Gifts to the MUW Foundation provide exceptional opportunities for learning and growth at The W. Your gifts are vital resources that help us continue the tradition of excellence for which The W is known. Thank you for changing lives by transforming students’ dreams into realities with your generosity.

Andrea Nester Stevens, CPA
Executive Director
MUW Foundation

1884 Loyalty Giving Societies

The 1884 Loyalty Giving Societies honors and thanks those who have given generously throughout the years. Membership is based on a donor's cumulative lifetime contributions.

Callaway Society - ($1,000,000.00 + )

Baptist Memorial Hospital Golden Triangle John E. Brenneman*
Ms. Ina E. Gordy*
Robert M. Hearin Support Foundation Ms. Ann Coleman Peyton*
Dr. Nancy F. Yates and Mr. William G. Yates, Jr.
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation

* deceased


Whitfield Society - ($500,000 - $999,999)

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation
Columbus Warehouse, Inc.
Drs. Connie and Tom Kossen
Mrs. Corinne McCullough*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Ritter, Jr.
Mrs. Ruth R. Smith*
Miss Marie Charlotte Stark*

* deceased


Orr Society - ($100,000 - $499,999)

Anonymous (4)
Ms. Louise R. Barnes*
Dr. Agnes Ridley Bell*
Th e Honorable William H. Bizzell* and Mrs. Rita
B. Bizzell*
Miss Christine Brand*
Mrs. Beth Brevard* and Mr. Henry Brevard, Jr.
Mrs. Catherine W. Bryan*
Mrs. Mary C. Bryan*
Ms. Eda Burlack*
Mrs. Jean B. Butler
C Spire Foundation
Cadence Bank
Dr. Lillian E. Cannon*
Miss Aubrey Carlisle*
Miss Catherine A. Carruth*
Mrs. Bena Cates
Abbie B. Collins*
Kelly Gene Cook, Sr., Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Bobbye Curtis
Elizabeth G. Daniel*
Mrs. Grace B. Dirlam*
Mrs. Clara G. Dupree*
Entergy Mississippi
Exxon Education Foundation
Miss Sallie J. Farrell*
C. A. Ferrill & A. M. Hoskins Ferrill Trust
Mrs. Mary Lib Francis
Th e Freedom Forum
Mrs. Harriet Gibbons*
Mrs. Trudy S. Gildea
Estate of Frances Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harrison*
Mrs. George Lee Harvill*
Elizabeth L. Hazen*
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Ms. Ora Louise Howard
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Virginia Segrest Hughson
Mrs. Nancy M. Imes
Dr. Ailleen Janney
Mrs. Alice G. Johnson
Mrs. Rose S. Kelly
Mrs. Maxine E. Kussy*
Colonel Carl J. Lamberth*
Mrs. Mildred P. Lindner*
Mrs. Jane Loomis*
Mrs. Virginia M. Marble*
Mrs. Margaret R. Million*
Dr. Shirley Graves Modell
Mrs. Merle B. Montjoy*
Ms. Ann J. Moore
Dr. Emma S. Moss*
Mrs. Lynne Faulkner Nelson
Nissan North America
North Mississippi Medical Center
Northrop Grumman Foundation
Mrs. Virginia Ollivier*
Mrs. Mary Parker*
Mrs. Frances G. Patterson*
Mrs. Corinne W. Pierce*
Mrs. Hazel H. Pierson*
Mrs. Emily J. Pointer*
Mr. Whitfi eld Price*
Research Corporation
Mrs. Martha Bailey Rice*
Sanderson Farms Incorporated
Mrs. Mary B. Steadham*
Dr. Eugenia Summer*
Ms. Margaret E. Swain
Mrs. Edith R. Th omas*
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Vandergriff
Mrs. June S. Walcott
Mrs. Frances Wolfe*

* deceased


Shattuck Society - ($50,000 - $99,999)

Anonymous (7)
Dr. Patricia Ainsworth
Mrs. Virginia E. Bibee
Miss Natalie V. Bowen*
Mrs. Maurine I. Brady*
Mrs. Allegra Brigham
Mrs. Mary Eunice Brown*
Mrs. Dorothy M. Bush*
Campbell Family Trust
Dr. Sue S. Coates*
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Conner*
Mrs. Bettie F. Copeland
Mrs. Dorabel Craig*
Th e Daniel Foundation of Alabama
Mrs. Anne M. Dunn
Bill and Trish (Paschal '63) Eccles
Mrs. Ruth J. Epps*
Mrs. Jessie G. Farber*
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ferguson
Barbara A. Garrett
Mrs. Mary K. Garrison*
The Phil Hardin Foundation
Miss Linda D. Harrison*
Ms. Norma S. Hickman
Mrs. Juanita M. Hight*
Odizelle P. Jackson*
Johnson Electric
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kennedy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Massey
Dr. Ellen McDevitt*
Mr. William D. McEwen
Dr. Martha Jo Mims
Mississippi Board of Nursing/ Office of Nursing Workforce
Flora Belle Moss and
Bessie Abigail Moss Foundation
MUW Lowndes County Alumni Association
Oktibbeha County Hospital
Andrea and Charles Overby
Dr. William S. Parker
Ms. Patricia W. Perry
Dr. Mary Ellen Pope*
Ms. Emma Rogers*
Mrs. Julia B. Rouse
Sodexo Corporation
Mrs. Beverly E. Stone
Mrs. Frances W. Thomas*
Mr. William J. Threadgill
Mrs. Marian Tisdale*
Mrs. Lugene S. Vincent
Mr. C. O. Waters*
Miss Eudora Welty*
Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation
Mr. Needham Whitfield

* deceased


MUW Foundation Giving Societies


President’s Circle - ($10,000 +)

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Borsig
Brevard Family Foundation
Mr. Henry Brevard, Jr.
Mrs. Allegra Brigham
Ms. Eda Burlack*
Columbus-Lowndes Convention and
Visitors Bureau
Kelly Gene Cook, Sr., Charitable
Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Bobbye Curtis
Mrs. Anne M. Dunn
Exxon Education Foundation
Estate of Frances Hamilton
Robert M. Hearin Support Foundation
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Virginia Segrest
Drs. Connie and Tom Kossen
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Massey
Mr. William D. McEwen
Mississippi Board of Nursing/Office of
Nursing Workforce
New Venture Fund
Dr. William S. Parker
Ms. Patricia W. Perry
Ms. Wanda G. Ray
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Ritter, Jr.
Family and Friends of Jane Keating
Sanderson Farms Incorporated
Charles Edgar Summer and Emily
O'Rourke Summer Family Trust
Mr. Ferrell Tadlock
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Vandergriff
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation
Dr. Clyde V. Williams
Women's Foundation of Mississippi
Nancy and Bill Yates

* deceased


Clock Tower Society - ($5,000- $9,999)

Anonymous (2)
Mrs. Collene M. Albright
City of Columbus
Mrs. Bettye M. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ferguson
C. A. Ferrill & A. M. Hoskins Ferrill Trust
Dr. Ailleen Janney
Mrs. Sandra Harrison Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kennedy, Jr.
Mr. Dale Martin
Mr. Ralph McLain
Monica Jabbour Metz
Dr. Martha Jo Mims
Dr. Shirley Graves Modell
Mrs. Lynne Faulkner Nelson
Dr. Jayne Perkins-Brown
Mrs. Emily J. Pointer*
Renasant Bank
Estate of Jane Marie Keating Rodriguez
Dr. Scott Tollison

* deceased


Magnolia Society - ($2,500 - $4,999)

Dr. Patricia Ainsworth
Mrs. Kathie Baeuerlin
Mrs. Virginia E. Bibee
Mrs. Lynne B. Curtis
Mrs. Martha S. Deener
Mrs. Mary Lib Francis
Barbara A. Garrett
Ms. Mary Helen Hicks
Kathie and Mack Howard
Mrs. Natalie Moses Hoyt
Mrs. Kathy L. Johnson
Mrs. Betty Clyde Jones
Dr. Theresa Jones
Ms. Jennifer L. Katool
Dr. Claudia A. Limbert
Dr. Carolyn S. McClanahan
Mrs. Nora R. Miller
Ms. Courtney Ballard Murtaugh
Karen Lewis Reed
Dr. Clyda S. Rent
Mrs. Anne C. Roberts
Dr. Pamela J. Rowsey
Mr. Wilton T. Sanders, Jr.
Sodexo Campus Services
Mr. Donald L. Spaulding, Jr.
Mrs. Andrea Nester Stevens
Mrs. Beverly E. Stone
Dr. Martha H. Swain
Tennessee Valley Authority
Dr. Alma R. Turner
Mrs. Lugene S. Vincent
Mrs. Anne L. Webster

* deceased


Ginkgo Society - ($1,000 - $2,499)

Ms. Linda Ross Aldy
Mrs. Roberta S. Atkinson
Baptist Memorial Health Care
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Barry Jr.
Mrs. Katherine E. Brown
Dr. Dorothy Burdeshaw
Mr. Roger Burlingame
Ms. Brandy N. Burnette
Mrs. Jean B. Butler
Dr. Bonnie W. Camp
Mrs. Carolyn Hong Chan
Mrs. Sarah L. Cheek
Ms. Karen S. Clay
The Honorable Kay Cobb
Columbus Brick Company
Capt. Robert H. Dawson
Mrs. Barbara A. Dees
Mr. Charles D. Easley, Jr.
Mrs. Celeste S. Ellis
Entergy Corporation
Mrs. Mary H. Epperson
Libba Fairleigh
Mrs. Adelaide Williams Fletcher
Dr. Robbie Foxx
Mrs. Sue Simmons Freeman
Ms. Belle Wilburn Frink
Mr. and Mrs. Rod Geuder
Mr. Brian W. Gildea
Mr. Alan Goslen
Mrs. Janet D. Gray
Dr. Mitzi Green
Ms. Amy Harris
Mrs. Margaret S. Heath
Reverend George T. Hicks
Ms. Gloria W. Hipple
Mrs. Barbara C. Hodges
Mrs. Deborah S. Hodges
Dr. Leo Horan
Mr. Joseph House
Mr. Rance House
Dr. Joel D. Howell
Dr. Mabel Jane Hudson
Ms. Dana L. Jackson
Mrs. Alice G. Johnson
Mrs. Ruth P. Jones
Mrs. Toodie S. Jones
Kappa Pi
Mr. James F. Keegan
Ms. Kacey L. Keeton
Dr. Robin Kilpatrick
Mrs. Ann Klumb
Dr. Susan C. Lauderdale
Gail F. and Chance Laws
Dr. Delene W. Lee
Dr. Virginia G. Lockard
Mrs. Paula C. Mabry
Dr. Tammie McCoy
Mrs. Patricia S. Meiners
Dr. Jennifer Miles
Carolyn Webb Mills
Mississippi Organization for Associate
Degree Nursing
Mary Gring Moody
Mrs. Kristi H. Mosley
Mr. and Mrs. Thad Mullins
Mrs. Marion B. Neubert
Mr. Stan Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Osborne
Andrea and Charles Overby
Colonel and Mrs. Tofie M. Owen, Jr.
Mrs. Katy L. Pacelli
Ms. Sharon Bennett Pattillo
Sandra and Frank Polanski
Mr. David Powers
Susan Rayner Puckett
Kathy and Lee Randall
Rent A Space
Ms. Tammie W. Rice
Dr. Thomas C. Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Ritter, Jr.
Roger Burlingame, Century 21 Doris Hardy
& Associates, LLC
Mrs. Sharon R. Ross
Mrs. Anna M. Royston
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rush
Mr. John and Mrs. Nancy Schneider
Ms. Lee Schoentrup
Mrs. Carolyn Vance Smith
Mrs. Susan Smith
Ms. Paula Tingle Snell
Dr. Jo E. Spearman
Ms. Sylvia G. Starr
Mr. Harry W. Stevens
Dr. Teresa E. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Threadgill, Jr.
Mrs. Lillian Wade
Dr. May Gwin Waggoner
Mrs. Jeannette G. Walker
Dr. Teresa W. Walker
Betty and Mike Waters
Dr. Martha F. Wells
Mrs. Elizabeth Yoste Whittington
Mrs. Sandra Baughman Wilson

* deceased


Zouave Society - ($500 - $999)

