MSN Plan of Study

The graduate master's nursing program is for individuals with a baccalaureate in nursing and two years registered nursing experience. There is currently one track to choose from: Family Nurse Practitioner (39 semester hours, 12 months).

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Plan of Study


NU 513 - Advanced Pathophysiology 3

45 contact hours. This is a preadmission course.

Building on prerequisite knowledge in pathophysiology, this course is designed to provide the learner with an advanced theoretical understanding of disordered physiologic mechanisms or disease states for selected health problems. Emphasis will be on the mechanism for production of the symptoms and signs for selected disease syndromes. Thus, the learner will be prepared to discriminate the mechanisms underlying the disease and its clinical manifestations as a basis for assessing and developing a plan of care.

All applicants must complete an Advanced Pathophysiology course with a grade of B or higher prior to starting the program.

Fall Semester

NU 502 - Advanced Theoretical Issues in Nursing and Ethics 2
NU 503 - Advanced Health Assessment 3
NU 503L - Advanced Health Assessment Clinical 2
NU 508 - Advanced Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice Strategies 3
NU 521 - Science of Diagnostic Reasoning 3


Spring Semester

NU 501 - Advanced Pharmacology 3
NU 505 - Primary Care Management I 3
NU 505L - Primary Care Management I Clinical 4
NU 550 - Advanced Primary Care Procedures 2
NU 597 - Clinical Research Project 1-2
TOTAL 13-14


Summer Term

NU 506 - Primary Care Management II 2
NU 506L - Primary Care Management II Clinical 4
NU 512 - Advanced Practice Role Development 2
NU 516 - Population Health in Advanced Nursing Practice 2
NU 570 - Advanced Healthcare Policy and Politics 2
NU 597-Clinical Research Project 1-2
TOTAL 13-14

Total Hours Required for a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN): 39 Credit Hours

Program Requirements

In addition to the general degree requirements and curriculum requirements noted above, the student must successfully complete the following: 

  1. A minimum of 39 semester hours of approved graduate credit.
  2. A clinical research project or thesis.
  3. A comprehensive examination.


The Master of Science in Nursing Program Progression policy is the following:

  1. An overall Grade Point Average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale must be maintained.
  2. A minimum grade of B is required in each clinical course.
  3. A minimum grade of C in all non-clinical nursing courses is required. Students may not earn a C in more than two courses (6 hours) and remain in the program.
  4. The failure to progress satisfactorily according to the above policies will necessitate that the student obtain readmission to the program through the Graduate Nursing Department.
  5. Readmission will be considered only once.
  6. Continued compliance with admission requirements such as criminal background checks and drug/alcohol screens.
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