Theatre Education, MFA

This is a three-year, 60 hour terminal-degree MFA, consisting of online courses in the Fall and Spring semesters and a two-week summer Residency for two years, followed by a thesis project. Since this program is geared towards Theatre Educators, the basis of the thesis project will generally be a K-12 school production that the MFA candidate is either directing, producing and/or designing. However, even though it is designed for Theatre Educators, it is open to all Theatre Practitioners, whether in Professional, Academic and/or Community Theatre.  All courses will consist of instruction in the theoretical, critical and practical aspects of all facets of Theatre, as well as a pedagogical unit focused on developing lesson plans, modules and teaching strategies for each area of study.


Theatre instructor with studentsList of Courses

Required-Online Courses: 24 Semester Hours

  • TH 507-Creative Dramatics
  • TH 516-Playscript Analysis
  • TH 517-Design & Production I
  • EN 518-Playwriting Workshop
  • TH 519-Acting & Directing
  • TH 620-Theatre Management
  • TH 657-Theatre History I
  • TH 658-Theatre History II

Required-Residency I: 6 Semester Hours

  • TH 588-Design & Production II
  • TH 589-Acting & Directing II

Required-Residency II: 6 Semester Hours

  • TH 688-Design & Production III: Special Topics
  • TH 689-Acting & Directing III: Special Topics

Electives: 12 Semester Hours-Select 4

  • EN 538-Forms in Drama
  • EN 546-Early European Drama
  • EN580-Modern European Drama
  • EN 581-20th Century American Drama
  • EN 598-Special Topics in Southern Drama
  • TH 610-Special Topics in Theatre Production (can be taken up to two times)
  • TH 659-Musical Theatre
  • TH 664-Costume History and Construction

Thesis Project: 12 Semester Hours

  • TH 598-Thesis I: Production Practicum
  • TH 698-Thesis II: Written Presentation and Oral Defense

Total Hours: 60

Course Descriptions


Admission Requirements

  • Please include a 1-2 page Letter of Intent, describing why you are interested in this program, your background as an artist and/or educator and your goals for the future.

  • Three letters of recommendation: one letter of recommendation should come from a colleague or mentor who has some experience in theatre or a related field. This can be at the professional, college, K-12 or community level.

  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended (whether or not a degree was granted)

  • Although not required, a certificate/license to teach at the K-12 level is recommended. However, lack of a certificate does not automatically disqualify a candidate from being chosen for the program.

  • The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is NOT required for admission into this program.