W Student in China 

W Student Patricia Hernandez (sunglasses) in China.

MUW is affiliated with the Alliance for Global Education, which offers three exciting programs in China during the regular semester and during the summer. To learn more about these programs, take a look at this site: China

If you would like to attend this program, please follow this recommended timetable:

1. Make an appointment with Professor Erinn Holloway, Coordinator of Study Abroad Programs, early in the semester prior to the semester in which you plan to attend the program. You should also consult with your academic advisor and your financial aid advisor about the academic and financial feasibility of the program. If the program seems like a good fit for your goals, submit the on-campus study abroad application.

2. Once your on-campus application has been approved, get program materials from Professor Holloway and make an appointment with your academic advisor.  At that meeting, review course descriptions, and ask your advisor to fill out course transfer forms for the courses that you plan to take and to send those forms through the proper academic channels.  

3. Make an appointment with your financial aid advisor if you plan to use federal financial aid.  At that meeting, review the cost breakdown, and ask your advisor to help you plan for an increased financial aid package.  Also, make plans with your advisor for filling out federal financial aid forms for the next academic year because you may be out of the country when they are due. Finally, ask Professor Holloway about the availability of study abroad scholarships.

4. Fill out an application for the program in consultation with Professor Holloway, and ask her to submit that application.  You must pay the application fee out of pocket.

5. At pre-registration for the semester in which you plan to attend, sign up for UN 390: Study Abroad for the appropriate number of hours.  This course will serve as a placeholder for you in computer for federal financial aid and enrollment purposes.

6. On the day set for finalizing fees, you must pay the entire balance on your account at the Comptroller’s Office.

7. Before departure, you must sign a liability waiver.

8. If you make any changes to your schedule while abroad, you must notify your advisor and Professor Holloway.  Unless you fill out a new course transfer form and it gets accepted, you may not receive proper transfer credit.

9. Upon returning from the program, make sure that the Registrar’s Office has received a copy of your transcript and that you have received appropriate credit.  You will receive an S or a U for UN 390.

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