Owl Star Awards

Owl Star Awards

Owl Star Awards

Staff Council is searching for distinguished W staff members to be nominated for the Owl Star Staff Award. Four winners will be presented with an award of $250 while the Owl Star of the Year will receive an award of $500. Quarterly Awards will be announced at the end of each quarter through the News to Know publication produced by the Office of University Relations. The Owl Star of the Year award will be announced at the annual Staff Recognition Luncheon and Meeting.

To be eligible for the award, the nominee must be a benefits eligible professional or support staff member below the cabinet level, have a minimum of one year of service, and meet the nomination criteria outlined below.

  • Demonstrates professionalism and dedication by going beyond the call of duty
  • Works to improve service and image of his/her respected area/department
  • Demonstrates outstanding accomplishments of significance based on initiative, cooperation, and ability to perform a job successfully
  • Demonstrates a high degree of competence and expertise
  • Works beyond the requirements of job in participating in university and/or community service projects

Nomination Process

1. Nomination forms will be accepted from W administrators, faculty, staff, and students.

2. The nominator must complete the form at muw.edu/staffcouncil. We ask that you complete the form to the best of your knowledge. To best demonstrate the qualifications of your nominee, please provide as much information as possible for each section. If you are unsure, please ask other staff members, faculty, or students.

3. If not selected for the Owl Star Staff Award, all nominations will be kept to the end of the voting quarter for consideration. (Each nomination is only valid through the end of the quarter it is submitted; no roll over nominations.) Only winners of the Owl Star Staff Award will be eligible for Owl Star of the Year.

4. New nominations start the day after the quarterly selection date. 

5. Winners for the Owl Star Staff Award will be selected by a subcommittee of Staff Council. The winner of the Owl Star of the Year award will be selected by the entirety of Staff Council. Any member of Staff Council nominated for an Owl Star Staff Award will be recused from the voting process.

6. A staff member may only receive the Owl Star Staff Award once in a three-year period and the Owl Star of Year Award once in a five-year period.

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