Scheduling An Exam with B Virtual

What is B Virtual?

B Virtual is a live online proctoring service that allows students to take an exam via a webcam, microphone, and high-speed Internet connection from a secure location.

How Do I Schedule?

B Virtual’s live online proctoring service is fully integrated into SmarterProctoring. To start scheduling simply launch into SmarterProctoring by clicking the SmarterProctoring link in your course. Once into SmarterProctoring click on the button labeled “Select Proctor” and then choose “B Virtual”.

select proctor button

Use B Virtual button

After clicking Use B Virtual simply follow the on screen prompts to finish scheduling. (Note: B Virtual proctors exams 24/7; however during peak season certain times can be limited. It is recommended that students schedule 48hrs in advance to ensure a convenient time slot is obtained.)

How Do I Take My Exam Once I’ve scheduled it?

To take your exam simply launch into SmarterProctoring via your course 10 – 15 min prior to your scheduled exam time. Once you have launched into SmarterProctoring simply click on “Start Virtual Session”.

Start Virtual Session Button


From there simply follow the on screen prompts to connect to your proctor.

(NOTE: Make sure and run the application downloaded after clicking “Connect to Proctor”)

Test Taker Checklist

  • Ensure the Internet connection is fast & reliable. If connected through a WiFi connection, B Virtual recommends plugging directly into the modem to avoid disconnections or disruptions during the exam.
  • If there are any allowed items during the exam (scrap paper, calculator, etc.) please have them out and ready and be prepared to show them to the proctor for verification.
  • Have a valid government issued ID to verify your identity. Two forms of identity is preferred.
  • If you have a “built in” webcam on your computer, please have a mirror or reflective surface available so the proctor can inspect the computer monitor edges and keyboard.
  • Please remove your cell phone from the exam area.
  • Make sure your location is secure and that it will not be interrupted during your exam. Please make sure you are in an adequately lighted environment so the proctor will be able to monitor your surroundings.
  • The exam timer does not begin until the proctor enters the examinee into their assessment.




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