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Academic Resources
No matter where you are, you are part of the Long Blue Line. The W believes you should receive the support you need to complete you degree. The university has resources available to help you achieve your goals.

Academic Calendar

Find important dates for the school year all in one place. View the Academic Calendar.

Student Success Center

The SSC is a place where all students can come to receive advice, feedback, and strategies in various academic areas. Our mission is to provide students with the necessary tools for academic success at the W and beyond. Visit the Student Success Center website.

Online Resources

Find the help you need for all of your online classes. Visit the Online Student Resources website.

Tutoring Services

Need a little help with a difficult class? Peer Tutoring is available for dozens of the most common courses. View Peer Tutoring Services.

The W Writing Center

If you need someone to help you proofread a paper or find the right formatting for your class, The W's Writing Center can help. The center can even set up a one-on-one session via Skype or Google Hangouts to help you. View the Writing Center website.

Disability Services

The W is a place for everyone and welcomes students with disabilities. Work with the Student Success Center to find the accommodations you need for your education. View the Disability Services website.

Career Services

If the goal of your degree is to find a career in your chosen field, then The W's Career Services can help. Learn more about turning your major into a career, improving your resume, and tips for the job search process. View the Career Services website.

Fant Memorial Library

Search digital databases and view online resources to help you with your academic research. View the Fant Library website.

Office of the Registrar

Have a question about transferring credits, withdrawing from a class, or what you need to graduate? This is the place for you. View the Registrar website.


Order your textbooks from the campus Barnes & Noble Bookstore. Visit the bookstore website.

Study Abroad

Gaining a global perspective of the world around you is an important part of your education. The W's Study Abroad program allows you to take your studies around the world, either for a short, intesive trip or for a semester or more. Visit the Study Abroad website.

Registration Resources