Enrollment Policies and Procedures

Join the Waitlist

The first step in the application process is a waiting list application.

CPDC maintains a waiting list electronically.  Because we are a laboratory school, we strive to maintain a balance of ages, cultures, and ratio of boys to girls. We also strive to meet the needs of low income families and maintain a minimum of 50% low income ratio. When a vacancy occurs, priority is given in the following order:

  • The need as based as determined by the CPDC teaching staff/director
  • Priority siblings of current students, as long as the sibling remains enrolled at CPDC
  • Children of MUW Students, followed by campus faculty and staff
  • The community
A young student in a CPDC class

The wait list serves to fill available slots that open during the school year, and does not guarantee a priority spot for the next school year.

The registration fee of $100 per child for preschool is payable yearly at the time of registration. All registration fees are non-refundable. Our school year runs August – July, including summer. The spot is not confirmed until registration fees have been paid.

  • Existing students and siblings will register first.
  • The wait list will be emailed and can register second. (First come first serve based on responses.)
  • If spots are available, we will open for the Columbus public community in April.
  • Existing families must register and pay all fees by the time of registration or their spot will be released for another child.

If spots are available, students may begin at any time, prorated for the day they begin. Otherwise, students will begin at the start of our school year in August. Our program runs August – July.

CPDC Application for Enrollment

Parents are required to sign the CPDC Application for Enrollment before the child’s first day of class. These forms must be renewed before the first day of school in August.

This document is our binding contract for the entire August-July school year.

2023 CPDC Application for Enrollment Family & Staff Policies & Procedures Handbook

A group of small children hold hands in a classroom
Two CPDC students play with a tower of blocks

Student Parents

Student parents have priority in our program. Please understand that our classrooms fill quickly. While your child has priority, it is your responsibility to complete the wait list and registration before class rosters are set, typically 4-6 months prior to our August start date. We recommend you set an appointment with the Director so we can assist you and your child during the transition to our campus and check in regularly for a spot for your child.  Children must be one prior to their start date at CPDC.

MUW Child and Parent Development Center accepts Mississippi Child Care Certificates. ALL low-income and MUW students are encouraged to apply for certificates to help offset their child care bill. Childcare certificates can also assist with after/before school care for school age children. This program supports parents in school. For more information and assistance, contact The Mississippi Child Care Payment Program at 1-800-877-7882. OR VISIT: https://www.mdhs.ms.gov/eccd/parent-information/

 Additional Resources

You can find more resources for affordable childcare through the Basic Needs site.

Basic Needs: Childcare Support