Anonymous (2)
Mrs. Beth Aldridge
Mrs. Mary H. Alleman
Dr. Brian B. Anderson
Aptargroup Charitable Foundation
Barbara Austin
Dr. Sue G. Bartlett
Mr. John T. Bean, III
Benefit Concepts, P.A.
Mrs. Malinda S. Bivens
Ms. Frances K. Blalock
The Rev. Dr. Martha Means Blount
Ms. Symone Bounds
Dr. Janet W. Bowen
Ms. Betty B. Brooks
Ms. Susan L. Bulla
Mrs. Shirley Bush
Mrs. Dixie H. Butler
Mrs. Carolyn W. Byrd
Mrs. Becky Cade
Ms. Kathy L. Campbell
Carl Hogan Automotive, Inc.
Mrs. Jessica C. Clarke
Dr. Phillip A. Cockrell
Mrs. Patricia H. Coggin
Mr. Hugh W. Cooper
Dr. Faye B. Culp
Ms. Frances E. Daniel
Mrs. Shelly M. Davis
The Dayton Foundation
Ms. Ashley L. Dean
Mr. George Dean
Ms. Sharon R. Dickey
Mr. Shawn L. Dickey
Ms. Juliana H. Dowell
Dr. Carolyn P. Dowless
East Coast Sox Baseball
EdVenture Partners
Edwards Garment Co., Seminole
Eudora Welty, LLC
Mary Rodgers Faglie
Mrs. Emily M. Garner
Dr. Ricki R. Garrett
Gary McManus Construction, Inc.
Miss Charmaine Gatlin
Mrs. Dorothea O. Gause
Mrs. Barbara A. Gelman
Mrs. Lady Jane Gillespie
Mrs. Gayle P. Glenn
Mr. Dave Haffly
Mrs. Frances E. Hairston
Mrs. Peggy S. Hampton
Ms. Betty Ruth Hawkins
Mr. George S. Hazard, Jr.
Mrs. Sarah F. Henley
Mr. and Mrs. David Hester, II
Ms. Norma S. Hickman
Dr. Charlie M. Holcomb
Ms. Victoria Honeysucker
Mrs. Sarah M. Howell
Mrs. Vicki T. Ido
Dr. Min Kim
Ms. Katie Renae Knight
Mrs. Sarah West Koehn
Ms. Mayumi Lee
Level Elite Sports
Mrs. Sandra T. Lewis
Mrs. Marilyn B. Loveless
Ms. Carla M. Lowery
Ms. Nita Byrd Lumpkin
Mrs. Moreno S. Lundy
Ms. Lori Jean Mantooth
Mr. Gray Massey
Mrs. Tena P. McKenzie
Ms. Shannon E. McMullan
Mrs. Jan W. McSpadden
Reverend Patricia L. Miller
Ms. Lisa K. Moran
Ms. Tina D. Morgan
Flora Belle Moss and
Bessie Abigail Moss Foundation
MUW Division of Nursing
Mrs. Marjorie L. Palazzolo
Ms. Anika M. Perkins
Mr. Michael Phillips
Dr. Bridget S. Pieschel
Dr. Della R. Posey
Prichard, Dewberry & Hodges, PC
Ms. Anne Rayner
Mrs. Theresa S. Reed
Mrs. Beth Reed-Richardson
Mrs. Jo Anne Reid
Reverend Deacon Pam Rhea
Mrs. Rebecca L. Rogers
Cheryl "Sherry" Holland Rula
Dr. Clara J. Rustin
Dr. Brenda B. Scafidi
Dr. Maria L. Scott
Dr. Jo Shumake
Southern Nuclear Operating Company
St. Thomas Catholic Church
Mrs. Cynthia A. Stearns-Guttman
Steel Forest Furniture Company
Ms. Emma C. Stewart
Mrs. Kelley D. Streib
Mrs. Donna Strobel
Ms. Anne L. Swearingen
Dr. Lynn Swearingen
Take Me Too Charters & Tours LLC
Ms. Laurie Hawkins Teague
Major Andy Thaggard
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Thisted
Mrs. Betty J. Thompson
Mrs. Joy R. Townsend
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trufant
Vega Images
Dr. Yvonne Vizzier-Thaxton
Mrs. Lee K. Waring
Mrs. Sally M. Watts
Mrs. Kathy T. Weber
Ms. Debbie Wells
Mrs. Gen Graeber Whitehead-Broyles
Dr. Ross Whitwam
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Williams
Mr. Richard P. Wolfe
Amy Peoples Wood '75
Zachary's Restaurant

* deceased


Meh Lady Society - ($150 - $499)

