped by clicking [Not Now].

screenshot of multifactor authentication prompt

After you create your Dynamic Forms account, you will need to go back and click on the form link.