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COLUMBUS, Miss.-- Team means family to Brooke Beasley-Carter.

Whether it has been as an administrator or as a coach, Beasley-Carter has played an integral role in the development and growth of the Mississippi University for Women’s athletic department. As assistant athletic director/senior women’s administrator and volleyball coach, Beasley-Carter has helped establish The W’s “Win Every Day” mantra and build a sense of teamwork between the school’s 17 sports.

Beasley-Carter recently was recognized for her work in those areas when she was named the recipient of the Owl Star Staff Award for the first quarter of 2021. The award is given to someone who demonstrates professionalism and dedication by going beyond the call of duty.

“I was very honored to hear I had won the first quarter Owl Star Staff Award because I believe this type of award is needed for those staff members who work hard behind the scenes,” said Beasley-Carter, who has been at The W since October 2016. “I am sure most of those staff members are just like myself who don’t seek recognition, but it does feel good when someone notices the hard work that you are doing to better the institution.”

Beasley-Carter feels she is good at juggling so many tasks because she is organized, good at time management and can multi-task very well. She said the sense of accomplishment she feels when she completes something drives her to complete the next item on her list.

Beasley-Carter’s list can get pretty long with 19 volleyball players and students-athletes from 16 other sports to help manage, but interim athletic director Buddy Foster said Beasley-Carter remains the “go-to person” in the athletic department to answer questions about school policy or procedures.

“Brooke wants to see every athletic program and student-athlete succeed,” said Foster, who also is The W’s softball coach. “She is always willing to lend a hand to any coach and will take the lead on any department initiative when needed.

Molly Boyer works closely with Beasley-Carter as assistant volleyball coach and academic coordinator. She said Beasley-Carter remains a consistent example of leadership in the athletic department.

“Brooke goes above and beyond for more than just her job, she makes sure everyone including student-athletes and other staff members are successful for the sake of the growth of the university and the athletic department,” Boyer said. “Brooke’s eagerness to help others is apparent in many ways. First, through the ever-changing experiences of COVID-19, she continually pushes forward looking for opportunities to compete and grow as individuals for all athletes, but specifically the volleyball team. Secondly, she is always willing to put her work on pause to help others in the department.”

Beasley-Carter said that attitude stems from a mindset that each individual has the backs of everyone on the team no matter what comes their way. She said she has worked hard to establish a team approach in the athletic department that enables everyone to feel safe and to grow and to learn without judgment. Beasley-Carter said maintaining that atmosphere can be challenging with so many teams and personalities, but she said her growth as an administrator and a coach has helped her be more patient.

“Everyone learns different, interprets different and feels different, and as a leader, you must have patience and an understanding that you may have to interact with each person differently or give each person a different type of guidance,” Beasley-Carter said. “Since 2016, I have seen the athletic department grow from no sports to five sports to 17 sports. It might seem the biggest change was the increased number of student-athletes and staff; however, what I have seen is a change in culture. As we have added more sports, I can see the family aspect growing in our department and on our campus. Each year it seems we are partnering with more departments on campus and giving students a better experience in academics or extracurricular activities.”

Staff Council is searching for distinguished W staff members to be nominated for the Owl Star Staff Award. Four winners will be presented with an award of $250, while the Owl Star of the Year will receive an award of $500. Quarterly Awards will be announced at the end of each quarter through the News to Know. The Owl Star of the Year award will be announced at the annual Staff Recognition Luncheon and Meeting.

To nominate someone for the Owl Star Staff Award, go to:

May 6, 2021
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