Undergrad and Practicum Students
We have a place for you!

University students with CPDC students in class

Jobs at CPDC

Interested in a job at CPDC? We’d love to have you. CPDC has one of the largest pools of student workers on campus!

All majors can find a home at CPDC. Culinary majors do well to support our kitchen procedures, family science and education majors are fantastic classroom teaching assistants, speech path and health fields work keeping assessments and milestone monitoring current.  Any other students with a child-life, young family, or service-oriented mindset do well at CPDC.

Go to the university Careers page to apply. Once you apply, email atdoughty@muw.edu and let us know you are on campus, and can set up a time to interview.

University Careers Page

Next, determine if you are a federal or institutional student worker. Check with Financial Aid. You’ll need to qualify and complete your FASFA for federal work-study. Financial Aid will give you the Federal Work-Study Authorization Form for the department.

If you are a federal student worker, email atdoughty@muw.edu to make an appointment to bring the Federal Work-Study Authorization Form to be signed.  

A student-teacher works with four students in a CPDC Classroom

What will you be doing in a work-study CPDC classroom assistant position?

  • Assisting teachers in all functions of the classroom environment (cleaning, supporting self-help, running small groups and centers)
  • Implementing responsive caregiving to children
  • Supporting children with special needs
  • Gaining invaluable experience working with a team, children, and families

This position does require a university-specific human resources background check and a childcare/healthcare Letter of Suitability with the State of Mississippi. (CPDC will assist with the Letter of Suitability once your placement is finalized with human resources.)

Practicum and Work Study Students