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Summer 2020 Virtual Commencement

Commencement Program


Below is a transcript of the commencement ceremony.


Stage party enters to Pomp and Circumstance.


Ashley Chisolm, President of the Faculty Senate:

As President of the Mississippi University for Women Faculty Senate, I welcome you to the Summer Commencement Ceremony and hereby proclaim it officially convened.

As the mace has been a symbol of authority since the Middle Ages, the mace which I carry today is a symbol of this institution and bears the inscription: "We study for light to bless with light." The simple and direct message confirmed here is that as we become enlightened through our pursuits and gain knowledge, we will in turn use our understanding, knowledge, and ability to improve the world.

During the ceremony, the Mace will rest on the table at which John McCaleb Martin drafted the bill creating this institution 136 years ago to remind us of our accomplishments and our specific responsibility to “bless with light.”

Please stand for the National Anthem, previously recorded by the MUW Chamber Singers at the Spring 2019 Commencement ceremony.

National Anthem


Lydia Holland, President of the Student Government Association:

Greetings to all of the students, members of the council, faculty, staff, and our lovely guests joining us from near and far for this special occasion. Welcome to the Summer 2020 Virtual Commencement.  I am Lydia Holland and I am serving as the 108th Student Government Association President. It is indeed an honor and privilege to stand before you all and proclaim my praises to the Class of 2020 on this accomplishment, even during such unprecedented times.

It’s times like these when I am reminded of the great perseverance, patience, and keen sense of vision that each MUW owl possesses.

None of us never imagine life like this, but in reality… this is our new reality. So, let’s have a reality check, shall we? In 2019, we all sought out for that perfect “2020 vision”. On December 31st of 2019, we cleared our lives of “toxic” people, unhealthy habits, old emails & text messages, and even junk food. All of those things were done to ensure that there weren’t any distractions between us, our goals, and new mindset for 2020. This year was supposed to be “that year” for a lot of people. Some envisioned purchasing a new car. Some envisioned signing a lease to a new home. Some hoped for improved scholastic performance. Some hoped to land a new job. Many even dreamed of walking across the stage and receiving their diplomas/degrees in 2020.

Instead of adding materialistic blessings to our life, 2020 showed us exactly what had been hiding all along and that was where we needed to grow as individuals, as families, and as a society. Today’s message is simple, and it is that “even when it doesn’t look or feel good, trust that things will work out for your good.”  Yes, 2020 caused many people anxiety and depression. I’ll agree with you on the fact that many people faced housing and food insecurities in 2020. 2020 even exposed the injustices occurring in our justice system on a global level and challenged our nation’s morals and systems.  Yes, the entire world faced a great deal of grief due to the loss of loved ones. Yes, it forced the young and elderly to become tech savvy and trapped us all inside of our homes.

But, will you just take a moment and look at the bigger picture with me? As owls, we are characterized by our keen since of vision, so in this moment I want you to take all of the pieces of your 2020 and help me create a mosaic through your news lenses of appreciation for 2020. 2020 took a lot out of us mentally, physically, and emotionally, and this year isn’t even over. However, we gained a lot thanks to 2020. We gained some well-needed time to recuperate from our daily routines that we all had been trapped in. We put all of our daily house chores, to-do lists, and ideals of beauty to the side and just lived. We gained quality time to spend with our family members to mend those relationships. We improved our budgeting, saving, and grocery shopping skills. Our communications skills were improved, and we all gained a heightened sense of creativity as we redeveloped our whole lives around the digital world. We supported our local businesses more, and many even started their own brands and companies. We gained an immense deal of appreciation for our essential workers, especially the truck drivers, fast food workers, and factory workers that previously didn’t have many people’s respect or appreciation. We learned how history has consistently repeated itself and just how deep systemic racism and discrimination runs in our country. We’ve learned how much our society wants to move forward in solidarity as many brave people stepped up to make policy changes. We even learned how much each person cares for this society through the display of wearing face masks. Most importantly, we learned how to just sit back and be patient because what’s meant to be will be.

