STEM Programs at The W

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These are technically challenging fields of study with many in-demand career opportunities across the state and the country. The W currently offers nine STEM majors to start you on your career path.

STEM Majors

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About The W

Founded in 1884 as the first publicly funded college of women in the United States, Mississippi University for Women (fondly known as The W) has been co-educational since 1982. Our university is accredited and many of our programs have attained national accreditation as well. The W consistently ranks as one of the top regional master's universities in the Southeast United States.

Faculty members at The W are committed to undergraduate teaching and research. They know their students by name, are aware of strengths and weaknesses of each student, and provide mentoring and encouragement to assist students in fully developing their knowledge and skills. All lecture and laboratory courses from freshman through senior level courses are taught by faculty members (not a grad student) and are small enough to provide a personalized learning environment.

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Our science programs provide high quality, laboratory-based instruction in the physical and natural sciences that develop quantifying skills and hands on instruction. The W offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, as well as an optional teacher certification track for those interested in STEM Education.

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The concentration of MIS is intended to prepare students for a career in a computer information systems department. In this high-tech job market, a person with MIS skills has the opportunity to advance in today's technologically demanding work place. The W offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Management Information Systems for students wanting to pursue careers in programming, IT, or systems administration. For students currently holding a Associate of Applied Science for a community college, The W offers a special track towards a Bachelor of Technology degree in MIS.

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Studying mathematics not only prepares a student for careers with an obvious mathematical foundation, but also develops fundamental skills of reasoning, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication that are valuable in any career and throughout life. MUW offers majors in Mathematics (BA and BS) and Mathematics with Teacher Certification major (BS). It also offers minors in Mathematics.