Printing Charges Based on Location

McDevitt Lab: 10¢ per black and white page.
Fant Library: 10¢ per black and white page or 25¢ per color page.
Martin (Nursing) Lab: 10¢ per black and white page.

Basic Information

  • Printing is charged to your printing account (only) after the document is released at a release station in McDevitt Hall, Fant Library, or Martin Hall.
  • No charges will be made if the document has not been released/printed.
  • The print request will be removed from the print queue after two hours if it has not been released at a release station.
  • All students receive a $5.00 quota at the beginning of the semester that can be used at any location.
  • When that quota is used up the student will be charged for each subsequent print job.
  • Printing charges accrue on your printing account each month and are transferred to your Banner account within five to ten days after the last day of the month.
  • A popup box will be shown at the time of printing that requires you to login to submit the print job and another popup box will be shown that shows you how much you are being charge for the current print job if you click the Print button.
  • If you are signed in and no printing is done within one minute you will automatically be signed out.

Do not share your account with other users. The University will not be held liable for charges made to your account due to poor account security.

Printing login screen