Now, that you’ve taken this moment with me to see the good in 2020… Do you understand how things have always worked out for your good even when the process didn’t look or feel good? You were not the underdog in 2020. You were and are winning, because you are learning and growing. And, guess what? The best is still yet to come. You’ve made it thus far, and even if you didn’t get all that you were hoping to get out of 2020, you still have time. Put in the work, be patient, and keep your appreciation lenses on. Become who you want to become. Grow into what you want to become. Congratulations, again, on a job well done, and thank you for this opportunity. Stay safe and fair well to all of you owls.

Special Comments and Introduction of Stage Party

Nora Miller, President of Mississippi University for Women:

Thank you, Lydia, for your remarks.

Today we honor our graduates as they join the Long Blue Line. The W was founded to provide educational opportunities to an underserved population. Today, The W is celebrated as a coeducational 21st Century university, grounded in and remaining true to the values of our founding. The W’s tradition of excellence is nationally recognized. U. S. News and World Report ranks The W as one of the top 20 public Southern regional universities and a best value. Washington Monthly has consistently ranked The W as a top master’s university, as well as a Best Bang for the Buck. We celebrate these recognitions, but the best and most enduring measures of this university are its graduates and the mark they will make on this state, this nation, and the world. Today I want to invite you to pause and reflect on the great legacy of The W. I encourage you to look forward to what comes next for the university, but, most important, what comes next for the graduates we celebrate today. We are grateful to the leaders of the state of Mississippi who support higher education: the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning, the Commissioner of Higher Education, our Governor, the state legislature, and to our alumni and friends.

I would like to introduce the members of the stage party. I will start with those on the front row and then the back. Please stand as I call your name.

Ashley Chisolm, President of Faculty Senate
Rebecca Rogers, President of the MUW Alumni Association
Dr. Scott Tollison, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Lydia Holland, SGA President
Dr. Marty Hatton, Dean of the School of Education and Director of Graduate Studies
Then on the back row:
Amanda Clay Powers, Dean of Library Services
Dr. Maria Scott, Chair and Professor of Baccalaureate Nursing
Dr. Tammie McCoy, Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Dr. Marty Brock, Dean of the College of Business and Professional Studies
Dr. Brian Anderson, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

The outstanding faculty and staff of The W are known and respected for their excellence and commitment to the success of our students. While they are not here with us physically, they are with us in spirit, celebrating this day. Today would not be possible for these graduates without the love, support, and funding provided by some other very important people. Today we also honor parents, spouses, grandparents, children, and other family and friends of today’s graduates.

As these graduates join the Long Blue Line, I would like to recognize our alumni. The women and men who have graduated from The W in every decade of our history are legendary for their dedication to this university. My fellow W alumni are here with us in spirit this day. Typically, our physical commencement ceremonies are dignified and (well, at least we attempt to) follow the appropriate protocol. The Class of 2020 is remarkable. You have finished your academic experience like no other class has, and the virtual ceremony will take whatever form you wish, wherever you are participating. While the stage party here will adhere to standard protocol, our graduates and their family and friends are encouraged to make all the joyful noise that you please. Your celebration will not interfere with that of the next person whose name will be called.

Dr. Tollison will come forward to make several special announcements.

Special Announcements

Dr. Scott Tollison, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost

Emeritus status is a high honor which may be conferred upon a faculty member who is retiring after a lengthy career of distinguished service at MUW. I would like to recognize five retiring faculty members for this accomplishment.

Dr. Lauren Brandon is Professor Emeritus of Microbiology. She served on the MUW faculty from 2003 to 2020. Congratulations Dr. Brandon!

Robert Gibson is Professor Emeritus of Art. He served on the MUW faculty from 1989 to 2020. Congratulations Mr. Gibson!

Dr. Bryan Hilliard is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy. He served on the MUW faculty from 2005 to 2020. Congratulations Dr. Hilliard!

Dr. Cathy Smith is Associate Professor Emeritus of Nursing. She served on the MUW faculty from 2004 to 2020. Congratulations Dr. Smith!