Anonymous (4)
Mr. John D. Acker
Dr. Aimee Aday
Mrs. Helen S. Aderholdt*
Albertson's Safeway
Mrs. Janet Albright
Ms. Elizabeth Aleksander
Ms. LeAnn M. Alexander
Dr. Mary L. Alexander
Dr. Ok Chon Allison
Mr. Gus Argrett
Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Arnold, Jr.
Mrs. Ilene Avery
B & G Equipment, Inc.
Mrs. Lisa J. Bailey
Mrs. Cecilia J. Baker
Ms. Menuka Ban
Bank of Commerce
Mrs. Ann S. Barland
Mrs. April C. Barlow
Mrs. Michelle M. Barnett
Ms. Suzanne H. Barry
Dr. Mark H. Bean
Mrs. Cindy M. Bearden
Mrs. Jean H. Beckerdite
Mrs. Cheryl Bell
Bella Ches
Mrs. Katherine Shell Benson
Best Buy Matching Gifts Plan
Mr. Nathan and Mrs. Maria Bickford
Mr. William Bivens
Mrs. Sally Wells Black
Mrs. Jennifer Blackbourn
Blacklist Social Club
Joseph and Carol Boggess
Ms. Leslie Bounds
Mrs. Florence A. Box
Mrs. Stacey C. Boyett
Mrs. Judy M. Boykin
Mr. Randy Boyles
Ms. Vicki L. Bozeman
Ms. Rebecca J. Bradley
Mrs. Penny F. Brann
Betty Westmoreland Bray
Ms. Angela L. Breakey
Ms. Donna L. Bridges
Mrs. Jackuline C. Brooks
Mrs. Bridget W. Brown
Mrs. Mary Lee Brown
Mrs. Barbara N. Bryan
Ms. Susan J. Bryan
Dr. Gloria D. Bunnell
Mr. Todd M. Bunnell
Mrs. Sunshine Bradshaw Burgess
Dr. George Burghen
Ms. Helen G. Burks
Mrs. Margaret J. Burns
Ms. Mary M. Burries
Mrs. Celeste F. Bush
Mrs. Betty E. Byrd
Dr. Marie E. Byrne
Mrs. Sherry C. Byrne
Mrs. Mary A. Caldwell
Dr. Suzanne D. Calvert
Ms. Catherine N. Campbell
Mrs. Martha M. Carlisle
Mrs. Tanya R. Carr
Mrs. Evie L. Carroll
Ms. Erinn L. Carty
Mrs. Cara H. Cavin
Ms. Wanda L. Chancellor
Dr. Ann B. Chard
Mrs. Betty Jane M. Chatham
Mrs. Patricia G. Chesser
Chris' Pharmacy
Mrs. Catherine Church - Ahl
Ms. Ellen H. Cibula
Mrs. Cecelia M. Clark
Eleanor Daniel Cobb and Elizabeth Daniel
Mrs. Betty L. Coit
Mrs. Jane A. Cole
Ms. Crystal Coleman
Columbus Fence Company, LLC
Columbus Orthopaedic Clinic, PA
Mrs. Vicki L. Conerly
Mr. Jay Cook
Mrs. Charlene Cooke
Mrs. Cheryl "Sherrie" Jackson Cooper
Mrs. Gail Thrasher Cosby
Dr. Bettye R. Coward
Mrs. Robbin A. Cox
Mrs. Claire Craig
Dr. Marian C. Crawford
Mrs. Angela S. Criddle
Bob and Anne Cunningham
Miss Elizabeth A. Cunningham
Dr. Madeleine W. Cunningham
Mrs. Ginger Darnell
Mrs. Raymona F. Daughety
Mrs. Julie Penny Davis
Ms. Penny S. Dearman
Mrs. Dawn P. DeArmond
Sarilea Deaton
Mrs. Sarah M. Deeble
Reverend Anghaarad Dees
Mrs. Norma A. Dees
Mrs. Jane Dearing Dennis
Ms. Jacqueline S. DiCicco
Mrs. Barbara A. Dickey
Mr. Kenneth Dill
Mrs. Mary K. Dimino
Mrs. Lynn Dobbs
Ms. Suzanne M. Doonan
Mr. Dwight M. Doughty
Mrs. Mamie M. Douglas
Mrs. Cynthia W. Dronyk
Mr. Mike Dronyk
Mrs. Cindy Dunbar
Ms. Judy G. Duncan
Ms. Janice L. Dunn
Mr. Jason Dunn
Mrs. Suzette Durden
Mrs. Hilda B. Dykes
Mrs. Rhonda A. Eick
Ms. Julie M. Eisele
Alma Coign Ellis
Dr. Elaine L. Evans
Mrs. Pam H. Fairly
Major General and Mrs. Joseph L. Fant
Ms. Laura Beth Faragasso
Fast Enterprises, LLC
Mrs. Tamara A. Feldman
Mrs. Susan M. Fell
Ms. Sherry A. Few
Ms. Kathleen S. Finucan
Mrs. Nancy E. Fischer
Mrs. Lynn Phelps Florreich
Mrs. Amy Burrus Flynn
Renee and Mayo Flynt
Mr. Quock Fong
Mrs. Rose Marie Ford
Forestry Suppliers Inc
Dr. Dionne Fortenberry
Mrs. Lee F. Fortgang
Mrs. Denna H. Fortner
Mrs. Melanie Freeman
Freeport-McMoran Foundation
Ms. Barbara D. Fullington
Dr. Lorraine Gaddis
Mr. Bob Gaines
Joy Darby Gardberg
Mrs. Wesley H. Garrett
Ms. Rebecca S. Garrison
Gary's Pawn and Gun Shop
Mrs. Mary Lou Gatgens
Margie Germany
Mrs. Dawn Gibbons
Mrs. Trudy S. Gildea
Mrs. Melissa Gilmore
Ms. Michelle Gilpin
Joseph M. Gimbel
Ms. Erin Gioia
Ms. Laura J. Glascoff
Mrs. Frances V. Gonsoulin
Mrs. Grace S. Goodman
Mrs. Melodee J. Goodwin
Ms. Kym G. Gore
Ms. Velma Gore
Pamela Mortimer Gotten
Mr. Mike Gould
Ms. Brooke Graham
Graham's Lighting Memphis
Ms. Ruby Brown Graves
Mrs. Margaret R. Gray
Ms. Lenore S. Griffin
Mrs. Lisa Gore Griffin
Mrs. Ruth Shaw Gross
Ms. Gail P. Gunter
Mrs. Irene T. Guthrie
Mr. Theodore Haddin
Mrs. Cheryl Norwood Hall
Dr. Teresa J. Hamill
Mrs. Betty Vick Hampton
Dr. Maura L. Hamrick
Ms. Sue Ellen Hange
Mrs. Lynn M. Hanson
Dr. Michelle G. Harmon
Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Harper
Mr. Warren Hatcher
Dr. Elizabeth J. Hawkins
Ms. Nancy M. Hawkins
Dolores Shankle Hazzlerigg
Mrs. Jamie I. Heaton
Mrs. Susan G. Hedges
Ms. Beth G. Hefner
Dr. Melesia Henry
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Hesse
Mr. Patrick Hest
Dr. Debra H. Hix
Mrs. Gayle Hodge
Mrs. Karen H. Holleman
Dr. Judie G. Holmes
Mrs. Laura K. Homan
Mrs. Peggy S. Hoover
Mrs. Jane G. Hopkins
Mr. Timothy Hopkins
Ms. Diana House
Mrs. Barbara Huddleston
Ms. Bethany Huff
Mrs. Betty Lynn Hunt
Dr. Joyce W. Hunt
Mrs. Renee Mason Hunt
Mrs. Janice Hunter
Dr. Susan Hurley
Ms. Julie L. Hussey
International Paper Columbus
Ms. Lisa James
Mrs. Barbara L. Janecky
Ms. Monique Jenkins
Mrs. Katherine D. Johns
Mr. Charles W. Johnson
Mrs. Betty Lou Jones
Mrs. Beverly K. Jones
Mrs. Leah O'Gwynn Kackley
Ms. Hortencia Kayser
Dr. Erin M. Kempker
Kendra Scott of Jackson
Dr. Dorothy A. Kerzel
Mrs. Elizabeth Kilgore
Ms. Carolyn Kimbrough
Mrs. Barbara P. Kirby
Mrs. Mary Jo Kirkpatrick
Ms. Gay L. Knight
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Koehler
Mrs. Beverly P. Kraft
Ms. Desiree Krieger
Mrs. Jennet M. Lacey
Mrs. Judy H. Lacy
Mrs. Janet T. Langley
Dr. Brandy H. Larmon
Dr. Dee Dee A. Larson
Ms. Betty Jane C. Lawrence
Mrs. Christie J. Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Leike
Mr. Gary LeMaster
Ms. Alena Lester
Amy J. Johnson Lewis
Ms. Scarlett A. Lewis
Mrs. Bernie B. Lieb
Mrs. Carol H. Linger
Mary Grace Hays Lipscomb
Mr. Walton Lipscomb
Mrs. Caffey S. Litkenhous
Mrs. Velma W. Livingston
Mr. Frank Lonardo
Mrs. Melinda G. Lowe
Ms. Sonya Luna
Ms. Charity G. Lusteck
Ms. Cynthia M. Lyons
Mrs. Malinda Mabry-Scott
Mrs. Elysa L. MacLellan
Ms. Dorothy Maddison
Mrs. Greer M. Mahaffey
Mrs. Penny L. Mansell
Ms. Martha J. Maris
Ms. Crystal G. Massey
Mrs. Mary Noble Massey
Mayo Mallette PLLC
Mrs. Brenda N. McComb
Mr. Steven McCorkle
Mrs. Edna M. McCoy
Mr. Edmond McDavis, III
Mrs. Jessica McDill
Mrs. Claire McGee
Ms. Maria McIntosh
Mrs. Katiya B. McKinney
Mrs. Emily Everett McLarty
Ms. Julia E. McLarty
Dr. Linda McNeely
Mrs. Sondra C. McPhail
Mrs. Joyce H. McPherson*
Mrs. Nora H. Meadows
Vicki S. Fairchild Meadows
Mr. Brian Merkel
Mr. Matthew Merkel
Mrs. Kristie L. Metcalfe
Mrs. Julia T. Middleton
Mitchell Distributing Company, Inc.
Mitchell Forestry &
Wildlife Services, LLC
Mrs. Lindsay Mitchell
Ms. Michelle Mitchell
Taffy Mitchell
Mrs. Amy S. Mobley
Mrs. Xiaohong L. Monte
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Moore
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Moore
Mr. Brynn Morgan
Mrs. Kate Morgan
Ms. Melissa A. Morgan
Ms. Sherry M. Morgan
Erin R. Munton
Mrs. Xenia Murtaugh
Vera Hicks Myers
Dr. Karen L. Nabors
Mrs. Margaret S. Nagel
Ms. Julia K. Nash
Mrs. Brooks P. Nelson
Nissan North America
Mrs. Rebecca W. Norsworthy
Mrs. Jill D. O'Bryant
Miss Audra M. Odom
Ms. Mattie M. Olson
OneHope Foundation
Mrs. Miriam A. Orsina
Ms. Patty Outlaw
Mr. Jefferson Parker
Mrs. JoAnne Parker
Mrs. Patsy S. Parker
Mrs. Mary Ann Parrent
Dr. Carrie Pate
Mrs. Michelle Patrick
Judge Mary Libby Payne
Ms. Rebekiah L. Pearson
Dr. Sally H. Pearson
Mrs. Vicki W. Pekurney
Ms. Celina K. Pennington
Mrs. Zoe N. Pepper
Mrs. Nikki N. Perez
Mrs. Sandra Poole Perkins
Dr. Shonda Phelon
Mrs. Catherine A. Pherson
Mr. Ben Phillips
Miss Clemmie L. Phillips
Mrs. Mary Jane Piazza
Mrs. Lydia Coffey Pierce
Mrs. Ardarian Gilliam Pierre
Ms. Amy Pittman
Ms. Linda Poe
Dr. Martin M. Pomphrey, Jr.
Mrs. Shellyn G. Poole
Mrs. Eleana T. Pope
Mrs. Mary Pope
Mrs. Charlotte Porter- Laggy
Dr. Sheila C. Porterfield
Ms. Tracy Power
Ms. Amanda Powers
The Honorable Lenore L. Prather
Ms. Joyce A. Price
Mrs. Ann A. Prince
Mrs. Constance E. Pugh
Mrs. Elaine Ralston
Ms. JoAnne F. Ramsey
Ms. Judy White Rankin
Mrs. Shirley C. Rankin
Becky Mann Ray
Mrs. Sara G. Rayburn
Mrs. Charlotte B. Rea
Ms. Linda H. Reed
Mrs. Beverly Reese
Mrs. Donna F. Regel
Regions Bank
Ms. Michelle D. Revord
Mrs. Laurean Wilson Reynolds
Dr. Matthew Rhinewalt
Mr. Michael Richardson
Mr. Thomas Richardson
Ms. Mary Margaret Roberts
Mrs. Tiffanie T. Roberts
Mrs. Ann Rogers
Ms. Emily Core Rosebeck
Ms. Gwen Ross
Ms. Margaret C. Rush
Ms. Teresa Kremser Rushin
Mrs. Virginia V. Russ
Mrs. Melissa E. Russell
Mr. Bruff Sanders
Mr. Rodney Sanders
Mrs. Willa S. Savelle
Mrs. Augusta R. Scattergood
Mrs. Mary S. Schroeder
Mrs. Jean W. Schwindaman
Ms. Bobbie B. Scott
Ms. Nichole L. Seabaugh
Dr. Ann Severance
Mrs. Ellen K. Shannahan
Ms. Ruby Y. Shelton
Mrs. Janie Shields
Mr. Richard W. Simmons
Sisters of Charity of Nazareth
Barbara W. Smith
Ms. Cheryl W. Smith
Elizabeth Oster Smith
Ginger McCrary Smith
Ms. Janie R. Smith
Mr. Kent C. Smith
Mrs. Susan Sobley
Mr. Richard E. Sobolewski
Mrs. Pam H. Sooy
Mrs. Charlene B. Sorrells
Mrs. Shirley R. Spain
Mrs. Cheryl E. Sparkman
Mrs. Anne J. Stephens
Mrs. Mary Ann Stephens
Mrs. Bettie Ann Stepp
Mrs. Sherry Stevens
Mrs. Amy Stockton
Dr. Phillip Stockton
Mrs. Heather Stone
Mrs. Jo Ann Stone
Mrs. Susan B. Street
Ms. Jill Strickland
Ms. Mandi C. Stutsy-Waldrep
Ms. Pat A. Stutsy-Waldrep
Mrs. Beverly B. Styles
Dr. Sarah E. Sumners
Ms. Deborah K. Swartz
T D K Logging
Mrs. Lisa B. Talbert
Ms. Lucy Taylor
Mrs. Susan M. Teasley
Ms. Shirley W. Tennyson
Mrs. Hart Terhune
Ms. Pamela D. Thomas
Mrs. Frances H. Thomas-Dillender
Mrs. Cheryl D. Thompson
Dr. Paula A. Thompson
Mr. William J. Threadgill
Ms. Elizabeth A. Tipton
Ms. Betty B. Toland
Mrs. Nancy W. Torrey
Mr. Steven D. Travers
Mrs. Barbara B. Travis
Mrs. Blanche L. Tremblay
Ms. Lynette Tribble
Tronox LLC
Mr. Jason Trufant
Mrs. Kaye H. Truitt
Mrs. Lucy O. Tucker
Mrs. Jane I. Turner
Mrs. Laura Beth Turner
Ms. Nita Turner
Ms. Sheree Tynes
Michael Underwood
University Management, Inc.
Mrs. Bettye Hays Van Vulpen
Mrs. Mona Vance-Ali
Mrs. Terry J. Vandevere
Ms. Betty B. Vega
Ms. Elaine A. Venable
Ms. Melody H. Vydas
Mr. Jeffrey Walden
Ms. Jan Walker
Mr. Shane Ward
Dr. Candace Warner
Ms. Mary H. Watson
Ms. Lillian D. Weeks
Mrs. Myra S. Wells
Mrs. Roslinda M. Wells
Mrs. Debora D. West
Ms. Sheila C. Westbrook
Mrs. Beth Wheeler-Dean
Mrs. Cathy White
Miss Kay Whitehead
Mrs. Clara H. Whitley
Dr. John Wierengo, Jr.
Mrs. Merrie C. Wiley
Mrs. Betty S. Williams
Mrs. Brandy E. Williams
Dr. Donna J. Williams
Mrs. Megan Williams
Mrs. Elise Wilson
Ms. Jane Ellen Wolf
Mrs. Jill Holly Bethune Wood
Mr. Johnny Wray
Dr. Anne Wright
Mrs. Julia S. Yandell
Susan Taylor Yerger
Mr. Newman Young, Jr.
Mrs. Missy G. Younger
Ms. Mary Clare L. Zelenka
Ms. Changrong Zhu Cheng

* deceased


Long Blue Line - ($1 - $149)

