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At noon on Wednesday, Nov. 22, The W will implement the university's holiday energy plan. Offices can be closed after energy savings measures are implemented, and employees who will be leaving at noon may take administrative leave, as authorized by the President.

The upcoming break will allow the opportunity to save energy-related costs, Please join the university in doing everything possible to reduce our energy use when offices are closed.

There are several thing you can do to help. Remember, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem, everyone's consolidated efforts will make a difference.

* Turn off your computer, lights, radios, and any other energy-consuming devices. Remember to check in out of the-way places and places that have no one specifically responsible for them. These places may include classrooms, restrooms, storage closets, break rooms, etc.

* Unplug any charging cords that are not in use.

* This is also a great time to clean out refrigerators. Simply clean them out, unplug them, and prop open the door.

* If you throw away any food, please do that before leaving Tuesday so that it doesn't sit in your wastebasket over the long weekend.

* Building managers should check to make sure that their building is ready for the holiday before leaving on Wednesday.

Heating and cooling settings will be controlled by Facilities Management. Appropriate temperature setbacks will be implemented for most academic buildings on campus. Unoccupied residence hall rooms should have their thermostat set at 55 degrees.

If you have questions about the temperature setbacks in your building, and if you have any specific concerns, please contact Facilities Management.

Thank you for your continuing efforts to conserve energy, not only during holiday periods, but every day.

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