Dr. Bridget Smith-Pieschel is Professor Emeritus of English and Women’s Studies. She served on the MUW faculty from 1983 to 2020. Congratulations Dr. Pieschel!

Kossen Faculty Award of Excellence

The Kossen Faculty Award of Excellence, which includes a $5,000 stipend, was established by Tom and Connie Kossen.

The recipient of this award must be a meritorious tenured faculty member of MUW who has exhibited excellence in teaching, in scholarly or artistic achievement, and in service, preferably both on campus and in communities throughout MUW’s service area. Further, to be considered for this award, a faculty member must exhibit a commitment to student success in each of these three areas of responsibility.

This year’s recipient of the Kossen Faculty Excellence Award is Dr. Ghanshyam Heda. Please come forward.

Dr. Heda, Professor of Biology, has been on the faculty at MUW for 12 years.

With his bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as his doctorate from Osmania University in India, Dr. Heda previously worked with medical schools, a pharmaceutical drug company and as a full-time researcher for the government before coming to The W in 2008.

In 2015, Dr. Heda spent his sabbatical at the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics in India, and in 2018 he served as a Fulbright scholar at the University of Hyderabad in India.

Dr. Heda’s department chair had this to say about his dedication to his students: “Dr. Heda has a laser focus on helping the students at The W become excellent researchers in their own right. Some have peer-reviewed research articles published before they graduate.”

Thank you, Dr. Heda, for your inspiring work at MUW, and congratulations on receiving the Kossen Award.

Faculty Member of the Year Award

The Faculty Member of the Year Award, which includes an award in the amount of $1,000, is an honor bestowed upon the faculty member of MUW who, above all, values quality teaching. The individual selected is truly a symbol of MUW’s highly regarded faculty.

The university appreciates the alumni of MUW for making this award possible and the Mortar Board Honor Society for overseeing the selection of this important member of our community.

I would like for Alumni President Rebecca Rogers to assist me in presenting this award.

Nominations for this award were accepted from students, and the faculty member with the most votes was selected for this honor.

This year’s recipient of the Faculty Member of the Year Award is Dr. Kelly Bennett. Please come forward.

Dr. Bennett, Assistant Professor of Education, has been a member of the faculty at MUW since 2018. She is a talented teacher who is beloved by her students and respected by her colleagues.

Congratulations, Dr. Bennett.

Honor Graduates

As our Deans recognize our graduates, you will hear terms such as summa cum laude, magna cum laude and cum laude. This recognition is reserved for those who currently have at least a 3.5 MUW and cumulative grade point average on their undergraduate academic work for their first baccalaureate degree.

Congratulations to our honor graduates.

Conferring of Degrees

Dr. Scott Tollison:

Wherever you are, would all candidates for a degree please stand? President Miller, I am honored to present the members of the graduating class.

President Nora Miller:

Thank you, Dr. Tollison.

By virtue of the authority vested in me by the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning in Mississippi, I confer upon you the degree for which you have qualified with all the rights and privileges appertaining thereto.

Will the candidates please be seated?

Dr. Scott Tollison:

The deans will announce the candidates for degree. Graduates, please stand as your name is called.

Dr. Brian Anderson, Dean of the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education:

President Miller, the following students are receiving the MASTER OF EDUCATION degree in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education:
Selisha Ivy
Anna Brooke Pennington

President Miller, the following students are receiving the MASTER OF FINE ARTS degree in the College of Arts, Science, and Education:
Jacqueline Jones Clowney
Grace Gibbons
Debby H. Gray
Kyla Hanington
Jonathan Alec Hawkins
Kelsey Lawson
Daniel J Putney
Sloane Alexandria Teagle

President Miller, the following students are receiving the Bachelor of Arts degree in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education:
Madison Taylor Fields
Alexandria Elizabeth Harden
Tyler Kenneth Miller

President Miller, the following students are receiving the BACHELOR OF SCIENCE degree in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education:
Chelsea D Austin
Cody W Blackwell
Takeisha L King
Jana Kay Newell
Charles R Price
Mamie Michelle Tucker

Dr. Marty Brock, Dean of the College of Business and Professional Studies:

