We are proud to present “Walter Anderson: Works from the Permanent Collection”, a special exhibition showcasing the incredible artistic talent of Walter Inglis Anderson. Running from March 22 through the summer, this exhibition is held in The W Galleries and Summer Hall and features a selection of Anderson’s most stunning works from our permanent collection.

watercolor painting of Butterflies by Walter Inglis Anderson.

Anderson, a renowned American artist and naturalist, is celebrated for his beautiful paintings and drawings of the flora and fauna of the Gulf Coast. His works are characterized by their intricate details, rich colors, and evocative landscapes, and are beloved by art enthusiasts around the world.

This special exhibition offers a rare opportunity to view some of Anderson’s most treasured works, all held in the permanent collection of The W Galleries. From vivid watercolors of birds and flowers to detailed sketches of marine life, this exhibition showcases the immense talent and creativity of one of America’s most beloved artists.

We invite you to join us for this special exhibition and to immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of Walter Anderson’s artwork. This is a truly unique opportunity to view some of the most remarkable works held in our permanent collection and to appreciate the immense contribution that Anderson has made to the world of art.