Our Mission

The Mississippi University for Women Department of Theatre provides academic and professional foundations essential for success in the theatre industry. In our diverse, liberal arts-based training we balance between creativity, analysis, and the awareness of theatre’s importance to society. Our frequent productions allow students to apply skills learned in classrooms designed to immerse the student in the practicalities of theatre. With our priority being student-centered, we focus on listening to the needs of our student artists which allows us to prioritize beautiful storytelling, personalized training, and a comprehensive education.

Diversity & Inclusion

As members of the Mississippi University for Women, Department of Theatre, we believe that drama and theatre can be civilizing agents within society. Through theatrical expression and story-telling a stronger understanding of the issues of Equity, Inclusion, Diversity and Accessibility are obtainable.  We are theatre artists, a community of educators, united with our students in change, and challenging the norms that have misrepresented members of marginalized backgrounds. As educators our vitality as a department is dependent on our commitment to implementing initiatives for change while reaching for goals with lasting effects on students, society and our world.