The fall semester is in full swing at The W. Our students are brimming with excitement and enthusiasm for their future aspirations, and the faculty is focused on providing a high-quality education in a personalized learning environment.

In the past several months, I have had the opportunity to be on The W’s campus among W students and faculty. I had the opportunity to welcome our newest members of the Long Blue Line at two commencement ceremonies, award the New Faculty Member of the Year Award and share with new faculty members how our alumni association can support efforts in the classroom. I also had the honor of participating in Blues Week festivities while mingling with new students and athletes. While it’s been over 20 years since I graduated from The W, every time I step foot on campus it reminds me of what an integral part The W played in shaping my future.

Over the past few months, our Alumni Association has been very busy. We awarded our scholarships to three deserving students, and, this summer, our board of directors began planning upcoming events for alumni and students and voted to use proceeds from the MUWAA Long Blue Line Auction to endow the New Faculty Member of the Year Award. We also were delighted to welcome the Lamar County Chapter as an active chapter and three new constituency groups: Men of MUW, LGBTQ+ Alumni and MUW International Student Association Alumni.

Because alumni engagement plays such an important part in our success as an association, I am pleased to announce that January will bring several exciting MUWAA-sponsored events! We will be hosting the third annual MUWAA BLUE Event Jan. 24th and a Chapters and Constituency Group Workshop Jan. 25th. These two events will be great ways for alumni to connect with students and each other!

We are excited about what we have in store for you during Homecoming, so mark your calendars for March 26-29! Additionally, plans for the MUWAA Long Blue Line Auction are well under way, and your support and donations are much needed and appreciated. This event, held on Friday evening of Homecoming, plays a tremendous part in the success of our Alumni Association. In the past, proceeds from the auction have been used to endow and fully fund the MUWAA Legacy Scholarship, fund faculty awards and grants and support our Association’s efforts to engage students and alumni. For more information on how you can contribute, contact Special Events Chair Carolyn Byrd at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our Association is committed to continuing our efforts to support our alma mater and connect our alumni to each other and our students. As alumni, we all have the great honor of calling an institution that produces some of the finest graduates and members of our communities our own! And active annual membership to our association is one of the best ways to show your support of the future success of our university. Whether you are currently involved in a chapter, regularly attend Homecoming or give to the MUW Foundation, your annual membership is vital to the sustainability of The W. If you are not currently active, I ask you to join me today in ensuring that the future of our alma mater stays bright and its lines long and blue.