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Summer Hall

COLUMBUS, Miss. -- Dr. Beverly Joyce scans the titles and likes what she sees.

Whether it’s a discussion about higher-order thinking and curiosity or presentations about adventure travel or arboreal lizards, Joyce is excited about the offerings at the annual Provost’s Faculty Symposium that will be unveiled beginning at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 19, in the Mary Evelyn Stringer Auditorium at Summer Hall on the campus of Mississippi University for Women.

Those topics are three of the eight that will be presented by junior and senior faculty members at The W.

“It’s fascinating to hear about different disciplines and the research,” said Joyce, a professor of art at The W and the director of Mississippi University for Women Galleries. “It’s a wide range, and you get to hear people you may know and worked with but you don’t know what they’re interested in.”

Dr. Scott Tollison, interim provost and vice president for academic affairs at The W, said the sessions will include works that are complete and in progress. He said the symposium gives those who have been selected an opportunity to practice, for lack of a better word, their presentations for future events. It also will be a chance to listen to presentations that will blend disciplines and to learn things that can be applied in other ways or areas.

“That’s really one of the focuses is to give the faculty members a chance to showcase their research,” Tollison said. “The symposium also performs a secondary function in that it gives faculty members from different academic disciplines an opportunity to see the research of their colleagues in other disciplines, so across the presentations you really see a little bit of everything.”

The Provost’s Faculty Symposium series began in 2014 to foster faculty research, initially to support the research of junior faculty members. In 2016, the provost began inviting senior faculty. Research by Fant Memorial Library staff also was included in the series in that academic year.

“We have junior faculty and senior faculty, which is going to be a really nice mix,” Joyce said. “We have junior faculty who really haven’t been involved with it before, so that’s a good mix.”

Joyce said the eight selected will give 10-minute presentations that will serve as an introduction to their work. She said there will be a 10-minute question-and-answer period after each block of four presenters. There also will be a reception at Summer Hall following the symposium. Joyce said she arranged the order of the presenters to avoid having individuals from the same schools at different intervals.

Tollison, who will offer the welcome and the opening remarks, said there is competition to be selected to be a presenter. He said each college has two selected and the library has one. He said the colleges select the two who move forward in the symposium.

“There is a lot of really great engagement with members of the audience, which are mostly faculty members, but could be community members and, perhaps, students,” Tollison said. “They are free to ask questions about what created their interest in the particular topic, and what was different and why they thought it was different.

“Sometimes the questions asked, the faculty member in the back of their mind is thinking about how can I use this, or how can I bring this into my class?”

Dr. Ashley Chisolm will give the introductions. Dr. Sally Pearson, of the College of Nursing and Health Science, will be the moderator of the first session. Joyce will moderate the second session.

“In my opinion, students who have witnessed one of the Provost Symposiums see an ongoing dedication by university faculty across campus to showcase their individual scholarly and creative works,” said Chisolm, an assistant professor for legal studies. “Undergraduate and graduate students at The W will engage in different forms of research during their time here, and the Provost’s Faculty Symposium allows students to see that continuing endeavors with research do not end after graduation.  Research is an on-going process, and I hope that the Provost Symposium will motivate continued student research interest in the future.”

Chisolm, Joyce, Dr. Sally Pearson (College of Nursing and Health Sciences), and Dr. Amber Handy (Kossen Center for Teaching and Learning) are the committee members for this year’s symposium.

“This year’s symposium features another great slate of presentations, and it is a great opportunity to learn about other disciplines and triggering ideas of your own,” Tollison said. “I would encourage anyone who wants to learn about other disciplines to attend, and I think there will be a lot of great presentations that will be of interest to the entire campus.”

Joyce feels the symposium has a “good mix” that represents the diverse nature of offerings at The W. She encourages faculty members and students to attend what she feels will be an informative event in an intimate setting.

First Session

Dr. Mark Bean, QEP Director & Chair, Department of Health and Kinesiology; and Dr. Irene Pintado, Associate Professor of Public Health

Higher-Order Thinking and Curiosity as They Relate to Retention and Academic Performance

Dr. Linda McNeely, Assistant Professor of Management

Drivers of Customer Satisfaction in Adventure Travel: The Role of Novelty, Perceived Value, Tranquility and the Presence of Animals

Dr. Travis Hagey, Assistant Professor of Biology

Texture in Arboreal Lizard Habitat Use

Mr. Derek Webb, Assistant Professor & University Archivist, Department of Library Services

Bold, Masculine, Unwomanly Women: Deploying the Suffragist Bête Noire at Mississippi’s Public Women’s College

Second Session

Ms. Wesley H. Garrett, Esq., Professor of Legal Studies

A View from Two Sides: A Comparison of Legal and Parent Perceptions of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dr. Thomas Velek, Professor of History

Purge Theory: Why Ordinary People Kill

Dr. Melesia Henry, Associate Professor of Baccalaureate Nursing

The Effectiveness of Repeating Simulation after Reflection on Nursing Students’ Critical Thinking, Satisfaction, and Self-Confidence

Dr. Leslie Stratyner, Professor of English

What Brody Sees: The Most Suspenseful Two Minutes in Film

Feb. 18, 2019
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