The Artist's Fundamental Skills

The Foundation classes at the Department of Art & Design teach the fundamental skills (including software skills), concepts, and thinking processes of design and drawing, and apply those to hand crafted projects, digital assignments, and to personal projects. This curriculum emphasizes craft, hard work, multi-staged idea-development, formal analysis, and critical thinking. Once a student has completed the art foundation courses they may enroll in ART 200 to complete their Portfolio Review.

Students who have transferred all equivalent foundation courses listed below from other institutions will complete one full semester of coursework at The W before their Portfolio Review.

color pencils on white background

Art Foundation Courses

ART 103 - Design I

An introductory studio experience exploring the principles of two-dimensional design and color theory.

ART 104 - Design II: Color Theory

A studio-based continuation of two dimensional design with an emphasis on color and color theory.

ART 105 - Drawing I

An introductory studio experience designed to explore the fundamentals of drawing and drawing-related media. Emphasis will be placed on drawing from observation focusing on accurately describing form in space.  Concepts covered will include gesture, contour, perspective, and value contrast.

ART 106 - Drawing II

A continuation of the principles and fundamentals covered in Drawing I.  Emphasis will be placed on drawing from observation, using color in a realistic and expressive way as well as thinking creatively and independently via conceptual assignments.  Greater effort and attention towards the creation of dynamic works within the drawing medium will be expected.

ART 107 - Three Dimensional Design

An introductory studio experience exploring the principles of three-dimensional design and the organization of space.

ART 195 - Computers in Art

This course is an introduction to electronic page composition, illustration and image editing techniques.