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Moving In

Welcome! We're so glad you decided to live on campus!

We've created the ultimate guide to Move In Day. On August 18, 2018, nearly 600 residents will all move in to their new homes... In just six hours!

Take a look at how it's done and what you need to make life on campus awesome.



What to Bring

Residence Hall

For most, living in the residence halls is their first time away from home. It can be difficult to decide what's needed. We've put together a great list of the types of things you and your roommate can bring, and the stuff that you should leave at home.




Move In Guide

Move In Guide

Move In Day can be intimidating. Nearly 600 men and women will all converge on campus and fill all of the residence halls in a single afternoon! Crazy right?! We've got the guide to everything you need, from how to find your way around The W campus, to where you can grab something to eat.




Move In Day Process

Move In Process

How do we move in all these students all at once? Here's a quick look at what you can expect on Move In Day!





Blues Week!

Blues Week

Once you get settled in, it's time for the fun to begin! Move-In Day marks the first day of Blues Week, a weeklong series of events designed to introduce you to your classmates, the campus, and life at the university.