Mississippi University for Women supports Mississippi’s Public University System and sister institutions in expressing concern about House Bill 1083. The proposed legislation will lift the IHL Board of Trustees’ authority to set policy, which allows universities to prohibit weapons in specific, non-public campus areas. Presently, citizens with enhanced carry permits are authorized to carry weapons in all public areas of the campus.

“The safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors is of utmost importance to The W. Allowing weapons in sensitive places such as classrooms, disciplinary hearings, counseling centers, residence halls and athletic and performance venues would put our university community, law enforcement and first responders at risk,” said MUW President Jim Borsig. 

Commissioner of Higher Education, Dr. Glenn Boyce, issued this statement yesterday, “The safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors on our university campuses is a top priority for the Board of Trustees and University leaders. HB 1083 compromises our ability to protect and ensure the safety of those on our campuses because it nullifies and prohibits any policies and/or authority to designate sensitive areas of campus where weapons should not be allowed.”

In its current form, HB 1083 restricts the ability of Mississippi’s Public University System to promote a safe campus environment. “I respectfully request our state leaders to consider these concerns as this proposed bill continues through the legislative process,” said President Borsig.

Feb. 8, 2018

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