President Miller, the following students are receiving the MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION degree in the College of Business and Professional Studies:
Amanda Brumfield
Courtney Reagan Colson
Shelby Davis
Lottie Harris Foust
Andrew Moore Garner
Amber D Peterson
Angella NaCole Stewart

President Miller, the following students are receiving the BACHELOR OF APPLIED SCIENCE degree in the College of Business and Professional Studies:
Andrew C Bates
Brittany S Hampton
Vernis A Mims, CUM LAUDE
Caleb Christopher Terry

President Miller, the following students are receiving the BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION degree in the College of Business and Professional Studies:
LaMarcus Lawrence Winston, CUM LAUDE

President Miller, the following student is receiving the BACHELOR OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES degree in the College of Business and Professional Studies:
Larry Bernard Spragin

President Miller, the following students are receiving the BACHELOR OF SCIENCE degree in the College of Business and Professional Studies:
Sara Couch
Samantha Monique Johnson
Jitterrah Rogers
Veronica Leigh Wilson

Dr. Tammie McCoy, Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences

President Miller, the following student is receiving the MASTER OF PUBLIC HEALTH degree in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences:
Andrew N Johnson

President Miller, the following students are receiving the MASTER OF SCIENCE IN NURSING degree in the College of Nursing and Health Science:
Sarah Freeman Adams
Emily Anders
Lucy Mae Barnes
Jalisha Latwyla Brown
Melanie Christine Bush
Alison Payne Campbell
Aimee Cockerham
Lacy Diane Estes
Ashleigh Tindall Flora
Kayla Ann Jenkins
Lisa Marie King
Mackinzie Nelson Lee
Helen Paige Long
Andrew Blake McCaulley
Megan Elizabeth McDaniel
Aar’rin Marie McDougal
Marlana Nelson McFarland
Kimberly Hanna McMillin
Devi Dove Moon
Eritiki Morris
Erica Mosley
Mandy Munn
Kelly Nash
Tiffine Lynn Prisock
Cindy Quinn
Evelyn Michelle Rainey
Angela Reeves
Shelby Black Reeves
April Robinson
Rachel Elizabeth Romero
Tammy Jean Steele
Mallory Trotter Stockstill
Caitlyn Tennyson
Lindsay Wynne

President Miller, the following student is receiving the BACHELOR OF APPLIED SCIENCE degree in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences:
Kaitlyn G Holmes, CUM LAUDE

President Miller, the following students are receiving the BACHELOR OF SCIENCE degree in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences:
Alyssa Brooke Gilbert
Elisha Alexandria Havard
Antoinette Holmes
Shareese Danielle Irions
Tavonta A Jones
Melaina Leanne Migues, CUM LAUDE
Tiffany Phillips
Mary Grace Prine, MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Amber Lynn Smith
Leuveruia T Smith
Tierra Sinclaire Smith
Jaquan L Snow
Erin Matilda Stanley
Asia Marie Taylor
De Amber Williams

