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COLUMBUS, Miss.-- Mississippi University for Women Art & Design faculty members seek the next visionary art students.

One way the department will try to accomplish that goal is to welcome junior and community college students to The W on the annual Student Art Scholarship Portfolio Day from 1-3 p.m. Friday, Jan. 31, at Summer Hall on campus.

“The portfolios that rock and are really strong in composition and technique, we are giddy about it because we realize that student could be a great student here,” said Shawn Dickey, chair of The W’s Art & Design Department. “It is also about identifying students who might not have the greatest skill but they have desire and we see it in their work -- that they are really hungry about it. Both students are what we want to see.”

Dickey said the event will give The W a chance to reach out to all junior and community college students and invite them to have their portfolios reviewed. The students also will tour Summer Hall, which is the home of the Art & Design Department on campus and will learn about The W and its Art & Design Department, which offers a bachelor of fine arts with emphases in drawing and painting, graphic design, printmaking, photography and ceramics. Dickey said Art & Design faculty members will discuss portfolios and decide which students will receive scholarship offers the day of the event.

Not only will the event be a great chance for The W to recruit, but it also will provide students an opportunity to learn how to organize their portfolios and to receive feedback. Dickey said it is important for an outside person to look at someone’s work as part of the growth process. He said faculty members in the department will use an evaluation form when looking at the students’ portfolios and then will offer feedback.

“We hope to find good students for the department,” Dickey said. “If you have good students to work with, you can just open possibilities for them. For the students, we want them to see what we have to offer. I think they will see they could be at The W and create their path toward the future and work with dedicated people who are caring in a family environment.”

Scholarships will be available to students in all disciplines (graphic design or studio art) for the 2020-21 academic year. He said students also will be able to apply to receive additional money through the department’s other scholarship sources as well as its student services fund. Dickey said the pool of available money will determine the number of scholarships awarded.

“We have good money,” Dickey said. “We just need students to come and take advantage of it.”

The date of the Student Art Scholarship Portfolio Day will shift to the fall next semester in an attempt to aid recruitment of junior and community college students.

Please check the accompanying Student Art Scholarship Portfolio Day graphic for requirements students need to satisfy for their portfolio.

For more information about the event or the department, please contact Sherry Taylor at (662) 329-7341 or Dickey at (662) 329-7364.

Jan. 14, 2020
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