Anonymous (27)
Mr. Max Abner
Ms. Monica Vandenbranden Abner
Ms. Mary Melinda Abraham
Mr. Yadav Acharya
Mrs. Danise M. Ackelson
Ms. Alaina Acker
Dr. Kristi A. Acker
Mrs. Patricia P. Acklin
Dr. Christy H. Adams
Mr. Nicholas Adams
Dr. Sheila Adams
Mrs. Ellen S. Adcock
Mr. Jared Adcock
Mr. Ryan Ahrens
Mrs. Angela Alexander
Mrs. Ashley V. Alexander
Ms. Jessica L. Alexander
Mrs. Patsy F. Alexander
Mrs. Claydeen F. Allen
Ms. Junauh Allgood
Mrs. Susan H. Allgood
Mr. Christopher D. Ambrose
Amerigo Restaurant
Ms. Kate A. Amrine
Ms. Cassandra Anderson
Mr. Daniel Anderson
Mrs. Edwina R. Anderson
Miss Erica Anderson
Mrs. Hazel B. Anderson
Mr. Jaleel Anderson
Ms. Kristin Anderson
Ms. Nancy Anderson
Mrs. Heather Andresen
Anjou Restaurant
APAC A3 (Artists, Advocates &
Ingrid Arauco
Ms. Susan Arbital
Mrs. Barbara Archer
Mr. David M. Armstrong
Mr. Zachary Armstrong
Ms. Andrea Arnold
Ms. Leslie E. Arnold
Mrs. Kawauna Arrington
Ms. Meri Stewart Arrington
Ms. Frances M. Ashcraft
Ms. Brandie Ashe
Mrs. Janice W. Asher
Ms. Sarah R. Asmus
Mrs. Angie S. Atkins
Mrs. Jane R. Atkins
Mrs. Joan E. Atkins
Mrs. Libby Atkins
Ms. Emma Atkinson
Mr. Justin Atkinson
Mrs. Roxene Hall Atkinson
Mr. Curry Atterberry
Mrs. Evelyn E. Aust
Ms. Brittany N. Austin
Dr. Heidi E. Austin
Mrs. Karla W. Ayers
Babalu Tapas & Tacos
Mrs. Elizabeth E. Bacher
Alexis Bacon
Mrs. Amanda Bagwell
Mrs. Julia H. Baham
Mrs. Susan E. Baham
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Bailey
Mrs. Haley Bailey
Ms. Mary L. Bailey
Mrs. Michaeline Bailey
Ms. Valencia Bailey
Ms. Pamela L. Baird
Mrs. Jayme Baker
Mrs. Linda S. Baker
Mrs. Lynsey Baker
Mrs. Nancy Baker
Mrs. Nancy B. Baker
Ms. Amy Ball
Mrs. Rachel Ball
Ms. Ja'Donnia S. Ballard
Ms. Ja'Donnieka Ballard
Rachel Bani
Mrs. Nancy L. Banjanin
Ms. Christine Banks
Ms. Jamie Banks
Ms. Holly Barnett Bankston
Mrs. Amber Barkdoll
Mrs. Stephanie Barksdale
Miss Megan Barnes
Ms. Mary Jane Barnett
Mrs. Leslye C. Baronich
Ms. Keitha Barron
Mrs. Hannah Bascomb
Mrs. Stefanie M. Basinger
Mrs. Whitney Baswell
Mrs. Donna Baucom
Ms. Kimberly Baucom
Mrs. Courtney Bayless
Mrs. Nicole D. Beachum
Ms. Pauline Beal
Mrs. Cynthia Bean
Miss Mylie Beane
Dr. Bennett L. Bearden and Amy Horton
Kimberly Beasley
Mrs. Carol K. Beckman
Ms. Shonna L. Beckwith
Mrs. Karen J. Bedells
Ms. Diann Begert
Ms. Gabriela A. Belardo
Mrs. Nancy J. Belknap
Mrs. Jennifer B. Bell
Ms. Samantha Bell
Ms. Shanderian Bell
Ms. Elizabeth Bellipanni
Ms. Kelly Benford
Mrs. Annette M. Benson
Dr. Dorothy Berglund
Mrs. Joy Bermudez
Mrs. Mary Kate Bexley
Mrs. Ladonna Beylotte
Mr. William G. Biddy
Ms. Ashley E. Billingsley
Ms. Amanda L. Bingham
Mr. Devin Bingham
Ms. Daria Binkowski
Mrs. Jonnie M. Bisanar
Lynn Bishop
Ms. Jennifer Bishop
Ms. Brittany Black
Meredith M. Black
Mrs. Denise Blair
Mrs. Lillian Blake
Mrs. Lisa H. Blake
Ms. Anita N. Blakney
Mr. Robert A. Blalock
Nancy Dallas Pickens Blanchard
Mrs. Catherine T. Blanton
Mrs. Louisa E. Blenman
Ms. Victoria S. Blissard
Mrs. Kathleen K. Bogle
Mrs. Pamela P. Bohon
Mrs. Leigh A. Boland
Lenia Bolano
Mrs. Lydia M. Bolen
Ms. Judith H. Bolin
Ms. Kristen Bolton
Ms. Tammy Bolton
Ms. Lisa Bond
Mr. Timothy Bonenfant
Ms. Jessica Bonner
Ms. Julie R. Bonner
Mrs. Frances L. Booker
Mrs. Janet M. Booth
Mr. Michael Booth
Joseph Borden
Mrs. Valerie A. Bosarge
Mrs. Judith A. Boswell
Sarah Batte Boswell
Mrs. Doris E. Bottom
Mr. Alonzo Bouldin
Ms. Tyrasa Bouldin
Ms. Natella G. Boulton
Dorris Wheeler Bourland
Ms. Miresha Bourrage
Megan Boutin
Mrs. Penny F. Bowen
Mrs. Amanda J. Bowers
Nancy Rogers Bowers
Ms. Jasmine M. Bowles
Mrs. Linda E. Bowlin
Mrs. Sara A. Bowlus
Mrs. Nancy M. Bowman
Ms. Tiffany Bowman
Mrs. Jennifer A. Box
Mrs. Sara F. Boyd
Mrs. Fay S. Boyett
Mrs. Martha P. Bozeman
Mrs. Maris A. Braddock
Ms. April Braden
Mr. Christian R. Bradley
Mrs. Cassie Bradley-Taylor
Ms. Carol L. Brady
Mrs. Marilyn W. Brady*
Mrs. Abigail Branch
Mrs. Andrea C. Branch
Mrs. Cynthia Branch
Mr. Max Branch
Bettie Jean Davis Brandon
Ms. Sabrina G. Brandon
Ms. Renea B. Brandon
Ms. Essie Brandy
Ms. Lisa Y. Bratton
Ms. Nelda Brazeale
Colonel Jessie S. Brewer
Ms. Lisa Brewster
Brickerton Day Spa
Mrs. Jane R. Bridgman
Mrs. Carmen B. Brigulio
Ms. Wanda Brister
Dr. Martha A. Brock
Mrs. Rachel Brock
Ms. Sarah Brock
Dr. David Brooking
Ms. George E. Brooks
Mr. Tyrus Brooks
Mrs. Faye R. Brophy
Mr. Jacob Broussard
Ms. Kristi Browder
Ms. Alexis S. Brown
Mrs. Amy M. Brown
Mrs. Annie D. Brown
Mrs. Casie Brown
Ms. Christian Brown
Dr. Daphne A. Brown
Ms. Diamond M. Brown
Ms. Dorothy M. Brown
Mr. Frederick L. Brown
Mrs. Glenda Lewis Brown
Mr. Henry E. Brown
Ms. Rochelle Brown
Ms. Santerrica Brown
Mrs. Wendy Brown
Mrs. Mandy P. Brownlee
Mr. Joseph Brumbeloe
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Brummett
Ms. Dawn Bryant
Ms. Rebecca Buchanan
Ms. Tammara A. Buchanan
Mrs. Shelly Tate Buffa
Buffalo Wild Wings
Mrs. Laurie Bullman
Ms. Faith Bullock
Ms. Margaret Bullocks-Matory
Michael Bunchman
Mrs. Kathy G. Burk
Mrs. Toni S. Burke
Mrs. Reta L. Burkes
Lyn Burkett
Mrs. Amy Burks
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Burks
Mrs. LaWanda M. Burns
Mrs. Patricia N. Burns
Ms. Sharon Busler
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Butler
Ms. Helen Butts
Mrs. Janet Butts
Dr. Michael M. Butts
Ms. Nieshia N. Butts
Ms. Melissa Buxton
Mrs. Bonnibel S. Byars
Mrs. Frances P. Byars
Ms. Christy Byrd
C J's Pizza
Betty Rook Caddell
Mr. Mike Calvery
Ms. Kaylee E. Camp
Ms. Nancy W. Camp
Mrs. Stephanie Camp
Mrs. Judith C. Campbell
Mrs. Louise W. Campbell
Mrs. Mary Ann Campbell
Mrs. Patty Campbell
Ms. Delores R. Cannon
Ms. Wendy P. Canterbury
Mr. Bobby Canton
Mrs. Natalie Cantrell
Mr. and Mrs. R. Sidney Caradine, III
Mrs. Kathy Carisch
Mrs. Shirley H. Carley
Mrs. Jane R. Carlson
Mrs. Frances V. Carlton
Mr. Ben Carmichael
Ms. Lyann Carnes
Mrs. Juanita C. Carpenter
Mrs. Amanda Carr
Ms. Merika A. Carr
Ms. TyKaren T. Carr
Ms. Candace J. Carrie
Mr. Kevin Carroll
Mrs. Anna Hutchinson Carron
Mrs. Margaret I. Carson
Ms. Brooke A. Carter
Mrs. Dixie Nicholas Carter
Ms. Margaret Walsh Carter
Mr. Jerry H. Casey
Casey Jones Art
Mrs. Kimberly A. Caskey
Ms. Beth Cassford
Mrs. Allison H. Caston
Ms. Patricia Caston
Mrs. Lynn J. Catalina
Blythe Cates
Mrs. Sarah B. Cawthorn
Ms. Courtney Chailland
Mrs. Barbara Smith Chain
Ms. Bonnie Chaltry
Ms. Mary Kendal Champion
Ms. Carol Yvonne Chancellor
Mrs. Sarah T. Chancellor
Mrs. Cheryl Chandler
Mr. Danny Chandler
Mrs. Inger Hampton Chandler
Mr. James W. Chandler, Jr.
Mrs. Margaret A. Chandler
Mr. Yuell E. Chandler, IV
Mrs. Sara M. Chapman
Keri Lowrey Chastain
Mr. Timothy Cheek
Ms. Chun Chen
Mrs. Billy Jane Chesnutt
Mrs. Kinsey Chesser
Mr. Zack Chester
Chevron Texaco Matching Gifts Plan
Ms. Elizabeth A. Chisolm
Ms. Beverly Clark
Mr. Charles Clark
Mr. Greg Clark
Mrs. Gwen Clark
Mrs. Judy L. Clark
Ms. Mary Y. Clark
Mrs. Mary Ann S. Clay
Ms. Tekava Clay
Mrs. April B. Clayton
Dr. Vicki L. Clements
Mrs. Jane A. Clemmons
Mrs. Emily Click
Ms. Kayla Coachman
Mrs. Meatta Coats
Mrs. Karen Cobb
Rebecca Coberly
Mr. Corvell Coburn
Mr. JaTory Coburn
Cockerham Insurance Agency LLC
Mr. Jay Cockrell
Mr. Kelvin Cockrell
Ms. Linda C. Cockrell
Mrs. Pamela J. Cockrell
Mr. Ron Cockrell
Coffee House on 5th
Mrs. Terry G. Coffey
Ms. Cheryl Coker
Ms. Briana Colbert
Ms. Cynthia L. Colburn
Mrs. Amber T. Cole
Mrs. Leslie M. Cole
Ms. Megan Coleff
Ms. April E. Coleman
Mrs. Margaret K. Coleman
Mr. Trent Coleman
Ms. Monica H. Colletti
Mr. Allon Collins
Mrs. Jayn L. Collins
Ms. Karen J. Collins
Mrs. Leslie White Collinson
Mrs. Jean A. Colson
Mrs. Mary Aileen Lee Colucci
Ms. Haley Comola
Mr. Dennis Conerly
Ms. Kathryn Conklin
Mrs. Maria B. Conlon
Ms. Tabitha Conner
Ms. Tasheba Conner
Ms. Janet S. Conrad
Miss Cecilia Cook
Ms. Lynette R. Cook
Mr. Malcom Cook
Ms. Olive Cook
Ms. Amber Cooke
Mrs. Patricia A. Cooke
Ms. Linda L. Cooper
Mrs. Margaret J. Cooper
Ms. Raven Cooper
Mr. Adam P. Cordle
Mrs. Peggy T. Corey
Dr. Nora L. Corrigan
Dr. Dona P. Cotten
Mrs. Brandy M. Coward
