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What is the Interlibary Loan?

Interlibrary loan is the borrowing of materials (books or photocopies) that are not found within the MUW collection for current faculty, staff, and students of Mississippi University for Women.

Who is eligible to use Interlibrary Loan?

Faculty, staff and students who are currently affiliated with Mississippi University for Women are eligible to use Interlibrary Loan services.

Interlibrary Loan services are not available to visiting scholars nor are they available to holders of any type of guest card or business of any type. Alumni, Friends of the Library, and community users can obtain Interlibrary Loan services through the public Library.

What can and cannot be borrowed?

The library is unable to borrow required textbooks through interlibrary loan. Most books and journal articles can be borrowed. (as long as the request is copyright compliant) Items like conference papers, proceedings, musical scores, newspapers on microfilm, videotapes, audio tapes, CDs, dissertations, and theses have limited retrieval options as defined by the lending library.
Materials that cannot normally be obtained include entire periodicals, reference books, bulky or fragile items, rare materials, and materials from online databases where the user agreement does not allow Interlibrary Loan.

What if I lose or damage material?

Patrons not returning Interlibrary Loan books to Fant Memorial Library within seven days of the due date will have their borrowing privileges blocked and could be invoiced for the full price of the material as well as processing fees.

If materials are damaged, the patron will be invoiced for the full replacement price for the material as well as any other fees the lending library chooses to impose.

What does it cost?

In order to receive Interlibrary Loan materials as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible, the MUW Interlibrary Loan department is constantly seeking agreements with other institutions that will increase our borrowing range.

MUW receives materials from most of the institutions located within the state of Mississippi for free. Institutions with whom we do not have a reciprocal agreement may charge for their services. These charges vary with an average minimum of $10 per article or book depending on the institution. If there is a charge for the item requested, you will be notified and given the price and option to cancel before it is ordered. Once ordered the patron requesting the material is responsible for all charges incurred through Interlibrary Loan.

How long will it take?

Please allow 7 -10 days for all requests. Some materials may arrive sooner, depending on who has the material. Plan ahead; do not wait until the last moment. If an institution owns the material, but it is either off the shelf, charged to another patron, or not available for some other reason, then the request must pass to the next institution. Each institution has three days in which to fill the request.

How will I be notified when the material(s) have been received?

You will be notified by e-mail when your material(s) arrives. You must state your preference for notification on the ILL form. Please make sure you supply current contact information.


Loans can be picked up at Fant Memorial Library Circulation Services desk. All BOOK loans must be returned by the due date. Articles received through ILL are yours to keep. If you are a distance education student or faculty member, we will mail your books to the address provided. Articles can be mailed or scanned to valid email addresses.

Can I renew the material?

Please remember that the materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan belong to another institution. Make these materials your top priority, and complete their use as soon as possible to ensure they are returned promptly. While some institutions do allow one renewal on the materials lent through Interlibrary Loan, we should keep these renewals to a minimum. ILL materials cannot be renewed through the Fant Memorial Library “My Account” renewal system.

How much material can I request?

While there is not a limit as to the amount of material that can be requested, please remember not to request more than is feasible for you to use within the loan period without having to request renewals.