Bachelor of Arts or
Bachelor of Science

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Bachelor of Arts or
Bachelor of Science

College of Arts & Sciences

History, Political Science, & Geography


Total Credit Hours: 124

Typical Completion: 4 Years full-time

Cost per credit hour: $333

Full-time Tuition: $3,996/semester

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A Degree For You, By You

Do you feel limited by the curriculum of a single major? Would you like to design your own curriculum to link together separate academic interests? If so, then the Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) major may be for you. This program is not easy, but for fiercely self-motivated students who like the idea of tailoring their own degree, IS is a great solution.  

Students in the IS major combine academic work from two or three other disciplines to develop the perfect program for your interests.

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That's how many possible combinations of the twenty-four available disciplines there are to create the academic program that is right for you.