Changes in your financial status should be reported to the Financial Aid Office. Even though you are instructed to report actual prior year tax income, changes that have taken place recently need to be brought to the attention of a financial aid counselor.

Documentation and a written request for review of the situation may result in a “professional judgment adjustment to either the FAFSA data or our standard student expense budget. Here are some examples of changes that should be reported:

  • Change in current income status of parent/spouse or student. We can use current year income-earnings to date plus any expected income for the rest of the year.
  • You believe you should be “independent” and not be required to provide parental income information. Unfortunately, this must be due to an inability to locate the parent to obtain the income information-not the unwillingness of the parent to provide the needed information even if you are self-supporting.
  • You need to increase your student budget. Typically, we do not include child care but with documented expenses, these can be allowed.
  • You will be studying abroad or at another college. A special summer budget and award may be necessary to allow participation in a school sponsored study abroad opportunity.

To report additional expenses, please submit the Budget Adjustment Request Form.

To request an income adjustment, independent student classification, etc., please submit the Financial Aid Award Review Request form.