Educator Enrichment Program

The Educator Enrichment Program (EEP) is an amazing opportunity for educators to receive quality face-to-face professional development at an affordable price. Educators can earn CEUs while taking courses that address the best education practices of the year.

Educator Enrichment Program applications for 2018 have closed.

2018 Course Descriptions

Brain Compatible Learning Strategies:
Brain-based education is actually a “no-brainer.” You must engage your learners and do it with strategies based on how our brain works. Participants will learn the importance of good nutrition, how to create a brain-compatible learning environment, and remarkable scientific research based approaches that prove essential for optimum brain performance.

Instructor: Melinda Lowe, Interim Director of Outreach and Innovation, The W

Build A Stage-Motivation through Excitement:
If you're looking for new ways to motivate and engage your students you have to find things that spark their interest and get them wondering. The wonder of a student leads to a passion for learning. Find your "something different" by building your own stage! In this class participants will share ideas and write lessons that best fit your classroom and students.

Instructors: April Moore & Jenni Browning, Fourth and Second Grade Teachers, Annunciation Catholic School

Food Allergies 101:
Children with food allergies are a growing population in today's schools. This session will seek to inform educators not only of the symptoms and treatment of food allergies, but also how to best serve these students who may be placed in their classroom. Topics covered include safety, symptoms, and treatment of food allergies, as well as how to make the classroom inclusive and supportive of students with food allergies.

Instructor: Ashley Matthews, Instructor of Education, The W

Healthy Classroom Snacks:
Snacks can be an important source of nutrition for growing children while providing the needed energy required by our bodies. Healthy snack choices can contribute in meeting the daily nutritional requirements for nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. In this class participants will learn how to create healthy snacks that the entire class will love. Each participant will receive a recipe booklet and have the opportunity to taste each recipe.

Instructor: Mary Helen Hawkins, Chef Instructor and Certificate Program Coordinator, The W

Performing Place Values:
In this session, participants will learn dance, music, and visual arts activities that teach and explore the use of Place Value in Math. These lessons are geared toward second grade students, but can be adapted for other grade levels.

Instructors: Courtney Hall, Dance Teacher, New Hope Middle and High School, and Tina Morgan, Music Teacher, Cook Fine Arts Magnet School

Trash Talking:
Want to do some “Trash Talking”? Participants will learn how they can do some trash talking on recycling and composting. This hour long session will teach you ways to reduce, reuse and recycle your waste materials at home, in the office, and at your schools. Participants will learn more ways to improve their community, environment, and the surrounding wildlife through games and instruction. Goodie bag included!

Instructors: Lynn Bradshaw, Mississippi Department of Environment Quality & Jennifer Milner, State Recycling Coordinator

TVA Science Kids-Water Quality Science Lab for 4th – 6th  Grade Science Teachers:
TVA Science Kids presents a hands- on workshop for 4th, 5th and 6th grade science teachers. This Water Quality Lab uses science and engineering practices and crosscutting concepts to investigating the hydrosphere by testing the water quality of a local river, lake, stream, or pond. Teachers will learn how to present the lab and guide students to collect, record, and interpret data; observe chemical reactions; infer and draw conclusions while use scientific equipment. Discussions on ecosystems, the environment and human impact along with STEM careers are a natural fit during the lab.
Each teacher will receive $200 in lab equipment to take back to your school. This workshop will be held at the Plymouth Bluff Environment Center and lunch will be provided.

Instructor: Vicki Jo Stevens-Valentine, Program Manager, TVA Science Kids Water Quality