COLUMBUS, Miss. – College Consensus recently ranked Mississippi University for Women as one of the best regional universities in the South.

The site places The W at #18 in The Consensus Best Regional Universities-South and #1 in the Best Colleges in Mississippi for 2017-2018.

College Consensus established the rankings by combining the results of the most reputable college ranking publishers and thousands of real-student reviews.

“Our method makes sure that all the players in higher education get their say – not just administrators, faculty, and expert observers, but the students on the ground and online actually experiencing it. That means the College Consensus is a ranking all its own, giving future and current students a unique perspective on the higher education scene,” stated College Consensus’ website.

In the College Consensus regional ranking, The W earned a student consensus score of 78.7 and publisher consensus score of 51.5. The average consensus score amoung unversities was 62.4. The W placed above average at 65.1. 

According to its website, College Consensus provides the most comprehensive and least biased ranking by gathering information from a variety of sources.

The W currently sits at #41 on The Top Consensus Ranked Public Colleges & Universities for 2018 ranking.


May 16, 2018
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