From websites to promote the university to social media campaigns to keep students connected, our staff has the experience in emerging digital trends to keep your message in front of your audience.

Culinary Site


For many perspective students, the university‚Äôs website is their first contact with The W.  Having a website is an excellent, cost-efficient way to reach prospective students and keep in contact with current ones. And as the world continues to go mobile, The W is striving for 100% mobile compatibility by 2015. We want you to be able reach your target audience whenever and wherever they are.

Did You Know?

In any given month, is viewed in every state in the US, and over 100 countries around the world!

Social Media

Social Media

Social media provides an opportunity no other marketing channel can, direct communication between you and your audience in real time. Every minute millions of new posts, photos, and video are added to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Social media can be intimidating, but the rewards can be huge. Our team has done the research and can help you develop a social media plan that works.