Programs with Minors Directed by Non-University Entities

Mississippi University for Women is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of minors who are entrusted to our care or visit our campus. The purpose of the Supervision of Minors on Campus policy is to describe requirements placed on administrators, faculty, staff, students, volunteers and others working with minors and to ensure their protection and fulfill our obligations.


The following terms used in this policy are defined in the Mississippi University for Women Supervision of Minors on Campus Policy: Covered Adult; Authorized Adult and/or Program Staff; Minor; One-on-One Contact; Covered Program; Program Director; and Sponsoring Unit.

Designated Officials

The Director of Outreach & Innovation and University Counsel shall serve as the Designated Officials for Mississippi University for Women.

Registration and Documentation Requirements for Covered Programs Sponsored by a University Unit

  1. At least thirty (30) days prior to the start of a Covered Program, the Program Director shall complete the Youth Program Directed by a Non-University Entity Registration Form and submit it for approval to the Designated Official (D.O.).
  2. Before allowing an Authorized Adult to participate in a Covered Program, the Program Director shall ensure Outreach & Innovation has had a criminal background check conducted and/or a current attestation form on the Authorized Adult.
  3. The Program Director shall require every Authorized Adult to read, understand, and agree to comply with the MUW Supervision of Minors on Campus policy, Mississippi law on the mandatory reporting of child abuse and child sexual abuse, and the Standards of Conduct for Authorized Adults. The Authorized Adults shall digitally sign the Supervision of Minors on Campus Acknowledgement of Understanding form.
  4. Before allowing an Authorized Adult to participate in a Covered Program, the Program Director shall ensure that the Authorized Adult has received the Child Abuse Prevention training described in the Supervision of Minors on Campus policy.

Additional Requirements for Covered Programs Directed by Non-University Entities

      1.  Facilities Use Form
        Non-university organizations using facilities for programs/camps involving minors are required to deliver a signed Facilities Use Agreement setting forth the specific facilities to be used, the dates and hours of permitted access and other terms applicable to use with MUW’s Office of Resources Management. A copy must be forwarded to the Designated Official.
      2. Youth Program/Camp Informed Consent Form
        The Program Director shall require every Parent/Legal Guardian to read, understand and agree to sign the Youth Program/Camp Informed Consent Form.
      3. Authorized Adults
        1. Minors shall be adequately supervised during a Covered Program. All Covered Program activities involving minors shall be supervised by at least two or more Authorized Adults. There shall be no one-on-one contact between a minor and an Authorized Adult unless one-on-one contact is essential to the program and has been approved in advance by the Designated Official. The term “one-on-one contact” shall mean personal, unsupervised interaction between any authorized adult and a minor without at least one other authorized adult, parent or legal guardian present.  One-on-One contact includes transportation of a minor by an agent or employee of the University in the course and scope of performing university duties or as part of a program.  One-on-one contact also includes electronic communication, such as social media, email and texting. 
        2. The Program Director shall ensure that an appropriate ratio of Authorized Adults to minors exists based on the following factors:
          1. The age of the minors participating in the Covered Program;
          2. Whether the Covered Program involves an overnight stay; and
          3. The nature of the activities involved in the Covered Program.
      4. Communication with Parents/Legal Guardians
        1. The Program Director shall establish a procedure for the notification of a minor’s parent/legal guardian in case of an emergency, including a medical problem, natural disaster, or other significant program disruption. The Program Director shall advise Authorized Adults and parents/legal guardians of minors participating in the Covered Program of this procedure prior to the participation of minors in the Covered Program.
        2. The Program Director shall provide information to parents/legal guardians detailing the manner in which their minors can be contacted during the Covered Program.
      5. Additional Requirements for Covered Programs with Overnight Stays
        1. Males and Females shall be housed in separate rooms and/or suites inside University residence halls, except in cases where the room or suite is also occupied by the parent or legal guardian of all minor occupants. Guests of minors participating in the Covered Program shall be restricted to visitation in the building lobby and/or floor lounges, and only during approved hours specified by the Covered Program.

Sanctions for Failing to Comply with this Policy

A Covered Program in violation of this policy may be denied permission to continue operation in connection with Mississippi University for Women. Any violations of this policy by an individual will be handled in accordance with other applicable University policies and procedures, which for University employees may include disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. In addition, a person who fails to comply with Mississippi laws on mandatory reporting of child abuse, neglect and exploitation can face criminal prosecution.


Exceptions to these procedures may be granted by the Designated Official, following consultation with the University Counsel.