Bachelor of Science

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Program Information

Bachelor of Science

College of Arts & Sciences

History, Political Science, & Geography


Total Credit Hours: 120

Typical Completion: 4 Years, full-time

Cost per credit hour: $333

Full-time Tuition: $3,996/semester

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Change the World

Politics is a fact of life: every society must create some system of decision-making and governance that will enable its members to live together peacefully and invest in the common good. Political science majors investigate those laws, institutions, and processes by which communities govern themselves with the ultimate goal of improving political systems and their outcomes. They gain knowledge of the law and experience engaging with government officials and institutions. They also develop skills in research, critical analysis, writing and public speaking—skills that prepare them for law school, graduate study, or entry into a variety of professional careers. While you can be a political science major at any number of institutions, studying politics at The W means you won’t just sit in a large lecture hall and listen to faculty talk, you will get personalized attention from faculty who will help you connect with internships, research projects, and hands-on learning that contributes to the public good.



As an political science major, you will take classes such as:

  • Democracy in Action
  • World Politics
  • American Constitutional Law
  • Women’s Rebellion
  • US Foreign Policy
  • Campaigns & Elections
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Optional Concentrations

Nonprofit Advocacy

The Concentration in Nonprofit Advocacy helps students understand the interactions between mass politics and policy-making processes, the political strategies employed across the branches of government and at various levels of government and the political and legal context in which advocacy organizations operate. Students in the concentration take a core set of politics courses to ensure they have a strong foundation in political institutions and processes. They take traditional courses like American Government, Southern Politics and World Politics, but they also have courses devoted to deliberative democracy, protest and contention, and government relations. Beyond politics, the program includes elective coursework in public relations and nonprofit management. All graduates are required to complete at least one internship prior to graduation.

Social Studies

Are you looking for curriculum that will prepare you to teach Social Studies at the middle and high school level? If so, this concentration in Political Science is for you. Given the interdisciplinary nature of political science coursework, the political science degree’s flexibility, and the importance of civics education, it is a common major for pre-service teachers who want to pursue an alternative route to licensure.

Career Outlook


Median national salary for Political Scientists according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook.