Program of the 2013 Eudora Welty Writers' Symposium

The symposium is scheduled for October 24th, 25th, and 26th, 2013. The theme for this year's symposium is "'Alive as Ever, on the Brink of Oblivion': Southern Writers in the Eye of the Storm" and is inspired by Eudora Welty's last novel "Losing Battles."

The names below are the list of authors for this year, including when available, links to author websites where you can learn a little more about this year's line-up. Don't forget that we will be selling books at Welty Book Table during the symposium.

author of Sacrilegion

Friday, Oct. 25, 1:30 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.  Poindexter Hall


Florida poet L. Lamar Wilson reads from his debut collection Sacrilegion, winner of the Carolina Wren Press Poetry Series prize and a bronze medal in poetry from Independent Publisher. Lamda Literary describes the collection as “a multi-voiced gospel, transcribed—as if in tattoo inks—from searing experience, religion is the presiding Father, sacrilege its rebellious Son, and legion the holy swarm of ghosts, revered ancestors and fallen angels, that haunt a kaleidoscopic narrative.” Wilson is currently a teaching fellow and doctoral student in African American and multiethnic American poetics at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

Sacreligion - L Lamar Wilson