Mrs. Norma B. Cowell
Ms. Melissa H. Cowley
Mrs. Melanie M. Cowlishaw
Mrs. Mattee T. Cox
Mrs. Sherri E. Cox
Craftsmen's Guild of MS
Dr. Jane Crater
Mrs. Barbara A. Crawford
Mrs. Ellen M. Crawford
Cynthia Cripps
Ms. Amber D. Crosby
Ms. Adrian Cross
Mrs. Janice W. Cross
Mr. David L. Crouse, Jr.
Mr. Jordan Crowder
Mrs. Sherrian L. Crowe
Mrs. Bettie R. Crowell
Mrs. Melanie Crownover
Ms. Megan Croxdale
Mrs. Jianwen Crump
Ms. Cheryl Cruse
Culinary Arts
Ms. Brandie Culpepper
Mr. Jonathan Cumberland
Mrs. Lyndsay B. Cumberland
Mrs. Deborah B. Cummings
Mrs. Ellen W. Cummings
Mr. Sean Cummings
Ms. Terri Cummings
Melissa Cummins
Mrs. Pamela D. Cummins
Mrs. Jane O. Cunningham
Mr. Tovoris Cunningham
Cups Espresso Cafe
Mr. Andy Currie
Mrs. Sara P. Curry
Ms. Shyla Curry
Ms. Sherry M. Cusanelli
Mrs. Cheryl E. Cushman
Ms. Elizabeth T. Cvetetic
Mrs. Suzanne Daffron
Mrs. Barbara J. Daily
Ms. Rachael E. Damms
Mrs. Carol H. Damron
Mr. Gray Daniel
Mrs. Ruth Daniel
Mrs. Rena L. Dantone
Mrs. Alta S. Daugherty
Diana Moore Daughtridge
Mrs. Robin T. Dauma
Mrs. Jo B. Davidson
Ms. Sueanne M. Davidson
Mrs. Alicia Paige Davis
Mr. Andrew Davis
Mrs. Cynthia Acee Davis
Mrs. Jane H. Davis
Mrs. Janice S. Davis
Ms. Jessica Flores
Mr. John R. Davis
Ms. Josie M. Davis
Ms. Katelyn M. Davis
Mrs. Kim Davis
Ms. Laquisha Davis
Mrs. Lelia A. Davis
Mrs. Lesley Davis
Ms. Levora Davis
Ms. Linda Davis
Ms. Marilyn Davis
Mrs. Ruth M. Davis
Ms. Stacy H. Davis
Ms. Wilkedria Davis
Mr. Lance Dawkins
Mrs. Sacha Dawkins
Mrs. Michelle Dawodi
Ms. Evans W. Dawson
Ashley K. Day
Ms. Angila R. Dean
Miss Kierra DeBerry
Mrs. Sandra P. Dechert
Mrs. Frances M. Defelice
Mrs. Alice T. Dehart
Delta Airlines Foundation
Lydia Dempsey
Mrs. Dorothy D. Dengler
Mr. James Denney
Ms. Brenda H. Dent
Ms. Kaitlyn E. Derouen
Mrs. Jacqueline A. DeSalle
Mrs. Helen S. DeWeese
Ms. Brenda Dickey
Ms. Sarah A. Dietrich
Jessica DiMari
Mr. Jakiero Dismuke
Mrs. Jayde P. Dixon
Mr. Mario Djugovski
Ms. Andrea Dobbs
Ms. Katherine L. Dodson
Mrs. Catherine E. Dolan
Mrs. Martha J. Donald
Mrs. Holly A. Donohoe
Ms. Moira R. Donohue
Mrs. Kathleen Z. Doody
Mrs. Mary Jane Dorn
Mrs. Rebecca Dorough
Ms. Gail N. Dossett
Senator Sally B. Doty
Ms. Anstacia T. Doughty
Ms. Fernanda Douglas
Mr. John Douglas
Ms. Terri S. Doumit
Mrs. Ann B. Dowdle
Mrs. Mary Downs
Mrs. Bonnie G. Doyle
Mrs. Patricia S. Draper
Mrs. Janine R. Dubach
Mrs. Amy Duckworth
Mrs. Kim Dudley
Marva G. Duerksen
Ms. Sherry L. Duett Barwick
Mrs. Jean E. Duffer
Mrs. Marie C. Dugan
Cherry Duke
Mrs. Gaynell Duke
Miss Nancy M. Duncan
Dr. Kendall Dunkelberg
Dr. Cherry W. Dunn
Mr. Aaron Duracher, Jr.
Ms. Asia C. Duren
Mrs. Dianne Dyar
Mrs. Jaclyn B. Dyer
Ms. Marsha A. Dyer
Mrs. Kathy L. Dyess
Ms. Lanell Early
Mrs. Sylvia P. Earwood
Ms. Robyn C. East
Mrs. Story Stamm Ebersole
Miss Allison Edmonds
Mrs. Katy Ring Edwards
Mr. Will Edwards
Ms. Catherine S. Eldridge
Mr. Garrett Eley
Mrs. Betty N. Ellege
Mrs. Bridget E. Ellis
Mrs. Georgia A. Ellis
Ms. Jessica B. Ellis
Ms. Priscilla C. Ellis
Mrs. Lisa B. Elmore
Madam Bradlie Elverton
Mr. Bill Enis
Ms. Marion M. Erwin
Ms. Maria Espino
Mrs. Connie F. Estes
Ms. Ginger R. Estrella
Ms. Candace M. Evans
Ms. Veronica Evans
James M. & Ellen Castleberry Ewing
Mrs. Rulinda Ewing
Express Oil Change
Orit Eylon
Mrs. Debra B. Fancher
Ms. Patricia A. Farmer
Natasha Farny
Mrs. Margaret A. Farr
Mrs. Lysbeth D. Faucett
Mrs. Rita V. Faulkner
Maxine Fawcett-Yeske
Mrs. Michelle Featherston
Ms. Beth Feazel
Ms. Patricia E. Feazel
Mrs. Alice Steiner Felgner
Mrs. Chant Ferguson
Mrs. Lula L. Ferguson
Mrs. Angela C. Ferraez
Fidelia Club of Amory
Mrs. Connie Finnie
First Tennessee
Mrs. Doris Fisackerly
Mr. Braylon Fisher
Miss Camilla Dawn Fisher
Mrs. Louise E. Fisher
Mrs. Virginia D. Fisher
Ms. Mackenzie L. Fletcher
Ms. Breanna Flores
Mrs. Rita N. Flory
Mrs. Naomi M. Flowers
Mrs. Betty W. Flynn
Mrs. Amelia D. Forbert
Mrs. Marilyn Y. Ford
Ms. Sara P. Fore
Ms. Tammy B. Forrester
Ms. Margaret E. Forsythe
Ms. Rhonda R. Fort
Ms. Tara W. Fort
Mr. Chancellor S. Fortenberry
Ms. Kerri Fortenberry
Ms. Melany Fortenberry
Ms. Serena B. Fortenberry
CDR Mary Ann Foster, USN-Retired
Mrs. Elizabeth Fountain
Ms. Kim Fountain
Dr. Randell Foxworth
Mrs. Anna Foy
Mrs. Brenda S. Fratesi
Mrs. Angenette Butler Frazier
Ms. Jerrica Frazier
Ms. Damara J. Fredette
Mrs. Veronica Frelon
Mrs. Frances I. Freeman
Mrs. Sandra W. Freeman
Mrs. Sherry S. Freeman
Dr. R. Ellen Friday
Margaret Hayden Fristoe
Ms. Amber R. Frost
Mrs. Sharon P. Frost
Cameron Fuhrman
Mrs. Beckie Fuller
Mrs. Marjorie Fuller
Mrs. Babs W. Fulton
Mr. Ryan Fulton
Mrs. Katherine Furr
Ms. Heather R. Fuselier
Marie-Elaine Gagnon
Galaxy Garden Club
Ms. Syratta Galloway
Ms. Lakeysha N. Gandy
Mrs. Kathleen L. Gard
Mr. Ethan J. Gardner
Mrs. Leigh Ann Gardner
Ms. Jill Garner
Ms. Carol A. Garrett
Mrs. Sharon M. Garriga
Elizabeth Gartman
Mrs. Emily E. Gaskill
Estibaliz Gastesi
Mrs. Memorie Gaughf
Ms. Jessica N. Gavin
Mrs. Catherine Gee
Mrs. Amber Gehrke
Mrs. Lisa A. George
Ms. Linda J. Gerhart
Mrs. Denise G. Geter
Mrs. Leslie T. Giadone
Mrs. Janice Giallourakis
Mrs. Lisa M. Gibbons
Ms. Ameshia Gibson
Mrs. Martha C. Gibson
Ms. Misty A. Gibson
Mr. Roland Giesbrecht
Ms. Brooke Gilbert
Mrs. Layla M. Gilbert
Mrs. Lori Gunter Gilcrist
Colonel Glenn B. Gildon
Mrs. Tiffany R. Gilkey
Ms. Lorene B. Gilleland
Mrs. Brenda W. Gilliam
Mrs. Melinda L. Gilmer
Ms. Hayley Gilmore
Ms. Kelley M. Gilmore
Ms. Carol Gimbel
Ms. Janet S. Giordano
Ms. Tineka Gladney
Mrs. Toya Gladney
Ms. Katherine Glassman
Gnome Clean All Natural Laundry
Mr. Rodney A. Godfrey
Ms. Tammy B. Godfrey
Soo K. Goh
Ms. Gloria F. Gonzalez
Ms. Kaneisha Gooden
Mr. Dean Goodman
Mrs. Shilo Goodman
Mrs. Mary Patricia Gootee
Ms. Debra M. Gottschalk
Mr. Tim Gould
Ms. Emma Gousset
Mrs. Elizabeth Doll Grafe
Ms. Marsha C. Graham
Mrs. Sally Graham
Mrs. Velma Graham
Mrs. Mary Lynette Granade
Ms. Shetara Granger
Mrs. Anna H. Gray
Ms. Mary A. Gray
Mrs. Nancy F. Gray
Ms. Wanda Gray
Ms. Mary N. Grayson
Mrs. Chris M. Green
Mrs. Clara J. Green
Ms. Robin Green
Ms. Laverne C. Greene-Leech
Ms. Terry Greer
Ms. Aubree Greggs
Ms. Mary C. Gremillion
Mrs. Alma L. Griffin
Mrs. Becky Griffin
Ms. Carla Griffin
Ms. Chelsea S. Griffin
Ms. Kimberly Griffin
Mr. Lesly Griffin
Mr. Charles Griffith
Mrs. Pam H. Griffith
Ms. Whitney Griggs
Ms. Linda P. Grondin
Ms. Shirley Groves-Kimble
Ms. Melinda Grubb
Ms. Susan Gulledge
Mr. Ticurio Guy
Mrs. Charlene Guynes
Ms. Micaela Guyton
Ms. Clare Haefner
Mr. Thomas Haffey
Ms. Tomie Hahn
Mrs. Mathilde H. Hailey
Ms. Givonne E. Halbert
Mr. Glen E. Halbert
Mr. Chris T. Halbrooks
Mrs. Dorothy Hale
Ms. Peggy M. Hale
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hall
Mrs. Layne Hall
Mrs. Pamela Hall
Mr. Thomas Hall
Mrs. Sarah F. Hallum
Mrs. Carolon M. Hamblin
Miss Vallary Hamer
Mrs. Sandy S. Hamilton
Mr. Paul E. Hampton
Mr. Timotheus Hampton
Dr. Amber Handy
Mrs. Dorothy A. Haney
Dr. and Mrs. Vagn Hansen
Mrs. Linda B. Hanson
Mrs. Wanda G. Harden
Mrs. Betsy B. Hardy
Mrs. Doris Hardy
Mrs. Virginia H. Harkness
Mr. Alfred Harmon
Mrs. Nancy E. Harper
Ms. Jessica Harpole
Ms. Anne-Marie E. Harrell
Ms. Vyuanna Harrington
Ms. Alyssa M. Harris
Mrs. Clare Harris
Mrs. Genevieve N. Harris
Mr. Gregory Harris
Ms. Laurel A. Harris
Mrs. Mary Harris
Ms. Olga Harris
Ms. Sade N. Harris
Ms. Shirley Harris
Mrs. Shirley Harris
Mrs. Angela Harrison
Mrs. Kathryn M. Harrison
Elaine Harriss
Mrs. Linda R. Harwell
Dr. Gail Snowden Hasson
Ms. Bridget Hatcher
Mr. Thomas M. Hatcher
Mrs. Willetta M. Hatcher
Dr. Martin L. Hatton
Mr. Eddie Hawkins
Mrs. Mary H. Hawkins
Cara Haxo
Mrs. Angelyn B. Hayes
Ms. Justine R. Hayes
Mrs. Kathy Hayes
Ms. Mary J. Hayes
Mrs. Barbara D. Haygood
Ms. Brooke Haynes
Kimberly Haynes
Mrs. Margaret D. Hayward
Mrs. Faye M. Haywood
Ms. Rhonda Head
Mrs. Tommerria L. Hearn
Mrs. Terri B. Heath
Mrs. Kathleen Hebert
Alexandra Hecker
Dr. Gmanshyam Heda
Ms. Bonnie Hedgepeth
Ms. Shellie Hendren
Ms. Earnestine G. Hendricks
Ms. Victoria L. Hendrickson
Ms. April Henry
