Information Technology Services

Banner Web Instructions

Once you have been advised by an advisor and have received your RAP number, you may access Banner Web to register for classes, as well as see other important information pertaining to your account.

If you are able to login to Wconnect you can find Banner Web links in the QuickLaunch section.


Banner Web Access Instructions

Logging in:

  1. Point your browser to our URL
  2. Click on BANNER.
  3. USER LOGIN: Your user ID is your MUW ID number (To find your MUW ID number, click the Look Up MUW ID and MUW Net ID link on the Banner Web User Login Page).
  4. LOGIN PIN: Your Initial PIN is set to your six digit date of birth in (mmddyy) format. – Note: The first time you login to Banner Web, you will be required to assign yourself a new PIN. For security purposes, five incorrect login attempts will disable your account. If your account becomes disabled, call the MUW ITS Department at (662) 329-7282 to have it reset.
  5. Login Verification Change PIN:
    Re-enter Old PIN: same as Initial PIN
    New PIN: (Must be 6 - 15 digits in length and contain letters, numbers or any combination of letters and numbers.)
    Re-Enter New PIN: (Must Match the New PIN)
  6. Login Verification Security Question and Answer:
    You will be asked to assign yourself a security question and answer. If you ever forget your PIN, you can reset it yourself by clicking the Forgot PIN link and answering your security question.


Click on the Personal Information tab and you will have the following Options:

  1. Change Pin
  2. Change Security Question
  3. View Address(es) and Phone(s)
  4. View E-mail Address(es)
  5. View Emergency Contacts
  6. Update Emergency Contacts
  7. Answer a Survey
  8. W Alert Text Messaging Opt-In
  9. W Alert Voice Messaging Opt-In/Opt-Out

Click on theStudent & Financial Aid tab and you will have the following options:

  1. Click on Student Schedule and Registration and you will find the following options:
    1. Select Term
    2. Add/drop Classes
    3. Look-up classes to Add
    4. Student Schedule by Day & Time
    5. Student Detail Schedule
    6. Check Your Registration Status
    7. Buy Textbooks Online
    8. Textbook ISBN Search
  2. Click on Student Records and you will find the following options:
    1. View Holds
    2. Midterm Grades
    3. Final Grades
    4. Academic Transcript
    5. Account Summary by Term
    6. Account Summary
    7. Select Tax Year
    8. Tax Notification
    9. Apply to Graduate
    10. View Graduation Application
    11. Order Official Transcript
    12. Change of Major/Minor Request
    13. Official Data Change Request
    14. Spring 2020 Emergency Grade Change Request
  3. Click on Financial Aid and you will find the following options:
    1. My Eligibility
    2. My Award Information
    3. E-Mail MUW Financial Aid Office
    4. Access Government Services
  4. Click on Enrollment Verification/Request Transcript and you will find the following options:
    1. Obtain an Enrollment Certificate
    2. View Enrollment Information on File
    3. View Student Loan Deferment Notifications
    4. View Proof(s) of Enrollment
    5. Order or Track a Transcript

PRIVACY – To ensure your privacy and security, you should use the “Exit” Button (located in the top right corner of each page) to exit from the system when you are finished. This will ensure that no one can access the system using your ID and PIN.  CLOSE the browser after each session.