Win Every Day. We developed this motto more than three years ago as we as a university began the path of re-instituting intercollegiate athletics.

Our athletic mission is to Win Every Day in Academics, Athletics, in the Community, and in Life. Th ese core values hold true more now than ever as we are facing unchartered waters as an athletic department, university, nation, and world. How we react will be essential to the growth and development of our culture and future success. Owls Athletics has overcome many obstacles since 2016 with the support of many of you. We are stronger today because of our ability to adapt to change along the way.

In these challenging times, Owls Athletics is focusing on four ideals that will parallel our core values. Th ey include Survive, Advance, Adapt, and Th rive. Renowned motivational speak Jon Gordon captured these words recently during a positive leadership summit and they speak volumes, not only for what has occurred in the world, but what happens every day in the world of athletics. Th ese four words defi ne each and every student-athlete, coach, administrator, and supporters of our Owls family.

Sport is based primarily on a “survive and advance” model. We are constantly trying to compete at the highest level in an eff ort to advance to the next day, game, match, point, run, or goal. We teach our student-athletes and staff to compete daily in every arena they are in. We instill this mindset so we have the opportunity to thrive and succeed. It is through these eff orts that we are aff orded the ability to educate our men and women to adapt to the ever changing environment we live in and fi nd new ways to accomplish our goals.

Positive leadership, unwavering support from our university, and a desire to Win Every Day is what will bring us through and propel our eff orts to the next level. With the backing of our amazing alumni and friends of athletics, we will survive, advance, adapt, and thrive! I look forward to seeing everyone back at the fi elds and gym in the fall. Without you, our loyal Owls fan base, we would not be in a position to continue our path to greatness in the classroom and on the fi elds and court.

Be great today and Go Owls!

Jason Trufant Director of Athletics & Recreation