President Miller, the following students are receiving the BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING degree in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences:
Shinika S. Abrams
Katie L Acy, CUM LAUDE
Michael Adams, MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Shireka Adams
Michael J Alberson
Jennifer R. Allen
Morgan A Allen
TaKoia Tyshiona Allen
Steven Gallegos Arceo
Christopher R Bagwell, CUM LAUDE
Kimberly R Ball
Leah Elizabeth Banks
Jasmine Barnes
Kennedy J Barrett, SUMMA CUM LAUDE
Taylor Montgomery Barrett
Christopher R Bass
Myisha Bass
Morgan B Beasley, MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Lauren Katelynn Belcher
Kristin Beloate, MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Taylor Crane Berry
Jessica Nichole Black
Lara A Blake
Rhalanda Bolden
Hannah G Boren
Kristen S Bounds
Kiara Bourrage
Samantha Boyd
Shaquanta Boyd
Shaliyah Bramlett
Victoria Octavia Broadnax CUM LAUDE
Anna Brown
Genna Brown
Jermika Brown
Tia Brown
Domonique Deyon Bryant
Trey O’Neal Buchanan
Jennifer M Buckley
Erica L Burleson CUM LAUDE
Jessica E Byrd
Farron N Calendar
Nichole A Cameron
Jennifer Ann Cannon
Frederick B Carlton
LaQuandra Dinesha Carpenter CUM LAUDE
Kerrie Leigh Carroll MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Destiny Keanna Carter CUM LAUDE
Shana L Carter
Jeffery Chancellor
Aaliyah Sierra Chapman
Macey Lauren Chrestman SUMMA CUM LAUDE
Pamela D Christian
Jasmine Clements
Jennifer A Clifton CUM LAUDE
Rashida V Cockrell
Elisha Dominique Collins
Yosheka Y Conard-Rowsey
Kizzy Coney
Brittnee A Conner CUM LAUDE
Lesley M Cook
Lizabeth Audrey Cook CUM LAUDE
Hope Cooley
Lakeisha Simone Cotton CUM LAUDE
Katelynn E Cowart CUM LAUDE
Ebonie P Cox
Sharon Lynn Cox
Shelby Elizabeth Creely MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Yolanda Jeanette Creer
Lynndon Danielle Cromeans SUMMA CUM LAUDE
Brittany L Cunningham CUM LAUDE
Christopher A Cunningham
Brittany M Darnell
Chealease Davis
Kaylee Elizabeth Davis
Marilyn Luriane Davis CUM LAUDE
Patricia A Davis CUM LAUDE
Leanna Joy Davis-Ezell
Shelby Gene Dearing CUM LAUDE
Tiease Nikeebra Degraffenreid
Devin Denley
Valerie Dickey, CUM LAUDE
Lauren K Dickenson CUM LAUDE
Misty Dodds
Lashonda P Donaldson
Rachel G Donovan
Winter Renea Dora
Ashley Shenelle Dotson
Bridgett Renee Dunn
Kelly A Evans
Tiquisha S Evans
Buffiesha D Faulknor
Angela Lynn Fears
Andrea Felder
Daniel David Fenn CUM LAUDE
Alice N Ferguson MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Kimberly Seiarra Fernando
Kenyatta L Floyd CUM LAUDE
Terra Fontenot
Addie Denise Ford
Miranda Yolanda Ford
Janee Trisha Foust
Brittny S Fox
Mary Franks, CUM LAUDE
Bailee B Frazier CUM LAUDE
Emily M Frometa CUM LAUDE
Tanya L Gardner
Kirsten Monique Gaston
Tiffany D Gaye
Deana Gentry,   CUM LAUDE
April LaShell Gibson
Virginia Grace Gilland
Lindsay Gilmore
Starnisha Marie Gladney-Smith CUM LAUDE
Alanta J Goggins CUM LAUDE
Drewonna L Goldsmith CUM LAUDE
Leah Goolsby, CUM LAUDE
Mary Gordon
Dantria Shanta Grace
Brittania Shaliece Grant
Abigail L Gray CUM LAUDE
Kandria Denise Green
Madison Kimber Green
Kaitlin Paige Gresham SUMMA CUM LAUDE
Laura Guidry
Wendy Theresa Gullett MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Shanta Hall
Mercedes O Hannah MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Kameisha L Harrell
KTara D Harris
Whitney Harris
Colby Hatcher
Deanna Hayes, CUM LAUDE
Kristin D Herrington
Katie Hester, CUM LAUDE
Lindsey Hill, CUM LAUDE
Mercades L Hill
Noah Jacob Holcomb MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Summer Tomelia Holland CUM LAUDE
Tara L Holly, CUM LAUDE
Charis K Holman
Ronnie T Hopson
Parida Kishanda Hopson-Serton
Keisha Horsley
Tiffany Houston
Charlene Huddleston
Toni M Huddleston CUM LAUDE
Aliesha L Hudson
Deborah Hughes
Michelle Hulbert
Brantley G Hutchinson CUM LAUDE
Jessica Hutchison
Monica Jackson
Taylor Marie Jackson
Briana Nicole James MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Kirby Alicia James
Shamekka N Jenkins
Jessica D Johnson
Shalandor LaTreece Johnson
Tikimbra Johnson
Brittaney Jones
Darnell Jamal Jones
Katherine Elizabeth Jones MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Marshala D Jones
Quantina Lasha Jones
Shemente Jones
Justin Keathley
Brittney Kelton
Elizabeth A Kennedy SUMMA CUM LAUDE
Katie Llewellyn Kerr
Sanjuana N Ledbetter CUM LAUDE
