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Eligibility and Tutoring Options

Who is eligible?

The W's Peer Tutoring and Learning Assistance Program assists W students enrolled in MUW courses, in meeting the University academic standards, and in attaining their educational goals, by teaching skills and strategies which will promote independent and active learning. 

Tutoring for many W core classes is free to W students.  A student may receive up to two (2) hours per week for two (2) credit classes per semester.

What tutoring options are available?

The tutoring services are offered in several formats:

1. Individualized Tutoring:
Individualized tutoring for students who wish to make an appointment with a tutor will be offered at no cost for those who want more intense, one-one-one assistance. ·A student may receive up to two (2) hours per week for two (2) credit classes per semester. However, students who schedule but do not attend two sessions will not be allowed to make tutoring appointments for the remainder of the semester. Once you have applied for a tutor, a SSC staff will pair you with a tutor in that subject area. If there is not tutor in the requested subject area it may take up to 2 weeks before you get a tutor assigned to you. In some courses where we are not able to pair students with a tutor, we suggest meeting with the instructor of the course.

2. Group Formats:
Group formats are acceptable for any subject if a large number of students are requesting tutoring for the same subject with the same professor.

3. Open Labs
Open lab tutoring is for students who wish to be seen on a walk-in basis for intermediate algebra, college algebra, and writing. This service is free to all students with unlimited usage throughout the semester. Students may be seen individually or in small groups. Please click the links below to see each labs' schedule:

4. Test Review Sessions:
Test preparation sessions are offered for classes that are traditionally challenging for students. These sessions are different from tutoring sessions in that a general review will be offered for the material covered on a specific test for a specific section of a class. The goal of the test preparation sessions is to have students build skills and confidence by correctly practicing things that will likely be on the test.

For more information, call 662.329.7138 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..