Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to be an honors student to study abroad? 

A. No. Most study abroad programs that The W offers are open to all qualified students.  

Q. Do I have to be an A student to study abroad? 

A. No. The W students must be in good standing academically, financially, and behaviorally. They must also meet any specific requirements for the program that they have selected. Those requirements may include GPA and prerequisites. 

Q. Do I have to be a junior to study abroad? 

A. No. Although in the past the junior year was the traditional year for study abroad, now students study abroad in every year of their university careers. 

Q. Do I need to speak a foreign language to study abroad? 

A. No. While many study abroad programs do specialize in the study of a foreign language, all do not.  

Q. Will the courses I take abroad transfer back to The W? 

A. Yes. Prior to leaving for your study abroad program, you should sit down with your the study abroad coordinator and academic advisor to fill out course substitution forms, which will allow the courses that you take to transfer back as electives or as core requirements or as courses towards the major or the minor. 

Q. Is financial aid available? 

A. Yes. A variety of financial assistance is available.  These include use of federal financial aid, Gilman scholar grant (for Pell grant recipients), some institutional scholarships, the MUW Peyton Scholarship for History majors, grants available through Phi Kappa Phi, scholarships through the Fund for Education Abroad and other opportunities. 

Q. Are the only programs available to me the ones that you list on this website? 

A. Your best strategy is to select one of the programs listed on this website. The advantage of doing so is that The W has signed an agreement with them, allowing you to use financial aid and to transfer back course credits. However, there is information on additional programs in the Study Abroad office which is located in 103D Painter Hall.