Whitney Lee
Danielle D Lewis CUM LAUDE
Marshay D Lewis
Sandra Lias
Mary Lirette
Ebone Shuree Love
Reva Mace
Janna A Mallette MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Sade Malone
Shameka Deann Malone
Kinvette Mangum
Brooke Farabee Mapp
Brittany Martin
Chassidy Martin CUM LAUDE
Hope Marie Mason
Emily Maurice
Kleshonda Maxwell
Kasandra M Mayo CUM LAUDE
Gloria A Mays
Kimberly McCallum
Breana McCree
Chasity McCree CUM LAUDE
Brittney N McKenzie
Natalie Jo McKenzie
Krista D McNutt CUM LAUDE
Teneisha R McWilliams MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Talmidge M Meeks
Demetra S Miller
Jennifer Miller, CUM LAUDE
Jessica F Miller
NaCandreas Pearlesha Mitchell
Madison Mohl
Amanda Moore
Ashlee L Moore
Regan Watson Moore MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Kieyuma Moses
Ashley Nanney, CUM LAUDE
Ralyn Dee Nester
Caleigh B Newton MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Amy S Oakes
Kayla B O’Grady
Nubia L Oliveira MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Maria E Ordaz
Paula Palmer
Lakin Patterson SUMMA CUM LAUDE
Jaylen Rashaan Payne
Yolanda Denise Pepper-Burrell
Krissten Alivia Perry
Tearra Peters
Brittney M Peyton-Parkman
Gabrielle Clarissa Phelan
Amanda Jo Phillips CUM LAUDE
Megan N Picard
Andrea M Pike
Ciara Shawnee Poe-Harris
John R Porter
Kabreashia Porter
Lynn Renea Portis
Chandler E Posey
Tatiana Powers
Sheneaka Sherrell Pringle
Bethany A Pruitt CUM LAUDE
Makayla M. Pullen CUM LAUDE
Katelyn A Pumphrey MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Perrin B Rakestraw CUM LAUDE
Brittany M Ramey
Lata Randle
Danny S Raper
Abigail Elaine Ray
Lindsey Reeves
Brittany Reyes
Willie Rice
Jabria Zhane Richardson CUM LAUDE
Bethany H Riley
Hannah K Roberts MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Krystal Robertson
Michael D Robertson
Ashley Robinson
Jessica L Rogers
Kasey Maria Rowley
Asia J Ruffin
Christy A Salley MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Robert Jewell Sanderson
Aubrey Seay, CUM LAUDE
Anthony Ryan Sharp
Mandy Brooke Sharp
Gabriel Shelby
Keeley G Shelley, MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Dalana Brooke Short
Olivia T Shurden
Justin Philip Simpson, CUM LAUDE
Ginger Lynn Sims, CUM LAUDE
Gloria Sit
Tyler Antonio Slaughter
Jackson E Smith, SUMMA CUM LAUDE
Jamie Leann Smith, CUM LAUDE
Karkelia Diane Smith
Kendra Natash Smith, CUM LAUDE
Regina Valerie Smith
Staci Smith
Tyler J Smith
Chaktra Shana Spencer
Lindsey Stewart
Amy M Stogner
Lauren V Stringer
Holly Elizabeth Sturdivant
Carrington Elise Sullivan
Courtney Sullivan
Fisher D Sullivan
Kathryn Paige Summerford
Kelsey Lee Summerford, CUM LAUDE
Hailin Swan, CUM LAUDE
Madison L Switcher, CUM LAUDE
Deirdra L Taylor
Regina D Taylor
Sharneice L Taylor
Erin H Tedder
Laura Elizabeth Tentoni, MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Angela Roshell Terrell
Nydia DeChell Thames, CUM LAUDE
Mercedes Thibodeaux, MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Christopher Joel Thomas, CUM LAUDE
Regina L Thomas
Waltisha V Thomas, CUM LAUDE
Peyton E Thompson
William R Thompson, CUM LAUDE
Maya Kiara Tollfree
Bernardo Torres Diaz
Melonie T Townes
Alice Posey Toy
Justin Tracy
Hannah K Trent
Katerra C Trevillion, CUM LAUDE
Kiandria Trevillion, MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Abie R Trim
Iheshia Trimble-Koonce
Stephanie M Triplett
Korie Taylor Trulove, CUM LAUDE
Olivia Tucker
Tiffany Marie Turnage
Ramona B Turner, CUM LAUDE
Glenda Upchurch
Anna Claire Van Every
Tatsyana Aaliyah Wade, CUM LAUDE
Felicia N Walker
Pamela Janet Walker
Quadacia B Walker
Reagan L Walker, CUM LAUDE
Elizabeth Walls
ShaQuila K Walters, CUM LAUDE
Tashiya Ward
Danterrius Brandon Onkel Ware
Kimbala D Ware
Angela Michele Warner, CUM LAUDE
Lindsey R Watson, CUM LAUDE
Railey Michelle Wheeler, MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Larrah R Wilbanks, MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Carisa R Wilburn
Sarah Beth V Wilburn, MAGNA CUM LAUDE
Diamond Williams
Gloria Jean Williams
Hannah L Williams
Linda Williams
Shiconner Shitat Williams
Vickie R Williams
Brandie N Wise
Jody Marie Witherspoon
Shanna Wolverton
Madison Holdiness Womble, CUM LAUDE
Deanna Leigh Woods
Micaela Brishuan Woods
Jessica Brooke Woolfolk
Elizabeth B Wright
Amy L Young,   CUM LAUDE
Teena Young
William D Youngblood

