We are thrilled to present “Alumni Artwork from the Permanent Collection”, a special exhibition showcasing the exceptional work of alumni artists from our esteemed university. Held in The W Galleries and Summer Hall, this exhibition runs from February 22 through May 5 and celebrates the creative achievements of our alumni.

Alumni Artwork from the Permanent Collection

The works on display are drawn from the university’s permanent collection, which contains an extensive and diverse array of artwork created by our graduates along with notable works from artists around the world. The exhibition features paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other media, all created by talented alumni artists who have made a mark in the art world.

This annual exhibition is a testament to the creative legacy of our university and the talent and dedication of our alumni. It offers a unique opportunity to explore the many artistic styles and perspectives represented in our permanent collection, and to appreciate the immense contributions our alumni have made to the world of art.

We invite you to join us for this special exhibition and to celebrate the incredible creativity and talent of our alumni artists. This is a truly inspiring display of artwork that is not to be missed!