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COLUMBUS, Miss. -- Mississippi University for Women’s Department of Art and Design presented awards to several students at its Annual Juried Art Exhibition ceremony. A total of 274 works were submitted out of which 162 were selected for the exhibition.

The exhibition was open to any student who took an art class at The W during the last calendar year and required for all W art majors.

This year’s juror was Jenna Fincher, art instructor at Northeast Mississippi Community College. She selected the media awards, and the art and design faculty selected the overall achievement awards and President’s Exhibition Awards.

“The student work submitted this year is diverse, displays a dedication to art and reveals each participant’s hard work. The quality of work also reflects the quality of instruction. Our student success/quality of work stands on the faculty’s knowledge, dedication and often ‘gentle’ prodding towards success,” said Shawn Dickey, chair of the department of art and design at The W.


Overall Achievement Awards:
1st – Haley Rountree (Madison)
2nd – JoAnn Thomas (Columbus)
3rd – Kelly Brown (Starkville)
HM – Nikki Campbell (Olive Branch)

President’s Exhibition Awards: The following students receive solo exhibitions in Welty Hall:
Pauline Pimolle (Marseilles, France)
Janae Smith (Jackson)
JoAnn Thomas

1st – Janae Smith
2nd - Haley Rountree
3rd - Haley Rountree
HM – Haley Rountree

1st – Natalie Runyon (Columbus)
2nd – Evonté Shepherd (Metcalfe)
3rd – Kaylee Ashford (Columbus)
HM – Ladanna Jones (Kossuth)

Mixed Media
1st – Alanna Hatfield (Booneville)

1st – Haley Sipes (Ashland)
2nd – Natalie Roper (Hazlehurst)

1st – JoAnn Thomas
2nd – Nikki Campbell
3rd – Kelly Brown

1st – Kaylee Ashford
2nd – Meng Wu (Horn Lake)
3rd – Haley Rountree
HM – Haley Rountree

1st – JoAnn Thomas
2nd – Jasmine Reed (Columbus)
3rd – De’Ana Magee (Jackson)
HM – Courtney Harris (Columbus)

1st – Macy Hicks (Caledonia)
2nd – Jasmine Reed

Graphic Design
1st – Andrew Parker (Aberdeen)
2nd – JoAnn Thomas
3rd – Janae Smith
HM – Kaylee Ashford
HM – Ian Johnson (Tupelo)

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March 8, 2018
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