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Department of Health & Kinesiology

The Department of Health & Kinesiology offers minors in Public Health Education and Exercise Science.  Each minor consists of approximately twenty hours of coursework. 

The Public Health Education minor may be of interest to students who have a desire to understand health promotion and education in different settings including school sites, communities, business or government agencies.  

The minor in Exercise Science is designed for those who may be interested in personal fitness training but do not have an interest in completing a B.S. Degree in Kinesiology. 

When attempting to satisfy requirements for a minor, students may not count any courses that have been used for a major.



Courses in a Minor


Public Health Education

  • HKH 240 Introduction to Public Health Education (3)
  • HKH 250 Professional Found. in Public Health Education (3)
  • HKH 450 Planning, Implement., and Eval. of Hlth Prog. (3)

Choose one of the following courses:

  • HKH 310 Social & Behavioral Aspects of Public Health (3) or
  • HKH 381 Community Health Issues (3)

Choose nine additional hours of HKH course above HKH 101 (9)



 Exercise Science

  • HKC 147/140, 144, or 150 (1)
  • HK 308 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries (3)
  • HK 350 Psy. Aspects of Exercise & Sport
  • HK 361 Physiology of Exercise w/lab (4)
  • HK 371 Motor Development (3)
  • HK 390 Anatomical Kinesiology (3)
  • HK 408 Biomechanics (3)


If HKC 147 was taken as core requirement, then students would take HKC 140, 144, or 150.  If HKC 140, 144 or 150 was taken as a core requirement, then the student would take HKC 147