Dr. Scott Tollison:

All graduates, please stand. At this time, I present the most recent graduates of MUW. Welcome to the Long Blue Line!

Concluding Remarks

President Miller:

Congratulations to our graduates!

Welcome to the Long Blue Line! As a fellow member of this Long Blue Line, I am thankful for the opportunities that my education provided me, and thankful for the faculty and staff who prepared me for my career and for my service to the community. With the conferral of degrees, you were reminded that they are associated with rights, responsibilities and privileges.You are responsible for making good use of the education you received here. I hope you use your education and enthusiasm to make this a better world. You’ve been given great advice and messages for further reflection from Lydia Holland.

There is nothing like a global pandemic to help one put things in perspective! You have overcome uncertainty and adversity to reach this threshold. Now, make the most of it. Hold fast to whatever optimism you’ve got, and keep your eye on what is most important to you, and how you can make a difference in the world. Be proud in what you have accomplished, and draw on that to carry you on your journey. I encourage you to stay in touch with us. When you realize something you have learned here has made a critical difference in your life, take the time to reach out to that professor or mentor and let them know. Support your alma mater with gifts of your talents, time, and resources. Help us identify future students. You are our ambassadors and light to the world.

And now, in this moment, the torch is being passed to you.

Go forth – and bless by light!

Today is a beginning, your commencement. We celebrate with you the new and unknown opportunities and successes yet to come. We expect great things from you and for you. And we hope you will “pay it forward” for those who will come after you. We express to you our gratitude and love, for your presence here has made us all the richer.

Let us stand and sing together our Alma Mater, previously recorded by music education major Kyia King at the December 2019 Commencement Ceremony.

Alma Mater

Serene as the dawning
Your promise now unfolds
To new heights of wisdom
Proclaiming truth foretold
With courage undaunted
Honor the challenge,
Guiding your purpose bold.
Sing praise to our great Alma Mater,
Oh, sing and cherish your mem'ries forever.
Profound our allegiance;
Secure our belief in God.
This creed of our heritage
Illumines the path untrod.


Stage party departs to La Primavera.