Ms. Billie Henson
Ms. Tammy Hensrud
Ms. Roxanne L. Hernandez
Ms. Stephanie Hernandez
Mrs. Rebecca Herndon
Mrs. Hallie Jeanne Herring
Mr. Brandon Herron
Ms. Shavonna Herron
Mr. Thomas Herron
Mrs. Tiffany Herron
Anna Hersey
Joanna R. Hersey
Mrs. Ashley Hester
Mrs. Vickie S. Hester
Mrs. Clara M. Hicks
Mrs. Shirley L. Hicks
Mrs. Virginia W. Hiett
Ms. Brittany Higgins
Ms. Deborah A. Hill
Mrs. Liz Hill
Mr. Sid Hill
Mrs. Vicki Hill
Mr. Elbert R. Hilliard
Gloria Snowden Hilliard
Mrs. Kerri Hillis
Dorothy Hindman
Mrs. Charlotte R. Hines
Mrs. Jennifer Hinman
Mrs. Elizabeth I. Hinson
Mrs. Aimee E. Hively
Mr. Matthew Hoch
Mrs. Denise Hocutt
Mrs. Kay B. Hoffman
Ms. Alexia Hogan
Ms. Stephanie M. Holbrook
Ms. Donna D. Holcomb
Mrs. Jewell B. Holcomb
Mr. Bentley R. Holcombe
Mrs. Tracey D. Holcombe
Mrs. Glenda G. Holder
Ms. Katina Holland
Ms. Kelsey C. Holland
Mrs. Laurie S. Holland
Ms. Hannah Holley
Ms. Patty Holley
Ms. Sherry L. Holley
Mrs. Miriam L. Hollingsworth
Ms. Tracy L. Hollis
Ms. Erinn C. Holloway
Mrs. Tamy F. Holmes
Ms. Ann Holston
Mrs. Margaret R. Holt
Ms. Sara Beth Holt
Mrs. Brenda B. Honeycutt
Mrs. Carol B. Honsinger
Mrs. Anne Y. Hooker
Dr. Jonathon W. Hooks
Faye Smith Hoover
Mrs. Tracy G. Hoover
Hopkins Insurance
Mrs. Patricia White Hopkins
Ms. Shannon L. Horst
Ms. LaShayla T. Horton
Mrs. Kelly Hough
Mrs. Lakesha Houston
Ms. Jane A. Howell
Mrs. Margaret B. Howell
Ms. Teresa G. Howell
Mrs. Judith T. Howle
Mrs. Cymber D. Hubbard
Mrs. Patricia J. Hudgins
Mrs. Susan Hudson
Mrs. Tyeshai Hudson
Mrs. Betty J. Hughes
Mr. Quincy D. Hughes
Mrs. Betty D. Hull
Mrs. Carolyn W. Hull
Mrs. Margaret B. Humble
Mr. Gregory Hunley
Ms. Susan D. Hunt
Mrs. Nannette N. Hunter
Dr. Stephen E. Hunter
Mrs. Clara H. Hurd
Ms. Jennifer M. Hutcherson
Mrs. Anne H. Hutcheson
Inger H. Chandler, PLLC
Mrs. Geraldine B. Ingram
Mrs. Sandra Ingram
Niloufar Iravani
Ms. Margaret Ishee
Mrs. Kaici Ivey
Ms. Jackie E. Ivy
Ms. Santanna A. Ivy
Mr. Tommie J. Ivy
Mrs. Rebecca M. Izard
Ms. Aubra Jackson
Mrs. Denise P. Jackson
Mrs. Ebony Jackson
Mrs. Emily H. Jackson
Mrs. Georgia L. Jackson
Ms. Hansel D. Jackson
Ms. Sarah A. Jackson
Ms. Heidi Jacob
Ms. Cathy F. James
Mrs. Jeanette James
Mrs. Shannon S. James
Ms. Theresa Ebert James
Ms. Carly C. Jamison
Mrs. LoRen Jamison
Ms. Tameka Jamison
Janey's Gyms, LLC
Barbara Raymond Jansz
Barbara Jazwinski
Mr. Tyyon Jefferson
Jeff's Sports Training, LLC
Mrs. Teresa C. Jeltrup
Mr. Christopher Jenkins
Ms. Nneka Jenkins
Ms. Danielle A. Jennings
Mrs. Judy M. Jennings
Mr. Jonathan Jensen
Mrs. Bonnie M. Jewell
Dr. Stephanie S. Jiminez
Kim Jobe
Mrs. Ann M. Johnson
Ms. Casele Johnson
Ms. Ebony L. Johnson
Mr. Edward Johnson
Mrs. Ellen Johnson
Mrs. Hazel L. Johnson
Ms. Kaitlyn Johnson
Dr. Lisa G. Johnson
Ms. Melissa Johnson
Ms. NaTasha Johnson
Mrs. Patricia D. Johnson
Ms. Priscilla S. Johnson
Ms. Quaneceya Johnson
Ms. Rebecca Johnson
Miss Relena Johnson
Ms. Santee Johnson
Mr. Shobal D. Johnson
Tiffany Cook Johnson
Ms. Virginia V. Johnson
Mr. Allen Jones
Amy L. Jones
Mrs. Angela L. Jones
Mrs. Beth B. Jones
Ms. Betty Kay Jones
Ms. Carol A. Jones
Ms. Dena Kay Jones
Mrs. Dwalette Jones
Mrs. Evelyn G. Jones
Ms. Felicia Jones
Ms. Jean P. Jones
Ms. E. Jenae Jones
Mrs. Josephine S. Jones
Dr.. Kimberlyn Shepherd Jones
Mrs. Marianne S. Jones
Ms. Robbin Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Jones
Mrs. Sheila Jones
Dr. Sheila Jones
Ms. Susan L. Jones
Ms. Virginia Jones
Ms. Jermarra Jones-Price
Ms. Kayla V. Jordan
Mrs. Jean Jordan
Dr. Beverly Joyce
Ms. Sharneisha Joyner
Ms. Eleshia G. Jumper
Dr. Dinetta H. Karriem
Mrs. Angela W. Katool
Ms. Dana Kaufman
Ms. Katherine Kelley
Mrs. Marie H. Kelley
Ms. Stephanie A. Kelley
Mr. Jody Kennedy
Joyce H. Kennedy
Mrs. Kristi D. Kennedy
Ms. Sarah L. Kennedy
Ms. Trinda Kent
Ms. Ariel Keon
Ms. JennyAnn F. Key
Mrs. Pamela J. Key
Ms. Natalie Keyes
Amy Kiley
Ms. Heather Killmeyer
Nahyun Kim
Mrs. Deedra Kimble
Ms. Carrie Kimbrough
Miss Mildred C. Kimbrough
Mrs. Billie C. Kinch
Ms. Elizabeth E. King
Mrs. Jan P. King
Mrs. Julia E. King
Mr. Russell B. King
Ms. Summer King
Ms. Leanna Kirchoff
Irina Kirilenko
Ms. Marquita Kirk
Mrs. Betty E. Kirkland
Mrs. Tatia L. Kiser
Mrs. Betty L. Kitchens
Mrs. Cynthia W. Kittrell
Ms. Tabatha Kittrell
Mrs. Mary S. Kline
Mrs. Judith E. Klug
Ms. Julie B. Kochevar
Emily Koh
Mrs. Tammy H. Kolkebeck
Ms. Christina L. Koussih
Ashley Kraft
Mrs. Elaine M. Kreskey
Mr. Colin Krieger
Dr. Holleen Krogh
Mrs. Julia A. Kumpel
Virginia Kunzer
Ms. Elizabeth S. Kyle
Mrs. India Moore Lacey
Mr. De'Quan Lacoste
Ms. Kimberlee K. Laird
Mrs. Anna C. Lakin
Ms. Anne Franklin Lamar
Ms. Brandi J. Lambert
Mrs. Judy A. Lambert
Lynnsey Lambrecht
Mrs. Betty W. Land
Mrs. Christie Land
Mrs. Jonnie R. Lane
Mrs. Allison Langford
Mrs. Dorothy W. Langford
Mrs. Dorothy S. Langford
Mrs. Barbara A. Langley
Ms. Diane Lanig
Mrs. Glynn H. Lassiter
Dr. Julie B. Lassiter
Ms. Sally K. Latham
Mrs. Bennie F. Latimer
Ms. Anita W. Latulippe
Mrs. Susan N. Lawhon
Mrs. Margaret Lawler
Mr. Eugene Lawrence
Mrs. Lisa K. Lawrence
Mrs. Lucie P. Lawson
Mrs. Robin Lazarus-Garton
Ms. Deann E. Leach
Ms. Nancy Ledbetter
Mrs. Denise P. Lee
Ms. Donette D. Lee
Mrs. Ruth W. Lee
Mr. William Lee-Williams
Ms. Cherise Leiter
Kristin Leitterman
Mr. John Lepicier
Ms. Tess A. Lepicier
Hannah Levinson
Mrs. Laurel B. Lewis
Lt. Colonel Troy J. Lewis
Ms. Ashley Lewter
Yiu-Hsuan Liao
Ms. Donna Lightell
Mrs. Harvie Nell Lindsey
Ms. Jessica Lindsey
Mrs. Myrtis Linson
Mrs. Frieda J. Lintereur
Ms. Jennifer G. Linton
Mrs. Mary W. Lipscomb
Linda J. Lister
Mrs. Lady Jane Little
Solungga Liu
Kerrith Livengood
Mrs. Patricia M. Livingston
Mrs. Peggy D. Livingston
Lizzi-Beth Creations
Ms. Antionette C. Lloyd
Mr. Billy Loague
Mrs. Virginia R. Locke
Mr. William Locke
Ms. Joh'neisha Lockhart
Mrs. Linda Loden
Mrs. Karen M. Loftin
Mrs. Amy G. Loggins
Ms. Cay Lollar
Ms. Lana Lollar
Mrs. Devisha Long
Mrs. Gail R. Long
Ms. Kelly Long
Mrs. Elise Loope
Miss Mildred Loper
Ms. Chelsea Lopez
Mrs. Amber J. Lord-Meserve
Ms. Karen Lott
Mrs. Von'Shaella Lott
Ms. Brook F. Louviere
Mrs. Mary M. Lowery
Lowndes Funeral Home
Ms. Courtney Lucas
Brenda Luchsinger
Ms. Judith T. Lunsford
Ms. Deanna Lyle
Mrs. Brittany Lynch
Dr. Paul Mack
Mrs. Lynn C. Madden
Ms. Heather N. Madison
Mrs. Tara Madison
Magnia Bene
Mrs. Susan S. Malecki
Mrs. Lacy S. Malloch
Mr. Danny Malone
Mr. David Malone
Ms. Katymay Malone
Miss Selethia Malone
Ms. Shateadria Malone
Sally and Bob Mangum
Mrs. Ashley Manning
Mrs. Linda Marchbanks
Mrs. Judith B. Marett
Ms. Donna E. Marrero
Ms. Tia Marshall
Mr. Josh Martin
Nancy Vegors Martin
Mrs. Rachel C. Martin
Mrs. Rhonda Martin
Susan A. Marx
Ms. Tammy Mask
Ms. Karen A. Mason
Mrs. Pastina Mason
Mrs. Elsie J. Massey
Mrs. Jane Massey
Mrs. Constance J. Massie
Ms. Patricia J. Masterson
Mrs. Carrie P. Mastley
Mrs. Meagan Mathews
Mrs. Ashley Matthews
Ms. Cheryl L. Matthews
Mrs. Regan M. Matthews
Ms. Tatjana Matthews
Ms. Valarie Matthews
Mrs. Jane R. Mattison
Ms. Janet May
Ms. Cindel Mayerhoff
Ms. Lauren Mayhall
Ms. Bridget McAdam
Ms. Karen A. McAdoo
Ms. Alysha McCalpine
Ms. Carey E. McCarter
Mrs. Iika T. McCarter
Mrs. Paula H. McCaulla
Mr. Andrew McCaulley
Ms. Sarah E. McCharen
Mrs. Nancy H. McClure
Mrs. Susan Brooks McCombs
Mrs. Diane S. McCool
Mr. Micheal McCormick
Ms. Serena McCovery
Ms. Fulumirani McCoy
Mrs. Jameica C. McCoy
Ms. Tequila McCoy
Mrs. Josephine McCracken
Ms. Abigail McCreary
Ms. Jane McCrory
Ms. Anna McCue
Mrs. Rebecca H. McCullen
Mrs. Dora A. McDaniel
Ms. Georgie P. McDaniel
Ms. Alison F. McDaniel
Mrs. Lisa McDaniel
Mrs. Patsy L. McDaniel
Mrs. Trudy McDaniel
Mrs. Rosamund McDavis
Ms. Angelia McDill
Mrs. Kelsey McDonald
Ms. Lauren McDonald
Ms. Christina McDuffie
Mrs. Marion B. McEwen
Mrs. Shirley S. McFadden
Mrs. Kent F. McFarland
Mrs. Nan McGarrh
Mrs. Betty W. McGee
Dr. David and Dr. Sharon McGee
Mrs. Louise N. McGee
Mrs. Nellah B. McGough
Ms. Padgette McGrady
Ms. Irina U. McGuire
Mrs. LuAnne McGuirk
Mrs. Helen P. McInnis
Mr. John McIntier
