House Haiku: Freedom

Elancharan Gunasekaran

Volume 2, Issue 2

Artist’s Statement

“House Haiku” is a daring experiment that I have randomly worked on every few years of my writing career that has spanned over eight years. It was only a year back that I put all efforts into creating a modern and experimental form that would speak to people of our generation and those after in the far future. “House Haiku: Freedom” is one of the earlier tracks produced.

Poetry and music have had an ancient relationship. As such, mainly longer poetry forms such as classical epics, mainstream music, spoken word, poetical exchanges in storytelling, and theater have received widespread audiences and reception. The shorter poetry forms, however, such as the haiku have had minimal contact with music. “House Haiku,” as the name suggests, combines house music with haiku recitations. Why house music, you may ask? House is flexible and infuses various instruments. House is genderless, is for all ages, and is home to the haiku, with its uncanny ability to bring out the musical essence of the haiku’s written/spoken form.

In “House Haiku: Freedom,” the music embodies the need to run free: to unshackle our limitations and breathe the excitement of travel, adventure, and the unknown. You will find the familiar and unfamiliar—natural and alien—sounds that resonate with your inner spirit. These sounds urge you to break boundaries and borders, gently nudging you to step out of your comfort zone and seek.