Grand Canyon

March 7-14, 2020

Study Away: American Southwest 2020

Story and Place: The American Southwest

Honors students encouraged to apply, but all MUW students are welcome.

Spend your spring break exploring the culture and environment of the Southwest. Includes seven nights in the Flagstaff area, with excursions to Grand Canyon National Park, Sedona, the Navajo and Hopi reservations, and an array of other cultural and park sites.


Students may take one or both courses.

The American Southwest:  Where Culture and Landscapes Collide

Dr. Nicole Welch
Department of Sciences and Mathematics
HO 303 Honors Seminar Spring 2020
Day/Time TBD
The desert and semi-arid grassland ecosystems of the American Southwest have supported human settlements for over 13,000 years.  The ecological resistance of these ecosystems can make them seem static, yet the underlying processes are, indeed, dynamic.  This course will explore the environmental history of the American Southwest, paying particular attention to the deserts and canyon lands of Arizona.  Participants will learn of the interactions of prehistoric, historic, and modern human settlements with the land, from “living in harmony with the land,” to the modern wildland-urban interface.


Literatures of the American Southwest

Dr. Kim Whitehead
Department of Languages, Literature, and Philosophy
HO 303 Honors Seminar  Spring 2020
Day/Time TBD
This course will explore the cultures and landscapes of the American Southwest through a study of the Native American, Chicano/a, and Anglo-European literatures of the region.  Reading, discussing, and writing about texts from Native American oral traditions as well as modern works in the genres of fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry, we will pay special attention to the cultural diversity in the region since its settlement, the shifting borders of place and ethnic identity, the effects of colonialism on culture and environment, and the ongoing relevance of traditional worldviews.  We will also explore perceptions/misperceptions of the region by travelers and tourists.


Trip Cost

$1,000 - includes airfare, ground transportation, accomodations and excursions.

  • November: Initial Deposit (1/3 cost)
  • December: Second Payment (1/3 cost)
  • February: Final Payment (1/3 cost)


Tentative Itinerary:

  • March 7 – Arrive in Phoenix, visit Montezuma Castle National Monuments, arrive at accommodations in Flagstaff area
  • March 8 – Explore Flagstaff area, including Walnut Canyon and Lowell Observatory
  • March 9 – Visit Grand Canyon National Park
  • March 10 – Visit Grand Canyon National Park
  • March 11 – Visit Navajo and Hopi Reservations
  • March 12 – Visit Sedona
  • March 13 – Visit Petrified Forest National Park
  • March 14 – Depart


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