Mrs. Sarah H. McKaskel
Mrs. Lauri M. McKell
Mrs. Kelly W. McKellar
Ms. Laken McKinney
Ms. Chanique M. McLaurin
Ms. Kylie McMaster
Ms. La Nelle McMillen
Mr. Jamius McNair
Mrs. Wanda S. McNees
Mr. Mark McNeese
Ms. Monique R. McNeil
Mrs. Catherine McNeill
Mrs. Brenda McQueen
Mrs. Terisa McQueen
Mrs. Elizabeth McRae
Mrs. Anne C. McWilliams
Reverend Carol L. Mead
Mead-Johnson Foundation Employee Fund
Mrs. Jane E. Meador
Mrs. Carla H. Meadows
Mr. and Mrs. Joey Meadows
Mrs. Kimberly Melton
Jennifer Merkowitz
Mrs. Valleri L. Merrill
Ms. Rebekah R. Messer
Dr. Deborah Meyer
Ms. Dana Michael
Ms. Jolene Miesse
Ms. Martha O. Miles
Ms. Emily Milius
Ms. Jasmine C. Miller
Mrs. Jeannie Miller
Mrs. Jessica Miller
Mr. Lynford D. Miller
Ms. Morgan Miller
Ms. LaShona Mims
Ms. Kristen D. Minch
Mrs. Lezlie Minor
Mr. Felipe Mireles
Mr. Juan Mireles
Ms. Cathy Mitchell
Ms. Jasmine Mitchell
Ms. Merdie L. Mitchell
Mrs. Anastasia M. Mitchell-Simmons
Mrs. Joyce C. Mitchener
Ms. Jennifer R. Moffett
Mrs. Sheila Molony
Ms. Elizabeth B. Momand
Mr. Andrew Moneymaker
Mrs. Anne C. Monfore
Mr. Aaron Montgomery
Ms. Shirley Montgomery
Mrs. Carrie A Monts
Mrs. Devi Moon
Ms. Gladys Mooneyham
Ms. Amber Moore
Mr. Emmanuel Moore
Mrs. Jennette Moore
Ms. Laura C. Moore
Ms. Molly Moore
Sonia Morales-Matos
Ms. Catherine E. Mordente
Miss Bobbie J. Morgan*
Ms. Doris L. Morgan
Mrs. Glenda N. Morgan
Ms. Glenna C. Morgan
Ms. Jenna D. Morgan
Mr. Michael Morgan
Ms. Valerie Morgan
Ms. Amanda Morris
Ms. Lacey Morris
Mrs. Marjorie H. Morris
Ms. Effie Morrison
Ms. Taylor Morrison
Ms. Paula Morrow
Ms. Hope D. Morton
Dr. Julia Mortyakova
Mrs. Dana S. Mosby
Ms. Erica Mosley
Mrs. Catherine P. Moss
Mrs. Judith W. Moss
Mrs. Shelley K. Moss
Dr. Robbie S. Moyer
Mrs. Rosamond C. Mullender
Camila Rivas de Munguía
Munson & Brothers
Dr. Chad Murphy
Mrs. Edna F. Murphy
Ms. Jane K. Murphy
Ms. Jessica E. Murphy
Mrs. Sandra Murphy
Ms. Meredith Murrah
Mrs. Deborah M. Musgrove
MUW Employees Federal Credit Union
MUW Lowndes County Alumni
Ms. Kristina L. Myers
Ms. Kaitlyn B. Myrick
Mrs. Amanda K. Nabors
Mr. John Nabors
Mr. Jonathan Nabors
Mr. Tristian Nabors
Ms. Katie Nachod
Mrs. Barbara F. Nance
Mrs. Ruth Nash-Willoughby
Diane Neal
Ms. Katie Neal
Ms. Mackenzie Neal
Ms. Taylor Neal
Mrs. Carla Neal-Bush
Ms. Lissette Neeb-Zenola
Ms. Amy Needelman
Mrs. Lewise R. Neely
Mrs. Marilyn M. Neighbors
Mrs. Barbara J. Nelson
Mrs. Mary F. Nelson
Mr. Miles Nelson
Mrs. Mylinda Nelson
Nancy Hicks Nelson
Ms. Sydney Nelson
Mrs. Traci Nelson
Ms. Dawn Nesbit
Mrs. Deborah F. Nettles
Ms. Sandra C. Nevels
Ms. Jordann New
New Stage Theatre
Mrs. Carolyn Newhouse
Ms. Mary F. Newlin*
Mrs. Chrystal L. Newman
Ms. Katherine A. Newman
Lisa Newman
Mr. Don Newton
Ms. Deborah H. Nicholas
Ms. Joan Nicholas
Mrs. Karen E. Nielsen
Mrs. Margaret G. Niven
Mr. Paul Nixon
Mrs. Mary B. Noble
Mrs. April Norris
Ms. Sue Zann Norris
Mrs. Blanche E. Norsworthy
Ms. Laurin L. Norwood
Ms. Kristen Nowell
Mrs. Ashley M. Nunn
Ms. Linda M. O'Bannon
Mrs. Mary M. Oberlin
Mrs. Sarah A. Oberschmidt
Ms. Yolanda F. O'Briant
Mrs. Mary L. O'Bryan
Mrs. Pamela W. Ochello
Ms. Annie R. Oeth
Ms. Venetia B. Oglesby
Ms. Prisca Ojukwu
Oktoc Garden Club
Jeannette L. Oliver
One Great City Duo
Whitney O'Neal
Ms. Helen Oniovos
Dr. Bonnie Oppenheimer
Mrs. Margaret A. Orr
Mrs. Summer Orr
Ms. Katy Osborne
Ms. Eurydice Osterman
Mrs. Myra Williams Ottewell
Ms. Andrea C. Ottolino
Ms. Bridget Otts
Mrs. Elna R. Owen
Ms. Sonquanetta O Owens
Ms. Becky F. Owings
Ms. Lindsey Pace
Ms. Kristen Paden
Mrs. Starr Padgett
Ms. Chasiti F. Paige
Mrs. Evelyn R. Palmer
Mrs. Kathey S. Palmer
Mrs. Winifred L. Palmer
Mrs. Leta D. Palmiter
Miroslava Panayotova
Mrs. Laura Papp
Mrs. Carolyn V. Parham
Ms. Laura A. Parish
Esther Park
Soo-Ah Park
Ms. Amber Parker
Mr. Andrew Parker
Betty Pittman Parker
Mrs. Kathy L. Parker
Ms. Laronda D. Parker
Mrs. Maggie L. Parker
Ms. Terry Parks
Ms. Ann Parnell
Ms. Ashley Parson
Mrs. Melissa Parsons
Mr. Thomas Parsons
Mrs. Karen Partain
Ms. Stephanie Partridge
Mrs. Mary Eileen Passons
Mr. Robert Pate
Mr. Keith Patrick
Mrs. Nicole Patrick
Ms. Jerrilynn Patriquin
Ms. Ruby Patterson
Ms. Shuvarn J. Patterson
Ms. Stephanie Patterson
Mr. Tyler Q. Patterson
Mrs. Faye V. Paul
Dr. Caroline Payne-Purvis
Mrs. Mary Sue Pearson
Mrs. Karen G. Pedersoli
Ms. Amber Pennington
Mrs. Idelle S. Pennington
Mrs. Kitty C. Pennington
Ms. Misha Penton
Ms. Ciara J. Peoples
Ms. T'Amber M. Peoples
Ms. Winifred Perdue
Ms. Amy J. Perkins
Mr. Robert F. Perkins
Mrs. Mary Ann Petro
John Petzet
Mrs. Melinda B. Phillips
Pat Parker Pierce
Mr. Casey Pilgrim
Mrs. Lois T. Pinkard
Julie Singley Pinkston
Dr. Irene T. Pintado
Miss Jessica Pippin
Mrs. Marie Pitre
Mrs. Peggy B. Pitts
Christina Placilla
Mrs. Martha Marie Plaster
Ms. Shelby Plowman
Mrs. Janice Poole
Ms. Tara H. Poole
Mrs. Carolyn W. Pope
Mrs. Charity G. Pope
Mrs. Norma Porter
Ms. Hannah Portland
Mrs. Cay C. Posey
Mrs. Ladonna Pounds
Mrs. Leigh M. Pourciau-Topp
Mrs. Hilda C. Povall
Mrs. Anne C. Powell
Mrs. Catherine Powell
Ms. Donna M. Powell
Mrs. Jessica Powell
Ms. Katlin A. Powell
Mrs. Laura Power
Ms. Sara A. Power
Dr. Cheralyn C. Powers
Mr. Hunter G. Powers
Mrs. Joyce R. Prater
Mrs. Georgette H. Price
Mrs. Helen Pridmore
Ms. Katty Priest
Mrs. Kristen Prince
Mrs. Edna C. Prisock
Mrs. Pamela P. Prokasy
Mrs. Lynn L. Prude
Mrs. Anna Puckett
Ms. Leigh Anne Puckett
Mrs. Georgianna Pulley
Mrs. Victoria Strange Pumphrey
Mrs. Beth S. Quave
Mrs. Laura S. Quinn
Mr. Markez Quinn
Mrs. Frances P. Raab
Rachel Rabeneck
Mrs. Frances M. Racine
Mr. Dan Raessler
Miss Roselynn R. Rainey
Ms. Marilyn Ramirez
Ms. Leslie R. Randle
Mrs. Kimberly K. Ranney
Mrs. Charlotte T. Rasbury
Mrs. Lisa B. Ratzlaff
Malina Rauschenfels
Dr. Pauline Ray
Mrs. Sue Ray
Mr. Austin Rayford
Mrs. Sara K. Re
Ms. Alisen Reed
Mrs. Celeste K. Reed
Ms. Courtney Reed
Ms. Megen T. Reed
Ms. Shara C. Reed
Mrs. Nancy H. Reeves
Mrs. Charlotte R. Reid
Ms. Mason E. Reid
Dr. Jan R. Reid-Bunch
Christina Reitz
Ms. Ellen Remstedt-Schiavi
Mrs. Margaret S. Rentz
Ms. Alyssa Reynolds
Mr. James Rhea
Mrs. Debra Rhinewalt
Mrs. Pamela H. Rhodes
Ms. Lyric S. Richards
Mr. Christopher J. Richardson
Mr. Jay Richardson
Ms. Miketra Richardson
Ms. Sidney Rickman
Mrs. Betty B. Ridenhour
Miss Ashley Rigdon
Ms. Jane Rigler
Ms. Mason Riley
Dr. Monica H. Riley
Ms. Carrie Ring
Mrs. Susan W. Rish
Ms. Monica L. Ritchie
Ms. Nicole F. Ritchie
Mrs. Nettie T. Rivers
Ms. Holly Roadfeldt
Ms. Abby Roaton
Robbie Haynes Court 719
Dr. Ellen L. Roberts
Mrs. Janet I. Roberts
Mrs. Patricia O. Roberts
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Robertson
Ms. Caryn Amaris Robinson
Ms. Elizabeth L. Robinson
Ms. Kay M. Robinson
Ms. Krystal Robinson
Ms. Leslie Robinson
Ms. Maxine Robinson
Mrs. Nancy E. Robinson
Ms. Tabitha Robinson
Mrs. Daphne Roby
Mrs. Deanna Rodgers
Ms. Martha M. Rodgers
Ms. Emily Rogers
Ms. Jitterrah Rogers
Mrs. Tina Rogers
Rogue Alumnae Association
Ms. Emily R. Roman
Miss Cornelia A. Roper
Elaine Ross
Mrs. Mary C. Rothschild
Mrs. Cynthia T. Roton
Ms. Bronwyn Rowry
Dr. Jiben Roy
Ms. Portia A. Rucker
Mrs. Jennifer Rudemiller
Ms. Ellen B. Ruehling
Mrs. Mary Helen Ruffin
Susan Ruggiero
Ms. Debra A. Rush
Mr. William H. Rushing
Mrs. Charlene Russell
Dr. C. Allison Russo
Rustic Nail Designs
Mrs. Carolyn R. Rutner
Ms. Barbara M. Ryan
Deborah Saidel
Mrs. Virginia Myrtis Salmon
Ms. Gladys Salter
Ms. Lane S. Sample
Mrs. Virginia L. Sample
Ms. Angelia D. Sanders
Mr. David Sanders
Ms. Kimberly Sanderson
Mrs. Martha Sanderson
Mr. Winfred Sanderson
Mrs. Cecelia (Penny Reeder) Sandifer
Ms. Charlotte Sanguinetti
Ms. Olivia J. Sansing
Ms. Jace Saplan
Mrs. Melissa Sasser
Dr. Terri L. Sasser
Mrs. Rhonda Saunders
Ms. Halie M. Savage
Mr. Bryon Sawyer
Ms. Martha Saywell
Mrs. Suzanne W. Scanlan
Ms. Sparkie N. Scarbrough
Ms. Toni Scardina
Ms. Chelsea A. Schermann
Mrs. Betty W. Schmidt
Ms. Heather Schmitt
Mrs. Anna K. Schrickel
Ms. Serena Scibelli
Mrs. Janet A. Scola
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Scott
