Freshman Residency Policy

Mississippi University for Women requires that all unmarried, full-time (enrolled for twelve or more credit hours) freshman students reside on campus in university residence halls.  This requirement excludes summer sessions and is applicable until the attainment of sophomore standing (thirty semester credit hours), or the receipt of an exemption from the Department of Housing and Residence Life.

Students who are admitted to Mississippi University for Women as a transfer student from another post-secondary institution, and who have completed at least 24 credit hours at that institution are not required to live on campus. Please note that the 24 credit hours cannot include AP credit or dual enrollment credits earned while in high school.

Students who fail or refuse to comply with the Freshman Residency Program and/or who furnish false information to a University official or office in connection with a request for exemption will be referred to the Dean of Students office for further action.

A student who lives in Mississippi University for Women’s residence halls is more likely to:

  • Take full advantage of campus resources.
  • Be more involved in campus activities and educational programs.
  • Complete more credit hours per semester.
  • Achieve greater academic success.
  • Complete their studies and attain their degree.
  • Be more satisfied with the overall university experience.