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Students in our Bachelor of Arts in Theatre program develop their unique artistic voices through a holistic approach to theatre. The structure of our Theatre major means you graduate with a comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to create quality productions in a variety of ways. Whether you are an actor, designer, or stage manager, you’ll take classes in both stage craft and performance to sharpen your ability to tell stories with creativity, ingenuity, and professionalism.

Theatre for non-majors: Theatre Minor

Prepared for the Future

Courtney Thompson

"During my time with the MUW Theatre Department, I was trained in all aspects of the theatre and worked closely with my professors and classmates to open several productions. These productions prepared me for the professional world by teaching me collaboration and communication skills, and the general style of teaching prepared me to work in any theatre job available. I am currently using these skills from The W at SPARC - Youth Performing Arts in Richmond, Virginia where I work as a technician for our virtual classes."

– Courtney Thompson

Theatre students engage in classes like:

  • Acting
  • Stage Craft
  • Fundamentals of Interpretation
  • History of Theatre
  • Costume for the Stage

Theatre, BA Curriculum

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General Education Curriculum

In keeping with The W's Mission, the General Education Program provides students with the skills, knowledge, and values they need to become independent, productive members of society in our continually changing world.

The W's General Education Program provides a foundation in the liberal arts that includes knowledge in the historical, literary, aesthetic, scientific, and cultural traditions that shape the world, and fosters skills that allow students to become civically responsible life-long learners ready to adapt to new challenges.

All students who complete the Mississippi University for Women general education program will demonstrate:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • Cultural Literacy
  • Quantitative & Technology Skills
  • Understanding of Self, Global Societies, & the Natural World
  • Life-Long Learning

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Bachelor of Arts Requirements

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree must include the following courses (or demonstrate equivalent competency) in their academic program:

  • Foreign Language 101-102 8 semester hours
  • Foreign Language 201-202 6 semester hours

To fulfill the language requirement for the B.A., students must complete the 202 level or above in a foreign language. For information on foreign language placement, see the Department of Languages, Literature, and Philosophy section in the Bulletin. If, upon entering the University, a student already has sufficient background to be successful in 201-202, he/she does not need to enroll in 101-102. The requirement is in essence six hours credit at the 200-level or above.

Major Courses

Minimum grade of C or higher is required

TH 175 - Theatre Appreciation
TH 176 - Playscript Analysis
TH 205 - Fundamentals of Interpretation
TH 217 - Stage Crafts
TH 219 - Beginning Acting
TH 301 - Theatre as a Profession
TH 318 - Stage Lighting
TH 320 - Directing
TH 321 - Theatre Management
TH 360 - Internship
TH 457 - History of the Theatre I
TH 458 - History of Theatre II
TH 464 - Costume for the Stage

COM 101 - Oral Communication

ART 102 - Art Appreciation

Select one Theatre Elective (3 Semester Hours)

Select one of the following:

EN 303 - Early Shakespeare or
EN 304 - Late Shakespeare

Select one of the following:

KIN 120 - Yoga
KIN 125 - Yogalates
KIN 130 - Pilates
KIN 138 - Advanced Pilates
KIN 140 - Aerobic Dance
KIN 144 - Conditioning
KIN 150 - Step Aerobics
KIN 240 - Aerobic Dance II

Select one of the following:

ART 211 - Art History Survey I
ART 212 - Art History Survey II
ART 310 - Nineteenth-Century European Art History
ART 313 - Modern and Contemporary Art History

Select one of the following:

MUS 100 - Music Appreciation
MUS 302 - History Of Music

Theatre Seminar

A student must enroll in TH 400 - Seminar: Special Problems In Theatre Practice during each semester that they are a declared Theatre Arts major and are required to have at least 3 credit hours in TH 400.

Recommended Electives

Recommended non-theatre electives (9) include:

  • ART 103 - Design I
  • ART 105 - Drawing I
  • ART 195 - Computers in Art
  • MUS 105 - Introduction to Music Literature
  • MUS 110 - University Chorus
  • MUS 114 - Chorale
  • MUS 115 - Chamber Singers
  • MUS 128 - Class Voice I
  • EN 453 - Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama
  • EN 495 - Drama from the Nineteenth-Century to the Present
  • EN 303 - Early Shakespeare
  • EN 304 - Late Shakespeare - Taking both courses is recommended.

Total Hours Required for a BA in Theatre: 124 Semester Hours