Department of Health & Kinesiology

Be Bold. Tower with Blue.

At the Department of Health and Kinesiology, we're not just teaching – we're inspiring a movement towards a healthier world. With a keen focus on physical vitality, sport, and dynamic exercise, our graduates emerge as dedicated champions for well-being. They're set to make waves as influential practitioners across diverse arenas – be it schools, vibrant communities, bustling worksites, frontline healthcare settings, or pivotal government agencies.

With a vibrant community of 300 aspiring health leaders, we proudly offer a range of distinguished academic pursuits: from the Master of Public Health (MPH) to the Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Public Health Education, including our specialized Healthcare Navigator Concentration. For those ignited by the rhythm of the human body, we present the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Kinesiology, enriched with concentrations in the exhilarating domains of Exercise Science or Health Professions. Dive in and be part of our mission to redefine health and wellness for generations to come.

Master of Public Health, MPH

Embark on the Master of Public Health (MPH) journey at MUW, a dynamic online program tailored to instill core public health competencies and specialized expertise in areas like program planning, nutrition, and stress management. Spanning forty-five credit-hours, our curriculum readies graduates to pioneer change in communities, schools, healthcare environments, and more. Standing at the nexus of health education, our MPH also preps students for the esteemed CHES exam. Anchored in MUW's commitment to excellence and a focus on women's health, this program is your passport to a transformative career in health education. Learn more about our mission to mold the health trailblazers of tomorrow.

Master of Public Health

Close up of a hand holding a stethescope and a N95 Mask