Prescribing Excellence

For the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, excellence starts day one.

No matter a student's chosen major, the goal is the same—a thriving, productive, professional, critical thinker.

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Striking the Right Note

"On YouTube I came upon Beethoven’s ‘Fur Elise,’ I loved it so much that I like kept bugging my mom about piano lessons,” said Hannah Heaton, a sophomore from Columbus and a graduate of Victory Christian Academy.

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Vision of the Future

The office—like the green and gravel across the street—is now empty.

Two years ago, Cal Ripken Jr. and Nolan Ryan occupied a squared wall space inside the Cromwell Communications Center. Matt Wolfenbarger was with them – along with a vision of the kind of player he wanted and a future for the Mississippi University for Women baseball program.

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A League of Her Own

Dan Duston lost both of his parents to cancer. So when he and his wife Carisa learned that their only child was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer, the couple couldn’t help but be burdened with the initial fear and sadness of losing their daughter too.

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Like Family: Miller's View of The W

Nostalgia looks remarkably the same to Nora Miller. She sees a Mississippi University for Women campus that hasn’t changed very much in the 30-plus years she has been associated with the school.

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