Ms. Sherry B. Scruggs
Ms. Alexandria Seamster
Linda H. Segrest
Mrs. Virginia S. Selden
Ms. Cricket Sellars
Mrs. Katie Sellers
Mrs. Morgan C. Sellers
Dr. Robert W. Seney
Ms. Jeannie O. Sentell
Ms. Carolyn Senter
Ms. Donna H. Serio
Mrs. Ruth M. Seyfert
Ms. Shaylie A. Shannon
Ms. Sandra M. Shapard
Mrs. Lynne M. Sharp
Ms. Amber Shaw
Mrs. Janice L. Shaw
Mrs. Linda Comans Shaw
Mrs. Melissa J. Shaw
Ms. Rob'Dreka Shaw
Ms. Sara Shedd
Mrs. Sarah J. Sheffield
Anahit Shelton
Ms. Audrey G. Shelton
Ms. Joan Shelton
Mrs. Karen M. Shelton
Ms. Karleigh B. Shelton
Ms. Kernisha L. Shelton
Mrs. Gertrude Shelton-Magby
Dr. Cheryl P. Sheppard
Mrs. Diane M. Sherrod
Ms. Danyell Shiflett
Mrs. Anna S. Shirley
Ms. Dwan Shoemake
Mrs. Carole R. Sibley
Mrs. Karen D. Silva
Mrs. Mary J. Simmons
Ms. Patricia A. Simmons
Mrs. Eva R. Simpson
Ms. Rochelle Simpson
Mrs. Shellie M. Sims
Mr. Michael Sipp
Mrs. Margie Slemp
Mr. Adrian Sligh
Mr. Antonio T. Small
Ms. Hannah E. Small
Mr. Caleb Smart
Ms. Aaliyah Smith
Ms. Abigail Smith
Mr. Barry Smith
Dr. Brandy L. Smith
Ms. Brittany N. Smith
Ms. Carol L. Smith
Dr. Carrie H. Smith
Ms. Cathy Smith
Ms. Daffney Smith
Ms. Erin Smith
Mrs. Gabie E. Smith
Ms. Jane Smith
Ms. Jeanie Smith
Mrs. Judy Smith
Mr. Kalvin Smith
Ms. LaTesha Smith
Mrs. Linda G. Smith
Mrs. Margaret Smith
Ms. Marguerite M. Smith
Ms. Megan L. Smith
Dr. Melissa M. Smith
Ms. Patricia D. Smith
Mrs. Patsy Smith
Ms. Susan H. Smith
Ms. Taylor A. Smith
Ms. Vicki Smith
Mr. JaQuan Snow
Ms. Lorena Soares
Mrs. Linda Sobley
Ms. Amber A. Solano
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Somes
Dr. Norma E. Sorenson
Solomia Soroka
Mrs. Amy H. Sorrell
Dr. Leigh Southward
Ms. Jessica Spafford
Ms. Madison N. Spaniel
Kimberly Sparr
Lauren E Spavelko
Jacquelin Spears
Jane Phillips Speed
Ms. Jordan J. Speed
Mrs. Laura Speegle
Ms. Jalisha B. Spencer
Mr. Jacob Spring
Mrs. Wanda L. Spruill
Mrs. Linda G. Stables
Mrs. May G. Stack
Ms. Liz Stafford
Mrs. Judy S. Staggs
Mrs. Brittany Stahl
Ms. Andrea I. Stampley
Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.
Ms. Laura A. Steen
Mrs. Carrie N. Stephenson
JoAnne Stephenson
Ms. Sabyna J. Sterrett-Mills
Steve's on the Square
Ms. Jewell Stewart
Mr. Kevin C. Stewart
Mrs. Martha W. Stewart
Ms. Ronada L. Stewart
Ms. Vickie L. Stiles
Mrs. Diane W. Still
Ms. Barbara Lois B. Stone
Mr. Malcolm R. Stone
Ms. Melynne G. Stone
Mrs. Alexandra Strain
Ms. Audie Strain
Reverend Katie Strals
Mrs. Carolyn K. Stringer
Mrs. Patsy A. Sugg
Mrs. Nancy J. Sulik
Mr. Brian Sullivan
Mrs. Jerrie L. Sullivan
Kristen J. Sullivan
Ms. Tara Sullivan
Mrs. Hannah Sumerford
Ms. Amber R. Sumners
Nicholas Suosso
Ms. Betty Lou Sutherland
Mrs. Karen G. Swain
Ms. Deborah Swartz
Mrs. Sara C. Swinney
Ms. Victoria Tomlin
Ms. Wonder Sykes
Ms. Katherine Talbert
Mrs. Edna S. Talbott
Ms. Stephanie Tankesly
Mr. John Tanner
Ms. Lindsey Tanner
Ms. Amy S. Tate
Mrs. Sue Allen Tate
Courtney and Stephen Taylor
Ms. Deborah Taylor
Ms. Jan Taylor
Mrs. Sherita J. Taylor
Courtney and Stephen Taylor
Mrs. Suzanne Bishop Taylor
Miss Ashley Teague
Ms. Bronwyn J. Teague
Mrs. Carol D. Templeton
Mrs. Sue Lynn Terry
Ms. Amanda Thacker
Ms. Dorothy L. Thomas
Mrs. Judy B. Thomas
Ms. Kenda Thomas
Mrs. Morgan Thomas
Ms. Wilda Thomas
Mrs. Betty H. Thompson
Mr. Dustin T. Thompson
Miss Elizabeth R. Thompson
Mrs. Jo Thompson
Ms. MaeBeth Thompson
Mrs. Susan M. Thompson
Mrs. Mary Beth Thorman
Mr. Christian Thornberg
Ms. Jacquelyn Thornell
Mr. Thomas Thornsburg
Ms. Kelly Thornton
Mrs. Sylvia D. Thornton
Mrs. Josephine B. Tierce
Mrs. Rebecca D. Tilton
Ms. Loretta Timbes
Mr. John Cameron Timmons
Ms. Ann M. Tindal
Ms. Elaine M. Tindill-Rohr
Ms. Jeri Tippit
Mr. James Todd
Mrs. Sue A. Todd
Mrs. Tommie D. Tolar
Mrs. Amy L. Topik
Mrs. Stacey Torgerson
Mrs. Rebecca P. Tousley
Mr. Kenneth Townsend
Mrs. Maria Townsend
Mrs. Kay W. Townsend
Ms. Alisa Toy
Ms. Bess Toyama
Matthew Tracy
Mrs. Casey Tramel
Mrs. Sue G. Treas
Ms. Aleah J. Triplett
Mrs. Martha H. Tripp
Troubadour Alumnae Association
Mrs. Judy W. Trull
Ms. Janessa Truss
Trustmark National Bank
Miss Sara A. Tubb
Ms. Toni L. Tucei
Ms. Carson Tucker
Mr. Jim Tucker
Ms. Tanya Tullos
Mrs. Jacquie T. Turner
Ms. Megan D. Turner
Ms. Susie K. Turner
Ms. Toya Turner
Mrs. Sandra Underwood
Ms. Johannah Urbina
Lia M. Uribe
Mr. Robert Vail
Ms. Lailah B. Valentine
Ms. Carmen B. Valle-Rangel
Ms. Jacqueline Vance
Mrs. Joyce B. Vanlandingham
Ms. Heather M. Vanpelt
Ms. Marissa Vaughn
Ms. Victoria F. Vaughn
Mrs. Renee Veazey
Ms. Judith Veazey-Daniel
Mr. David A. Vega
Ms. Paula Lynn Vehos
Jacob Verhine
Mrs. Susie P. Versen
Mrs. Bayleigh Vick
Ms. Cheryl R. Vick
Mrs. Taylor Vick
Genevieve Vincent
Ms. McKenzi P. Vinson
Mr. John Viverette
Ms. Agnes Vojtko
Ellen G. Voth
W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.
Ms. Deanna Wages
Dr. Mary Walden
Mrs. Carol C. Walker
Dr. Dana Walker
Mr. Jamie Walker
Mrs. Jeannie B. Walker
Mrs. Julia S. Walker
Mrs. Marjorie H. Walker
Mrs. Brenda T. Wall
Mrs. Andrea K. Wallace
Ms. Kelli W. Wallace
Mrs. Marcie R. Waller
Ms. Martha R. Walley
Bart Walters
Ms. Carol Walters
Ms. Annette F. Ward
Ms. Cheyenne L. Ward
Mrs. Stephanie R. Ward
Mrs. Courtney Ware
Ms. Tekeyla Warfield
Ms. Brianna E. Warner
Ms. Sabrina L. Warren
Ms. Destiny Washburn
Ms. Linda C. Washburn
Ms. Sharon A. Washington
Mr. Vincent L. Washington
Ms. Sarah Waters
Mrs. Chris S. Watkins
Mrs. Brittney Watson
Mrs. Carol Watson
Mrs. Freddie M. Watson
Mrs. Rhonda H. Watson
Waukaway Springs Bottling Company, Inc.
Ms. Haley Weaver
Ms. Jamie Weaver
Mrs. Charlene P. Webb
Mr. Derek Webb
Mrs. Rhonda C. Weeks
Mrs. Mary Donald Weems
Professor Carol S. Weissert
Mrs. Mary H. Weissinger
Miss Billie A. Welch
Mrs. Aubre J. Wells
Mrs. Charlotte Dupont Wells
Ms. Katelyn N. Welton
Mrs. Dorothy Q. Wenger
Ms. Paige Westmoreland
Mrs. Mattie W. Weston
Mrs. Karen D. Wetherill
Mr. Kevin Whalen
Mr. Tyler Wheat
Ms. Stephanie M. Wheat
Mrs. Nina H. Wheeler
Ms. Amanda White
Dr. Ashley White
Mr. John White
Mrs. Kathy M. White
Mrs. Martha M. White
Ms. Terriel D. White
Ms. April Whitehead
Dr. Kim M. Whitehead
Ms. Kristie Whitehead
Mrs. Margaret B. Whiting
Mrs. Peggy K. Whitmire
Mr. Tevin J. Wicks
Mr. Kenneth Widner
Mrs. Elaine S. Wierengo
Ms. Abi Wiggins
Ms. Debbie K. Wigginton
Mrs. Margaret Freeman Wilbourn
Mrs. Lynda B. Wildmon
Ms. Claire Wilkerson
Mrs. Paula H. Wilkerson
Mrs. Amanda Williams
Ms. Anita M. Williams
Mr. Archie Williams
Mrs. Carolyn R. Williams
Ms. Chastity Williams
Mrs. Elaine S. Williams
Mrs. Gloria B. Williams
Mr. Jabari Williams
Mr. John E. Williams
Ms. Judith Williams
Ms. Lynn Herlong Williams
Ms. Monica A. Williams
Mr. Randy L. Williams
Mrs. Sandra G. Williams
Mrs. Sherri Williams
Susan Williams
Ms. Towanda J. Williams
Mrs. Vicki L. Williams
Ms. Victoria Y. Williams
Mrs. Martha H. Williamson
Ms. Sarah L. Williamson
Sharon Willis
Jennifer Wilsey
Ms. Carla Wilson
Ms. Cindy M. Wilson
Ms. Desiree B. Wilson
Mrs. Dottie D. Wilson
Mr. James Nathan Wilson
Ms. Jerilyn Wilson
Ms. Lola Wilson
Mr. Nathan L. Wilson
Mrs. Paula D. Wilson
Ms. Veronica Wilson
Ms. Mandy N. Windham
Ms. Mary Windham
Mr. Stephen W. Winter
Ms. Tiffany K. Winter
Wiygul Dental Clinic
Wolfe Studio
Mr. Matt Wolfenbarger
Mrs. Melissa D. Woo
Ms. Ana Wood
Mrs. Ashley M. Wood
Mrs. Jeune J. Wood
G Woodard
Ms. Laura Anders Woodard
Mrs. Christine W. Woodrick
Mr. Brandon L. Woods
Miss Dartania Woods
Mrs. Margaret H. Woodward
Ms. Alexandra G. Woolbright
Ms. Allison Woolbright
Mrs. Monica C. Woolbright
Mrs. Kristy M. Wooldridge
Benjamin Woolf
Mrs. Dorothy D. Work
Ms. Sarah D. Work
Mrs. Gail Worley
Ms. Helen M. Worsham
Mrs. Cheryl I. Wright
Ms. Cindy Wright
Mrs. Linda S. Wright
Mr. Nicolas T. Wright
Mrs. Polly H. Wright
Dr. Ginny Wright
Mrs. Nita K. Wyman
Mrs. Carol Yancey
Ms. Kathleen W. Yeakley
Ms. Bethany M. Yoder
Mrs. Betty C. Young
Mrs. Emily B. Young
Ms. Kimberly A. Young
Ms. Melanie A. Young
Mrs. Judy E. Youngblood
Mrs. Mitzi S. Younger
Alexandra Zacharella
Ms. Dana Zenobi
Mrs. Erin Zimmer

* deceased