I have just observed the longest day of the year and the official beginning of Summer 2018.

Those two events brought me to a time of reflection on the past fiscal year. Serving on the MUW Foundation Board of Directors as chairman this past year has provided a great opportunity for me to give back to The W and participate at a different level. In this role, I witnessed so many exciting and interesting initiatives to support teaching and learning. Seeing the potential impact of our private support on the lives of more than 3,400 students and more than 400 faculty and staff truly is inspiring. I am grateful to serve with a talented, supportive and dedicated group of fellow Board of Directors colleagues.
An important reminder from this year has been the difference that The W of today makes in students’ lives and is something in which we all should take great pride. Did you know that with our support in the past year, The W has achieved:

  • A 19th place ranking among Public Southern Regional Universities from U.S. News & World Report
  • A 26th place ranking among Washington Monthly’s National Master’s Public Universities
  • The highest degree completion ratio in the State of Mississippi’s public university system
  • A total of number of 882 degrees (772 undergraduate) conferred in 2016-2017, doubling the number of undergraduate degrees awarded in the last 10 years from 396 in 2008 to 772 in 2017

The recognition The W receives year after year shows we are succeeding in our efforts to support The W’s distinctive mission. Scholarship funding continues to have a direct impact on student enrollment, retention and achievement. Faculty and programmatic support helps us recruit and retain the best teachers and provide innovative educational offerings. Backing for extracurricular programs, such as study abroad, career services, writing center, peer tutoring and athletics, enhances the student experience and promotes the university far beyond the front gates. Our gifts make everything we do for students at The W even stronger and better.

Our participation (new or continued) as donors to the MUW Foundation each year is critical in helping The W reach its goals. In this new fiscal year as of July 1, you will hear more about the opportunities we have to continue and build on the current momentum. I hope you will join me in making an investment in The W’s bright future by giving (back) to the MUW Foundation.