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Dr. Cecilia Brooks, visiting assistant professor of Family Science, recently presented, “Exploring the need for personal financial education courses in times of Covid-19” at the Personal Finance Symposium presented by UAB Regions Institute for Financial Education.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed how financially vulnerable college students are. College students are in a unique financial situation because they receive lump sums of money or their sources of income are seasonal,” said Brooks.

According to Brooks, availability of formal and informal financial education programs on college campuses could play a role in a young adult’s ability to manage periods of financial uncertainty in Mississippi.

Brooks said, “This exploratory study assessed the effectiveness of an informal financial education program during Covid-19. Findings revealed college students gain financial knowledge and a desire to develop financial skills such as budgeting and planning for emergencies. The findings are especially important because the best way to prompt changes in financial behaviors among young adults is for them to develop a desire to avoid financial pitfalls before they become habits, and ultimately, help them prevent a financial crisis.”

Fall 2021 students can enroll in the online course FSC 299 Special Topic: Consumer Economics if they want to learn more about topics related to personal finance.

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